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Turkish Cuisine

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  • Turkish
  • 5605 N Clark St, Chicago 60660 41.98365 -87.668717
  • (At N Bryn Mawr Ave)
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  • (773) 878-8930
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Cold Appetizers

Humus pureed chickpea with tahini sauce  
Babaganoush pureed, mashed eggplant with tahini and lemon juice  
Eggplants In Tomato-Garlic Sauce   
Grape Leaves dolma  
Shepherd Or Green Salad   
Cheese Platter   
Pickled Vegetables   
Assorted Smoked Fish Platter   
Beans with walnuts (lobio)  
Stuffed Eggplants with walnuts and pomegranates  
Satsivi cornish chicken in walnut sauce  

Hot Appetizers

Sigara Boregi blinchiki with cheese  
Arnaout Cigeri liver  
Stuffed Mushroom with cheese  
Karadenis Pide adjarskie khachapuri  


Fish Of The Day salmon, trout, swordfish or sturgeon (osetrina na vertele)  
Mixed Grill Platter   
Lamb Shish Kebab   
Chicken Kebab   
Adana (Lula) Kebab   
Doner Kebab turkish shaurma  


Assorted Oriental Sweets   
Padishah Custard   
Assorted Fruit Platter   

Cold Appetizers

Humus pureed chickpea with tahini sauce  
Babaganoush pureed, mashed eggplant with tahini and lemon juice  
Soslu Patlican small cubes of fried eggplant in fresh tomato and garlic sauce  
Feta Cheese   
Grape Leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants and herbs  
Shepherd Salad   

Hot Appetizers

Sigara Boregi blinchiki with cheese  
Stuffed Mushroom with cheese  
Mucver zucchini pancakes  
Karadenis Pide adjarskie khachapuri  


Mixed Grill Platter   
Lamb Shish Kebab   
Chicken Kebab   
Adana (Lula) Kebab   
Turlu veggie stew  
Doner Kebab turkish shaurma  


Yougurt garlic  


Assorted Oriental Sweets   
Soft Drinks   

Soguk Mezeler

Cold Appetizers.

1. Humus puréed chick peas, tahini sauce, garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil.    5.50
2. Babaganoush puréed, smoked eggplant, tahini & garlic with freshly squeezed lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil.    6.00
3. Soslu Patlican (eggplant with sauce). small cubes of fried eggplant in fresh tomato & garlic sauce.    6.00
4. Beyaz Peynir plate of feta cheese.    7.00
5. Imam Bayildi baby eggplant stuffed with onion, red & green peppers, currants, pine nuts & garlic.    7.75
6. Zeytinyaglu Yaprak Dolmasi (stuffed grape leaves). grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, currants & herbs.    6.00
7. Haydari thickened yogurt with crushed garlic & dill.    6.00
8. Cacik a refreshing blend of yogurt, cucumber & garlic seasoned with dill.    5.50
9. Bahar Kizartma fried veggies with yogurt hot pepper sauce.    9.95
10. Acili Ezme spicy mashed veggies. a mixture of hot & spicy finely chopped vegetable.    6.25
11. Lobio (Geo) red kidney beans mixed with walnuts, spices & balsamic vinegar.    6.50
12. Kavun Peynir a healthy portion of freshly cut melon with turkish feta (traditional meze of ``raki`` lovers).    8.50
13. Cavizli Patlican fried eggplant stuffed with special walnut & pomegranate paste.    7.75
14. Karisik Soguk Meze combination cold appetizer plate.   lg 18.95 sm 14.95

Steak Mezeler

Hot Appetizers.

21. Falafel lightly pan-fried ground chick peas & vegetable with tahini sauce.    6.50
22. Sigara Boregi (cheese pastries). cigar-shaped crispy phyllo filled with cheese.    6.00
23. Mucver (zucchini pancakes). pan-fried zucchini pancakes served with light garlic sauce.    7.50
24. Arnavut Cigeri pan-fried calf`s liver garnished with onion salad.    7.50
25. Kalamar (calamari). deep fried, sizzling crispy calamari. served with tartar sauce.    7.50
27. Large Hot Appetizers Platter      27.50
28. Corba (Soup Of The Day)     4.00



15. Coban Salatasi (Shepherd's Salad) finely diced tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion & parsley tossed in extra virgin olive oil vinegar.   sm 6.25 lg 9.50
16. Yesil Salata (Green Salad) lettuce, tomato, grated carrots, tossed with extra virgin olive oil & freshly squeezed lemon juice.   sm 6.00 lg 9.00
17. Patlican Salata eggplant salad.    6.95
18. Tabule parsley & cracked wheat salad.    6.95
19. Olivier european potato salad with carrots, peas, eggs, scallions, pickles & black peppers with light mayo dressing.    6.50
20. Piyaz (white bean salad). boiled white beans, tomato, red onion, red & green bell peppers with parsley mixed in olive oil.    6.50

Sebze Yemekleri

Veggie Dishes.

29. Turlu (vegetable casserole). eggplant, potato, tomato, green beans & carrots cooked in a special pot.    9.50
30. Izgara Sebze barbequed vegetables.    12.50
31. Mantar Sote (mushroom saute). fresh mushrooms sautéed with onion, tomato, pepper & herbs.    10.50
32. Patatesli Shak-Skuka baby eggplant sautéed with vine tomatoes, red bell peppers, garlic, onions, potatoes & mediterranean herbs. served with rice.    11.50

Yogurtlu Kebaplar

Yogurt Kebabs.

33. Iskender Kebab layers of doner kebab, fried bread, yogurt & fresh tomato sauce.    14.50
34. Yogurtlu Sis Kebap shish kebab with yogurt.  
34. Yogurtlu Sis Kebap beef    15.50
34. Yogurtlu Sis Kebap lamb    14.50
35. Yogurtlu Adana adana kebab with yogurt.  
35. Yogurtlu Adana chicken    12.95
35. Yogurtlu Adana lamb    13.50
36. Yogurtlu Doner doner kebab with yogurt.    12.95
37. Yogurtlu Tavuk Sis Kebap chicken shish kebab with yogurt.    12.95



33. Cuisine's Combo Platter mixed grill consisting of half portions of chicken kebab, doner kebab, adana kebab & sis kebab.    22.95
34. Doner Kebab turkish style gyros.    11.95
35. Cop-Sis small cubes of lamb or chicken on skewers.    15.00
36.Bildircin Izgara two grilled quails served with chef`s special sauce.    13.50
37. Has Has Kebap char-grilled skewered ground meat on a bed of special spicy tomato sauce.    13.95
38. Adana Kebab (skewered ground meat). char-grilled hand chopped beef & lamb, seasoned with red bell pepper.    12.50
39. Pirzola (lamb chops). baby lamb chops char-grilled to your taste.    18.95
40. Tavuk Kebap small cubes of chicken on skewers.    11.95
41. Turkish Cuisine Special grilled chicken leg & thigh combination.    12.75
42. Tavuk Adana char-grilled hand chopped chicken cubes of chicken breast marinated with our chef`s special seasoning.    11.95
43. Sis Kebap Marinated cubes of lamb on skewers.    13.50
44. Beef Sis Kebap tenderloin chunks of marinated grilled filet mignon.    14.50
45. Beyti Kebap char-grilled hand chopped lamb, mixed with garlic & parsley.    13.95
46. Kofte (barbequed meatballs). char-grilled meatballs.    12.00


From The Oven. Turkish Stuffed Pies With Your Choice Of Ingredients.

60. Peynirli Pide with feta cheese.    11.00
61. Kiymali Pide with ground beef.    12.50
62. Kasarli Pide with caesar cheese.    12.00
63. Pastirmali Pide with pastrami & mozzarella.    14.00
64. Sucuklu Pide with mediterranean sausage & mozzarella.    13.50
65. Kapali Karadeniz Pide with three types of cheese & fresh eggs.    12.50
66. Sebzeli Pide with mixed vegetables.    12.50
67. Kusbasi Pide with beef cubes, onions & tomatoes.    14.50
68. Ispanakli Pide with spinach & feta cheese.    12.50
69. Karisik Pide with sucuk, pastrami & cheese.    14.50
70. Lehmacun turkish style pizza with ground meat, green & red bell peppers, lettuce, onions & tomatoes, served with sliced lemon.    3.50

Gelenksel Yemekler

Traditional Dishes.

48. Karisik Domla cabbage, zucchini & green peppers stuffed with ground beef & lamb, rice & herbs, served with tomato sauce & yogurt.    13.95
49. Manti lamb dumplings with yogurt sauce on top.    12.25
50. Hunkar Begendi sultan`s delight. a classic ottoman dish made with sautéed chunks of beef over smoked eggplant purée with bechamel & cashar cheese, drizzled with buttery tomato garlic glaze.    15.95
51. Beef Stroganoff great classic, eastern european dish, made of juliened beef tenderloin, button mushrooms, onions, sour cream & touch of cabernet, served on a bed of home made fries.    13.75
52. Karides Guvec jumbo shrimp casserole with baby onions, mushrooms, garlic, tomato & basil, topped with bechamel sauce & oven melted cheese.    13.75
53. Karides Izgara skewered grilled jumbo shrimp, marinated in chef`s special sauce, served with arugula salad & homemade cocktail sauce.    14.50
54. Kuzu Incik rustic dish of slow cooked baby lamb shank, served with seasonal chunky vegetables & rice.    16.95
55. Tokat Kebab old tokat (province in central anatolia) dish. nice combination of lamb, tomato, garlic, potato, green peppers & aubergine, cooked in special clay oven.    15.95
56. Karniyarik (Moussaka) tender minced beef & lamb, layered between slices of eggplant, topped with a bechamel sauce. finished with cashar cheese, oven baked & served with rice.    12.95
57. Coban Kavurma traditional pheasant sautee of beef, garlic, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes & your choice of side.    13.75
58. Tabaka (Geo) crispy whole cornish han, cooked in a heavy iron skillet, pressed with a heavy lid, served with a pungent walnut garlic sauce (satsivi).    14.50
59. Etli Bamya pieces of lamb baked with baby okra in fresh tomato sauce.    12.75

Sides $3.50

Extra Rice   
French Fries   
Grilled Veggies   


Can Of Soda choose one: coke, diet coke, sprite    1.00


Turkish Cuisine
5605 N Clark St
At N Bryn Mawr Ave
(773) 878-8930
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