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Thai Pastry

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  • 4925 N Broadway St, Chicago 60640 41.971801 -87.659737
  • (Btwn W Ainslie & W Argyle St)
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  • (773) 922-2229
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Most Of Our Dishes Can Be Made Vegetarian Style Or Upon Request. With Extra Shrimp $2.50, With Extra Duck $2, With Extra Vegetable $1, With Extra Meat $1.50

1. Fried Won Ton     5.25
2. Egg Roll vegetarian   (2) 3.50
3. Spring Roll fresh thai rolls filled with tofu, cucumber, bean sprout, egg served with house sauce    5.25
3a. Thai Pastry Rolls vegetarian    5.25
3b. Thai-Veit Rolls shrimp    6.25
4. Shrimp Rolls     6.25
5. Baby Egg Rolls tiny egg roll with minced shrimp & chicken    5.25
6. Cho Mung saute chicken onion wrapped with thai pasta    6.25
7. Satay chicken stick served with peanut butter sauce & cucumber    6.25
7a. Koh-Moo-Yang grilled pork with house sauce    6.25
8. Pot Sticker deep fried thai dumping stuffed with grounded chicken    5.25
9. Crab Rangoon     5.25
9a. BBQ Beef Or Pork Ball     6.25
9b. Thai Sausage     5.25
10. Kuchai steam chive served with hot sauce    5.25
11. Shu-Mai     5.25
11a. Fried Chicken Wing     5.25
12. Shu-Shi Kai-Ping chicken stick with spicy sauce    6.25
13. Moo Ping pork stick with spicy sauce    6.25
14. Tod-Mun fried fish cake served with cucumber    6.25
15. Mee-Krob crispy vermicelli noodle with house sauce    6.25
16. Fried Banana     5.25
16a. Fried Calamari     6.95
16b. Fried Mussel     7.95
17. Tao-Hu-Tod fried tofu served with spicy sauce    5.25
18. Nae-Dao-Dew dry beef in seasoned    6.25
19. Shrimp Tempura fried shrimp served with hot sauce    9.25


Sm / Lg.

20. Wonton Soup     7.75  4.75
21. Tom Yum Koong hot & sour with shrimp and mushroom    9.75  6.75
21a. Tom-Yom-Pla hot & sour soup with fish    9.75  6.75
22. Poe-Taak hot & sour seafood combination    9.75  6.75
23. Kang Liang vegetable soup with shrimp    9.75  6.75
24. Tom-Kha-Kai hot & sour chicken with coconut milk    8.75  5.75
25. Tom Yum Ka hot & sour chicken with mushroom    8.75  5.75
25a. Tom-Yom-Kamoo hot & sour pork shank    8.75  5.75
26. Kang-Jued Toa-Hu ground pork with tofu    8.75  5.75
27. Kang-Jued-Woon-Sen ground pork with clear noodle    8.75  5.75


28. Cucumber Salad     4.95
29. Som Tom papaya with dry shrimp, tomato and green bean    6.95
29a. Thai Pastry Somtom     6.95
30. Pla Koong shrimp with mushroom, onion, lemon plus lemon    8.75
31. Nam Tok slice beef with onion, lemon & pepper    7.25
32. Larb choice of chopped meat with onion & pepper    7.25
32a. Tofu Salad     6.95
33. Nam Sod ground pork with ginger, onion, peanut    7.25
34. Yom Woon Sen clear noodle with pork, mushroom, onion plus dry shrimp    7.25
35. Yom Pla Muk squid with onion and house sauce    8.75
36. Cried Tiger broiled beef served with spice sauce    6.95
37. Yom-Moo-Yang grilled pork with onion and spicy sauce    6.25
337a. Yom-Moo-Krob crisp pork with onion and spicy sauce    7.25
38. Yom Pla Duk catfish with onion, peanut & hot pepper    7.95
39. Rama Chicken steamed vegetable with chicken & peanut sauce    8.75

Noodle Dishes

40. Pad Thai stir fried thin rice noodle with bean sprout, egg & grounded peanut.  
40. Pad Thai choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.25
40. Pad Thai with shrimp    8.95
41. Pad Lad Na stir fried thick rice noodle and broccoli topped with gravy sauce  
41. Pad Lad Na choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.25
41. Pad Lad Na with shrimp    8.95
42. Pad See-Iew stir fried thick rice noodle with broccoli and egg  
42. Pad See-Iew choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.25
42. Pad See-Iew with shrimp    8.95
42a. Golden Noodle crispy egg noodle and broccoli topped with gravy sauce  
42a. Golden Noodle choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.25
42a. Golden Noodle with shrimp    8.95
42a. Golden Noodle with seafood    9.95
43. Pad Lad Na Seafood stir fried thick noodle with seafood combinations & broccoli plus gravy    9.95
44. Pad Kee Mao choice of meat. spicy stir fried thick noodle with onion, tomato plus bean sprout    7.25
44a. Kee Mao U-Don     7.25
45. Ba Mee dry or soup with egg noodle. choice of roasted duck or bbq pork    7.25
45a. Kao-Soi red curry with egg noodle and chicken    8.95
46. Kuey Teaw dry or soup with rice noodle, beef and meat ball or pork    7.25
46a. Kuey Teaw Basil beef or pork    7.25
46b. Kuey Teaw Hilam Beef     7.25

Rice Dishes

47. Fried Rice choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or bbq pork    7.25
47. Fried Rice with shrimp    8.95
47a. Pineapple Fried Rice     7.95
48. Vegetable Fried Rice     7.25
48a. Crab Meat Fried Rice     8.95
49. Koa Ka-Tiem Prik-Tai stir fried garlic sauce served with rice  
49. Koa Ka-Tiem Prik-Tai choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.95
49. Koa Ka-Tiem Prik-Tai with shrimp    9.25
50. Koa Pad Prik stir fried onion & hot pepper served with rice  
50. Koa Pad Prik choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.95
50. Koa Pad Prik with shrimp    9.25
51. Koa Pad Ka-Praw stir fried basil leaves and hot pepper served with rice  
51. Koa Pad Ka-Praw choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.95
51. Koa Pad Ka-Praw with shrimp    9.25
52. Koa Na-Ped steamed rice topped with roasted duck    7.95
52a. Kao Moo Dang steamed rice topped with bbq pork    7.95
53. Koa Ka-Moo steamed rice topped with pork shank    7.95
54. Koa Pad Pong-Ka-Ree curry fried rice  
54. Koa Pad Pong-Ka-Ree choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    7.95
54. Koa Pad Pong-Ka-Ree with shrimp    9.25
55. Koa-Klug-Ka-Pi steamed rice with dry shrimp, pork & shrimp paste    7.95


56. Kra-Tiem Prik-Tai stir fried choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu with garlic    9.45
57. Pad Prik stir fried choice of meat with onion & hot pepper    9.45
58. Pad Kra-Praw stir fried choice of meat with basil & hot pepper    9.45
59. Pad Woonsen stir fried choice of meat with clear noodle, tomato plus onion    8.95
60. Kana Nam Mon Hoi no meat. stir fried broccoli with oyster sauce    8.45
61. Neur Nam Mon Hoi beef with oyster sauce & green onion    9.45
62. Ginger Chicken Or Beef stir fried ginger & green onion with chicken or beef    9.45
62a. Mongolian Beef     9.45
62b. Kang-Pao Beef     9.45
63. Pad Prew Wan sweet & sour, choice of meat with cucumber, tomato plus onion    9.45
64. Cashew Chicken stir fried chicken with cashew nuts & peppers    9.45
64a. Kai Yudsai stuffed fried egg    8.45
64b. Kai Luk-Keay boiled egg with house sauce    8.45
64c. Pad Eggplant With Basil vegetarian    8.45
64d. Kai Jeaw Moo Sub fried egg with grounded pork    8.45
65. Pad Pak Reum Mitr no meat. stir fried mix vegetable    8.45
65a. Pad Pak Bung stir fried chinese watercress    8.45
66. Lime Chicken     9.45
66a. Orange Chicken     9.45
67. Bangkok Chicken     9.45
67a. Sesame Chicken     9.45

Curry Dishes $9.45

68. Kang Keaw Wan green curry. choice of meat with green & curry coconut milk  
69. Kang Dang red curry. choice of meat with red & curry coconut milk  
70. Pa-Nang choice of meat with sweet curry  
71. Kang-Pa choice of meat with curry, bamboo shoot & egg plant  
72. Kang Ka-Ree chicken or beef. yellow curry with onion, potato & coconut milk  
73. Kang Mus-Sa-Mun chicken or beef. saute curry with onion, potato, peanut and coconut milk  
73a. Kang-Ped Ped-Yang red curry with roasted duck, pineapple and tomato    11.95
73b. Stuffed Chicken Wing with curry sauce  

Seafood & House Specialties

74. Roasted Duck boneless roasted duck served with steamed broccoli    10.95
75. Steamed Mussel steamed mussel served with house sauce    10.95
76. Sweet & Sour Red Snapper whole fish. whole deep fried red snapper topped with sweet & sour sauce    21.95
77. Red Snapper With Hot Pepper whole fish. whole deep fried red snapper topped with hot pepper sauce    21.95
78. Seafood Combination hot. squid, catfish, mussel, and shrimp sauté in red curry with eggplant & basil leaves    16.95
79. Frog Leg garlic or curry. deep fried frog legs sauté with choice of curry or garlic sauce    10.95
80. Squid garlic or curry. squid sauté with choice of curry or garlic sauce    10.95
81. Catfish garlic or curry. deep fried catfish sauté with choice of curry or garlic sauce    10.95
82. Eel garlic or curry. thai eel sauté with choice of curry or garlic sauce    10.95
83. Grilled Salmon with panang sauce    14.95
84. Saute Broccoli with dry salted fish    9.25
85. Fish Cake Curry fish cake sauté in red curry with eggplant and basil leaves    10.95
86. Pork Shank whole pork shank slow cooked with thai herbs and soy cause    12.95
87. Tilapia with ginger sauce    13.95
88. Scallop Garlic     13.95
89. Catfish With Hot Pepper stir fried catfish with hot pepper    10.95
90. Baby Clam With Curry baby clam cooked with red curry, sour bamboo shoot in coconut milk    9.95
91. Roasted Duck Salad     8.95
92. Kang-Som Cha-Om Shrimp     10.95
92a. Kang-Som Mixed Veggie Shrimp     10.95
93. Namprik Platoo     12.95
93a. Ho-Mok steamed catfish with curry    9.45

Side Order

Steamed Rice    sm 1.00 lg 2.00
Brown Rice    sm 1.50 lg 3.00
Sticky Rice     1.50
Peanut Butter Sauce     1.50


Thai Ice Coffee     2.00
Thai Ice Tea     2.00
Hot Coffee Or Hot Tea     1.25
Soft Drinks coke, diet coke, 7-up    1.25


Home Made Dairy     2.50
Lychee Or Rambutan     1.75

Noodle Dishes

A. Pad Thai   
B. Pad See-Iew   
C. Pad Ladna   
D. Pad Woonsen   
E. Pad Kee Mao   
F. Mix Vegetable   

Rice Dishes

G. Kra Tiem Prik Tai garlic  
H. Pad Prik   
I. Pad Kra Praw basil  
J. Panang Curry   
K. Fried Rice   
L. Mix Vegetable   

Noodle Dishes

A. Pad Thai   
B. Pad See-Iew   
C. Pad Lad-Na   
D. Pad Woonsen   
E. Pad Kee Mao   
F. Mix Vegetable   
G. Panang Curry   

Rice Dishes

H. Kra Tiem Prik Tai garlic  
I. Pad Prik   
J. Pad Kra Praw basil  
K. Panang Curry   
L. Fried Rice   
M. Mix Vegetable   
N. Curry Fried Rice   


Thai Pastry
4925 N Broadway St
Btwn W Ainslie & W Argyle St
(773) 922-2229
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