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Tien Giang (CLOSED)

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  • Vietnamese, Chinese
  • 1104 W Argyle St, Chicago IL60640 41.973531 -87.658233
  • (At N Winthrop Ave)
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  • (773) 275-8691
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Khai Vi - Appetizers

1. Hoanh Thanh Chien-fried Wonton (80 crispy deep fired wonton   3.25
2. Rau Cai Cuon- Vegetables Rolls (2) vegetables & steamed rice noodle wrapped w/ rice paper   3.25
3. Goi Cuon -spring Rolls pork, shrimp, vegetables & vermecelli rolled in thin rice paper   3.75
4. Cha- Gio Egg Rolls (3 Rolls ) fried vietnamese egg roll   3.25
5. Goi Kho Bo Cay- Papaya Shrimp Pork Salad shredded young papaya, mixed with tenderloin pork shrimp, served w/ house sauce   9.50
6. Goi Kho Bo Cay - Papaya Dried Beef Salad    9.50
7. Goi Sua Tom Thit- Jelly Fish Salad vietnamese salad with shrimp, pork and jelly fish   9.50
8. Banh Hoi Nuong La Lot- Grilled Beef Lalop Leaf vermecelli noodles with wrapped lalop grilled beef   9.95
9. Banh Hoi Nem Nuong vermecelli noodles wtih grilled pork cake   9.95
10. Goi Ga - Poultry Cabbage Salad chicken with cabbage salad   8.95
11. Bi Cuon - Skin Rolls (2 Rolls) pork skin pancake with beansprout, pork & shrimp   3.50
12. Banh Xeo- Vietnamese Pancake vietnamese pancake with beansprout, pork & shrimp   5.50
13. Ga Cuon- Poultry Rolls (2 Rolls) sliced chicken and salad wrapped with rice paper   3.75
14. Tom Cuon- Shrimp Rolls (2 Rolls) shrimp & salad wrapped w/rice paper   3.75
15. Bo Cuon- Beef Rolls (2 Rolls) grilled beef & salad wrapped w/ rice paper   3.75
16. Chao Tom Banh Hoi- Fried Shrimp Cake fried shrimp cake wrapped in sugarcane   9.95
17. Banh Uot Cha Lua steam rice flour with pork cake   5.95

Sup- Soups

18. Sup Mang Cua - Asparagus & Crabmeat Soup    3.75
19. Sup Bap- Corn & Crabmeat Soup    3.75
20. Sup Trug - Egg Deop Soup    2.50
21. Sup Honh Thanh- Wonton Soup    3.75
22. Sup Rau Cai- mixed Vegetables Soup    3.75
23. Sup Chua, Cay - Hot and Sour Soup    3.75
spicy soup with asparagus and mushrooms

Mi - Egg Noodle Soups

24. Mi Tom Cua Shrimp, Crabmeat Egg Noodle shrimp and crab meat egg noodle   5.95
25. Mi Xa Xiu - bbq Egg Noodle b.b.q pork with egg noodle soup   5.75
26. Mi Tieu Chau - Tieu Chau Egg Noodle tieu chau egg noodle soup with steamed shrimp,bbq pork & crab meat   5.95
27. Mi Hoanh Thanh - Wonton Egg Noodle wonton, bbq pork wtih egg noodle soup   5.95
28. Mi Bo Vien- Meat Balls Egg Noodle meat balls (beef) and rice noodle soup   5.95
29. Mi Kho Dau Hau - Dried Egg Noodle & Oyster Sauce dry egg noodle served with a very special oyter sauce bbq pork and steamed shrimp   5.95
30. Mi Bo Kho egg noodles soup with beef stew   5.95

Pho- Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soups

31. Pho Bo Nuong rice noodle soup with grilled beef   5.75
32. Pho Tai- Rare Beef Noodle Soup sliced medium rare beef with rice noodle   5.75
33. Pho Tai Chin- Rare/ Welldone Beef Noodle Soup sliced medium rare well done beef w/ noodle   5.75
34. Pho Bo Vien- Meat Balls (beef) Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with meat balls   5.75
35. Pho Tai Nam - Rare Welldone Flank Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with eye of round steak and well done flank   5.75
36. Pho Tai Gan - Rare/ Soft Tendon Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with eye of round steak & soft tendon   5.75
37. Pho Ga - Chicken Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with chicken   5.75
38. Pho Dac Biet- Ten Giang Special Noodle Soup specialty northern vietnamese rice noodle beef soup   5.95

Hu Tieu - Rice Noodle Soups

39. Hu Tieu Bo Kho rice noodle soup with beef stew   5.75
40. Hu Tieu My Tho- My Tho Style Noodle Soup my- tho style noodle noodle soup with shrimp liver, b.b.q porik   5.95
41. Hu Tieu Nam Vang- Phnom- Penh Noodle Soup phnom - penh (cambodia) style noodle soup with shrimp liver, pork, crab meat   5.75
42. Hu Tieu Trieu Chau- Trieu Chau Noodle Soup trieu-chau (china) style noodle soup with shrimp, fish ball and bbq pork   5.95
43. Hu Tieu Tom Cua - Shrimp,carbmeat Noodle Soup rice noodle and egg soup with shrimp, crabmeat   5.95
44. Hu Tieu Mi Xa Xiu- bbq Egg & Noodle Soup rice noodle and egg noodle soup topped with bbq pork   5.75
45. Hu Tieu Bo Vieu - Meat Balls Noodle Soup rice noodle and meatballs (beef)   5.75
46. Mieng Ga- Mieng Chicken Noodle Soup rice vermecelli noodle soup with fresh chicken   5.95

Bun- Vietnamese Steamed Rice Noodle

Served with Vietnamese Sauce

47. Bun Cha Gio- Egg Roll Rice Noodle egg rolls and peanuts on top of steamed ric e noodle & salad   5.95
48. Bun Heo Nuong (spicy or Mild) Grilled Beef Pork Rice Noodle grilled pork and peanut on top of steam rice noodle and salad   5.75
49. Bun Bo Nuong (spicy or Mild) Grilled Beef Rice Noodle grilled beef and peanut on top of steamed rice noodle & salad   5.75
50. Bun Ga (spicy or Mild) Grilled Chicken Rice Noodle sliced chicken & peanut topped of stemed rice noodle & salad   5.75
51. Bun Tom Chien - Fried Shirmp Rice Noodle fried shirmp & peanut topped o fsteamed rice noodle & salad   5.95
52. Bun Bo Xao Cary (spicy or Mild) Curry Beef Ric E Noodle beef curry and peanut topped of steamed rice noodle & salad   5.75
53. Bun Bi- Pork Shredded Rice Noodle steamed rice noodle and shredded pork   5.75
54. Bun Bo Hue - Hue (vn) Rice Noodle rice noodle in spicy soup cooked with beef & pork legs   5.75
55. Bun Rieu- Grounded Crab Meat Rice Noodle rice noodle soup cooked with ground crab meat and tomatoes   5.75
56. Bun Mam- Fishtaste Southern Style Rice Noodle processed fish to perfection southern style over rice noodle served with vegetables   5.75
57. Bun Mang Vit-duck Bamboo Shoots Rice Noodle steamed rice noodle with duck meat & bamboo shoot   5.95
58. Bun New Nuong - Pork Shredded Rice Noodle steamed rice noodle wtih grilled pork sticks   6.25

Banh Canh- Rice Stick Noodle

59. Banh Canh Gio Heo - Pork Leg Rice Stick Noodle rice stick noodles soup with pork legs   5.75
60. Banh Canh Thap Cam - Combo Rice Stick Noodle shrimp, squid, pork, fish balls in rice stick noodle soup   5.95
61. Banh Canh Tomucua-shrimp Crabmeat Stick Rice Noodle crab meat and shrimp in stick rice noodle soup   5.95
62. Banh Mi Thit Nuong -grilled Meat Sandwich vietnamese style grilled meat sandwich   3.50
63. Banh Mi Bo Kho - Beef Stew with French Bread spicy beef stew with french bread   5.75
64. Banh Mi Thit Cguoi -vn Sandwich pork, cucumber, carrot, cilentro   3.00
65. Banh Mi Bo Nuong -vn Sandwich vietnamese bread with grilled beff   3.50

Chao- Congee

66. Chao Thap Cam- combination Rice Soup rice soup with meat and seafood   5.95
67. Chao Ca - Catfish Rice Soup rice soup with shredded catfish   5.75
68. Chao Ga - Chicken Rice Soup rice soup with shredded chicken meat   5.75
69. Chao Thit Heo Bam- Ground Pork Rice Soup rice soup with ground pork   5.75
70. Chao Huyet - Special Rice Soup rice soup with well cooked porks blood   5.95
71. Chao Thit Bo Bam - Ground Beef Rice Soup rice soup with ground beef   5.95

Hu Tieu Xao- Fried Rice Noodles

72. Hu Tieu Xao Bo - Beef Fried Rice Noodle beef with fried rice noodle and vegetables   8.95
73. Hu Tieu Xao Ga - Chicken Fried Rice Noodle chicken, with fried noodle and vegetables   8.95
74. Hu Tieu Xao Thap Cam- combination Fried Rice Noodle combination fried rice noodle with fresh vegetables   9.95
75. Hu Tieu Xao Do Bien-seafood Fried Rice Noodle seafood combination fried rice noodle with vegetables   9.95
76. Hu Tieu Xao Tom Shrimp Fried Rice Noodle shrimp with fried rice noodle and vegetables   9.95
77. Hu Tieu Xao Rau Cai Vegetables Fried Rice Noodle combination of vegetables with fried rice noodle   8.95
78. Hu Tieu Xao Xiu - bbq Fried Rice Noodle bbq pork with fried rice noodle   8.95
79. Hu Tieu Xao Cai Lan - Chinese Broccoli choice of chicken, pork or beef fried rice noodle with chinese broccoli   8.95
80. Cai Lan Lioc Dau Hao Chinese Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce (served w/ steamed rice) steamed chinese broccoli w/ oyster sauce   6.50
81. Hu Tieu Xao Tau Hu - Tofu Rice Noodle fried noodle with tofu and vegetables   8.95

Mi Xao - Chowmein

Soft or crispy

82. Mi Xao Bo-beef Chow Mein (soft or Crispy) stir fried beef with egg noodle   8.95
83. Mi Xao Ga - Chicken Egg Noodle chicken chow mein   8.95
84. Mi Xao Thap Cam combination Egg Noodle combination chow mein   9.95
85. Mi Xao Do Bien- Seafood Egg Noodle seafood combination chow mein   9.95
86. Mi Xao Rau Cai- Vegetables Egg Noodles vegetables chow mein   8.95
87. Mi Xao Xa Xiu - bbq Egg Noodle b.b.q pork chow mein   8.95
88. Mi Xao Tom - Shirmp Egg Noodle shrimp chow mein   9.95
89. Mi Xao Tau Hu - Tofu Egg Noodle chow mein with tofu   8.95

Com Dia - Rice combination Plate

90. Com Tien Giang 6 Mon- Special Tien Glang 6 Item 1- jumo shrimp, 2 b.b.bq rib, 3 pork skin, 4- chinee sausage, 5 egg yolk topping , 6 xiang fu   10.95
91. Com Dui Ga Chien Don -grilled Chicken fried chicken legg, fried rice   7.95
92. Com Bin Suon Cha - Pork Chop over Steamed Rice steamed rice with shredded pork skin, pork chop & egg cake   6.75
93. Com Tom Bi Shrimp & Pork Skin over Steamed Rice steamed rice w/ shredded pork chop, shrimp   6.75
94. Com Tom Suon - Salty Shrimp over Steamed Rice steamed rie with salty shrimp   6.95
95. Com Tom Suon - Salty Shrimp & Pork Chop over Steamed Rice steamed rice w/ simmered shrimp & pork chop   6.95
96. Com Thit Ram- Immered Bacon over Steamed Rice steamed rice with simmered bacon   6.75
97. Com Dac Biet -special Plate steamed rice with jumbo shrimps pork skin, and pork ribs   9.95
98. Com Tom Kho Tau Simmered Jumbo Shrimp over Steamed Rice steamed rie with jumbo shrimps in clay pot caserol   9.95
99. Com Bo Luc Sa Lach Son steamed rice with beef chunk and watercress   8.95
100. Com Suong Non - Rib over Steamed Rice marinated rib over steamed rice   8.95

Com Chien- Fried Rice

101. Com Chien Duong Chau - Fried Rice    6.95
102. Com Chien Tom - Shrimp Fried Rice    6.95
103. Com Chien Ga - Chicken Fried Rice    6.75
104. Com Chien Bo - Beef Fried Rice    6.75
105. Com Chien Xa Xiu- bbq Fried Rice    6.75
106. Com Chien Thap Cam combination fried rice   6.95
107. Com Chien Rau Cai    6.95
fresh combination vegetables fried rice.

Com Xao - Chop Suey

Served with Rice

108. Com Bo Xao Rau Cai - Beef Chop Suey    6.75
109. Com Ga Xao Rau Cai - Chicken Chop Suey    6.75
110. Com Xao Tom - Shrimp Chop Suey    6.95
111. Com Xao Xa Xiu - bbq Chop Suey    6.75
112. Com Xao Thap Cam - combination Chop Suey    6.95
113. Com Xao Rau Cai - Vegetables Chop Suey    6.75
114. Com Chay Xao Rau Cai Tau Hu Vegetables Chop Suey with Tofu    6.95

Ca- Fish

115. Ca Hap Cu San whole catfish steamed with green onion, peanut   
116. Ca Hong Chien Sot Ca - Red Snapper Pasted Tomatoes fried red snapper with special tomato sauce   
117. Ca Hong Chien Nuoc Mam - Red Snapper / House Sauce fried red snapper in spicy fish sauce   
118. Ca Kho to - Simmered Catfish In Clay Pot spicy catfish in clay pot casserol   8.95
119. Muc Xao Rau Cai - Stir Fried Squid / Vegetable squid stir fried vegetables   9.95
120. Ca Thit Kho to - Simmered Catfish & Bacon spicy catfish and pork in clay pot casserol   9.95
121. Ca Muoi Sa Ot whole white bas fish with salted lemon grass   
122. Ca Ro Chien Nuoc Mam whole tilapia fish in spicy fisn sauce   
123. Ca Nuc Muoi Sa Ot whole mackerels fish with salted lemon grass   11.95
124. Mam Chung Trung ground pork and salted fish steamed in egg cake   7.95
125. Muc Xao Dua Cai squids stir fried with salted green mustard   9.95

Ga - Chicken

126. Ga Xao Hot Dieu - Chicken / Cashew sliced chicken sauteed with cashew in special sauce   8.95
127. Ga Xao Sa Ot- Chicken/ Lemongrass sliced chicken sauteed with garlic, lemon grass and chili   8.95
128. Ga Xao Gung- Chicken/ Ginger    8.95
129. Ga Xao Dau Hoa Lan- Chicken/ Pea Pod sliced chicken stir fried with pea pod   8.95
130. Ga Xao Thap Cam- Chicken w/ mixed Vegetables sliced chicken stir fried combination vegetables   9.95
131. Ga Xao Chua Ngot- Sweet & Sour Chicken sweet & sour chicken   8.95
132. Kung Pao Chicken sliced chicken with dry pepper, green onions and peanut   8.95
133. Ga Xao Bong Cai- Chicken/ Broiccoli sliced chicken stir fried with broccoli and onion   8.95
134. Ga Me- Chicken/ Sesame deep fried sesame chicken sauteed in special sauce   8.95
135. Ga Xao Cary Nuoc Dua- Chicken/ Curry sliced chicken stir fried with curry & coconut juice   8.95
136. Ga Xao Ot Hanh - Chicken/ Green Pepper sliced chicken stir fried with onion & green pepper   8.95

Bo- Beef

Served with Steamed Rice

137. Bo Xao Kho Qua sliced beef with better melon   8.95
138. Bo Xao Dua Cai Chua sliced beef with salted green mustar   8.95
139. Bo Xao Ot Xanh- Beef / Green Pepper sliced beef stir fried with green pepper and onion   8.95
140. Bo Xao Dau Phung - Beef / Peanut sliced beef, sauteed with peanuts and onion   8.95
141. Bo Xao Dau Hoa Lan Va Nam - Beef / Pea Pod sliced beef stir fried with mushroom and pea pod.   8.95
142. Bo Xao Bong Cai - Beef / Broccoli sliced beef stir fried broccoli and onion   8.95
143. Bo Xao Thap Cam - Beef/ Mixed Vegetables sliced beef stir fried with mix vegetables   9.50
144.Bo Luc Lac - Beef Cubes Chunk beef steak chunks & tender, marinated in rich wine sauce   9.95
145. Bo Xao Hot Dieu - Beef/ Cashew sliced beef stir fried with cashew   8.95
146. Bo Xao Sa Ot - Beef / Lemon Grass sliced beef sauteed with garlic,lemon grass and chili   8.95
147. Bo Xao Cary Nuoc Dua - Beef/curry sliced beef stir fried with curry & coconut juice   8.95
148. Bo Xao Lach Son sliced beef with water cress   8.95

Heo -pork

Served with Steamed Rice

149. Heo Ram Man - Pork Salty sliced pork sauteed traditional vietnamese style   8.95
150. Heo Xao Xa Ot - Pork/ Lemon Grass sliced pork sauteed with garlic, lemongrass, and chili   8.95
151. Heo Xao Hot Dieu - Pork/ Cashew sliced poik stir fried with cashew nuts in special sauce   8.25
152. Heo Xao Dau Hoa Lan Va Nam - Pork / Pea Pod sliced pork stir fried with pea pods and mushrooms   8.95
153. Heo Sot Chua Ngot - Sweet & Sour Pork sweet and sour pork   8.95
154. Heo Xao Thap Cam- Pork /mixed Vegetables sliced pork stir fried with a combination of vegetables   9.50
155. Kung Pao Pork pork with dry pepper, green onion, and peanut   8.95
156. Heo Xao Dau Phung - Pork / Peanut sliced pork sauteed with peanut, onion and chili9   8.95
157. Heo Xao Bong Cai - Pork Broccoli sliced pork stir fired with broccoli   8.95
158. Heo Xao Cary Nuoc Dua - Pork / Curry slice pork stir fired with curry & coconut juice   8.95
159. Heo Xao Ot Xanh - Pork/ Green Pepper sliced pork stir fried with green pepper & onion   8.95
160. Heo Kho Hot Vit steamed pork chunk with whole eggs   8.95

Tom- Shrimp

161. Tom Xao Dau Hoa Lan & Nam - Shrimp Peapod shrimp stir fried with pea pods & mushrooms   9.50
162. Tom Xao Hot Dieu - Shrimp Cashews shrimp and cashews in special sauce   9.50
163 Tom Lan Bo Chien - Fried Shrimp fried shrimp with tomato sauce   9.50
164. Tom Xao Mang Bap -shrimp Bamboo Shoot stir fried shrimp with bamboo shoots & baby corn   9.50
165. Tom Thit Ram Man -shrimp / Bacon Salty combination of sauteed tederloin pork & shrimp   9.95
166. Kung Bao Shrimp shrimp with dry pepper,green onion & peanut   9.50
167. Tom Me - Shrimp Mushroom spicy sesame shrimp   9.50
168. Tom Xao Nam - Shrimp combination shrimp fried with mushrooms   9.50
169. Tom Xao Thap Cam -shrimp combination shrimp fried combination   9.95
170. Tom Xao Chua Ngot- Sweet & Sour Shrimp shrimp stir fried with sweet and sour sauce   9.50
171. Tom Xao Xaot -shrimp /lemongrass shrimp,. stir fried with peanut , onion and chili   9.50
172. Tom Xao Dau Phung -shrimp /peanut shrimp stir fried with peanut, onion and chili   9.50
173. Tom Xao Ot Xanh - Shrimp Green Pepper shrimp stir fried with green pepper and onion   9.50
174. Tom Xao Bong Cai - Shrimp / Broccoli shrimp stir fried with broccoli and onions   9.50
175. Tom Xao Dau Hoa Lan - Shrimp / Pea Pod & Onion shrimp stir fried with pea pods and onion   9.50
176. Tom Xao Nam Dong Co - Shrimp /black Mushroom shrimp stir fried with black mushrooms   9.95

Lau - Thin Soups

177. Lau Dac Biet - Special Hot Pot special soup in hot pot (seafood) sm 16.95lg 22.95
178. Lau Ca - Fish Hot Pot sweet & sour fish sour and vegetables in hot pot sm 15.95lg 21.95
179. Lau Tom - Shirmp Hot Pot sweet & sour soup with shrimp & vegetable in hot pot sm 16.95lg 22.95
180. Lau Tom Canng - Jumbo Shrimp Hot Pot jumbo shrimp in hot pot sm 16.95lg 24.95
181. Lau Thap Cam - combination Hot Pot combination of meat, seafood, & mixed vegetables in hot pot sm 16.95lg 22.95
182. Lau Cai Chua Gio Heo- Salted Green Mustard with Pork Leg In Hot Pot salted green mustard with pork legs in hot pot sm 15.95lg 21.95
183. Lau Luon - Eel Sour Soup whole eel with mixed vegetables in hot pot sm 15.95lg 21.95
184. Canh Kho Qua (to ) ground shrimp and pork wrapped in bitter melon with soup  lg 9.95
185. Canh Xa Lach Son (to) water cress soup with any meat your "choice"  lg 9.95
186. Canh Rau Ma (to) ground shrimp and pork in fresh penwich soup  lg 9.95

Trung Phu Dan - Egg Foo Young

187. Ga Phu Dan - Chicken Foo Young    5.95
188. Heo Phu Dan - Pork Foo Young    5.95
189. Bo Phu Dan- Beef Foo Young    5.95
190. Tom Phu Dan - Shrimp Foo Young    6.50
191. Thap Cam Phu Dan - Combo Foo Young    6.95
192. Phu Dan Rau Cai - Vegetables Foo Young    5.95

Dac Biet - Specialties

193. Hen Xuc Banh Trang baby clam with vietnamese broiled rice paper   17.95
194. Bo Bam Xuc Banh Trang ground beff mixed black paper with vietnamese broiled rice paper   17.95
195. De Tiem Thuoc Bac goat chunk steamed hot curry, chinee medicin in clay pot   
196. Luong Xao Lan ell stir fried with hot curry, coconut juice, onion & peanut   10.95
197. Luong Xao Xa Ot ell stir fried with elmon grass an chili   10.95
198. Do Bien Ap Chao sizzling platter with combo seafood abalone   11.95
199. Tom Tai Chanh medium shrimp lemon, yellow onion & garlic oil miled   12.95
200. Rau Muon Xao Toi green leaves stir fried and garlic   8.95
201. Lau Thien Nga Loi Nuoc special soup combination of meat, seafood & mixed vegetables in hot pot   
202. Canh Ga Chien Don viet namese style fried chicken wing   9.95
203. Muc Lan Bot Chien - Buttered Squid floured squid, fried in garlic and butter   10.95
204. Cua Rang Muoi - Satay Dungeness Crab fried dry king crab mixed chilli papper salt   
205. Cua Rang Me - Tamarine Crab fried dry king crab with tamarine   
206. Chim Cut Quay - Deep Fried Quail quail deep fried served with salad, onion & sauce   12.95
207. Bo Tai Chanh - Rare Beef Salad medium beef with lemon, yellow onion & garlic oil mixed   10.95
208. Bo Lui Satee - Beef Skewered grilled chicken skewered pm stick (5 sticks)   9.95
209. Ga Lui Satee - Chicken Skewered grilled chicken skewered on stick (5 sticks)   9.95
210. Tp, ;io Caru Satee - Shrimp Skwered grilled shrimp skewered on stick (4 sticks)   10.95
211. So Hap -steamed Clam (5 Per Order) calm with ground pork & green pepeprs   9.25
212. Con Dop - Spicy Mussel mussel stir fried with chili oyster sauce, and green onions   9.95
213. Tom Kho Tau - Shrimp In Casserol big spicy shrimp in clay pot casserol   9.95
214. Tom Rang Muoi - Satay Shrimp 1fried dry shrimp mixed wiht chili & salt   16.95
215. Ech Chien Bo - Buttered Frog Leg fried frog elg ground with flour, garlic and butter   10.95
216. Ech Xao Sa Ot - Frog Lemongrass frog stir fried with garlic, lemon grass, and chili   10.95
217. Ech Xao Cary -curry Frog frog stired fried with onions,curry, coconut juice and green peppers   10.95
218. Hen -baby Clams with Ginger young clams stir fried with ginger and oyster sauce   10.95
219. Ngheu Luoc- Steamed Clam steamed elip shell to serve with light fish sauce   10.95
220. Dua Cai Chua Xao Trung salted green mustard stir fired with egg   8.95

Giai khat - Beverages

221. Thuc Uong - Soft Drink (choice of coke, 7-up, pepsi regular or diet)   1.50
222. Cam Vat - Fresh Orange Juice    3.00
223. Da Chanh - Lemonade    3.00
224. Xi Mui - Prune    3.00
225. Nuoc Dua Tuoi - Coconut Drink    3.00
226. Cafe Den - Black Coffee    2.00
227. Cafe Da -Iced black cooffee    2.00
228. Cafe Sua Coffee w/ Condensed Milk   2.00
229. Cafe Sua Da - Iced Coffee w/ sondensed milk   2.00
230 Sua Dau Nanh - Soy Beans Drinks    2.00
231. Che - Sufeties    3.00
232. Rau Ma Tuoi - Fresh Penwich    3.00
233. Rau Ma Nuoc Tuoi - Penwich Mix with Coconut    4.00

Sinh to - Tropical Drinks

234. Fresh Fruit Shake    3.50
Bo- Avocado    
Mit - Jack Frutte    
Du Du- Papaya    
Chom Chom - Rambutan    
Khom- Pineapple    
Dua Hau - Watermelon    
Sau Rieng - Durian    
Sau - Strauberry    
Xoai- Mango    
Ly Chee    
Tien Giang
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