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Takito Kitchen

  • $$
  • Mexican, Nuevo Latino
  • 2013 W Division St, Chicago 60622 41.903059 -87.677835
  • (At N Damen & Hoyne Ave)
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  • (773) 897-0034
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Fried Chicken Taco Wednesdays Chef's weekly special. Preparation changes according to seasonable availability of products.    3.00


Brunch Breakfast Tacos Soft scramble, queso fresco and seasonal veggies.    7.00
Brunch French Toast Cinnamon whipped cream and seasonal preserves.    7.00
Brunch Chorizo Omelette 2 eggs, homemade chorizo and patatas bravas with chihuahua cheese.    7.00
Brunch Chilaquiles Amish chicken, morita salsa chile, queso fresco and soft scramble.    8.50
Brunch Pork Belly Sope Sunny side up eggs, corn masa cake, hibiscus ghost pepper salsa and queso oaxaca.    8.50
Brunch 3 Sisters Polenta Brunkow cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and pickled chilies.    7.00
Brunch Chorizo Sausage Patties 2 homemade chorizo sausage patties.    3.00
Brunch Patatas Bravas With chihuahua cheese.    4.00
Brunch Crispy Pork Belly     3.00
Brunch Lamb Chorizo Link Homemade lamb sausage.    3.00
Brunch Pepper and Egg Tacos Baked eggs, charred peppers, queso fresco, cilantro and pepitas.    9.50

Brunch Tacos

Crispy Fish Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Hibiscus tortilla, carrot jalapeno, slaw, coconut custard and basil.    12.00
Beef Barbacoa Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Corn tortilla, queso fresco, tamarind, chayote, peanuts and cilantro.    12.00
Maple Creek Pork Belly Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Sesame tortilla, morita salsa, Oaxacan cheese, pickled onions, arugula, avocado and peanuts.    12.00
Lamb Merguez Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Corn tortilla, Brunkow cheese, cilantro, tomatillo pistachio, salsa and jicama escabeche.    12.00
Grilled Brunkow Cheese Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Corn tortilla, spring sofrito, kale, celery leaves, pickled raisins and peanuts. Vegetarian.    12.00
Vegan Brunch Tacos 3 tacos. Seasonal vegetables.    9.00

Chips, Salsas and Escabeche

Salsas and Escabeche

Tomatillo Pistachio Tomatillo, roasted onions, roasted garlic, pistachio, roasted serrano chile and cilantro. Vegetarian.    3.50
Pineapple & Habanero Salsa Roasted Plum Tomatoes; Grilled Pineapple, Habanero & Garlic. Vegetarian.    3.50
Seasonal Salsa Inspired by seasonal ingredients from local farms. Vegetarian.    3.50
Seasonal Escabeche Seasonal pickled vegetables and chilies. Vegetarian.    3.50
All 3 Salsas Vegetarian.    9.00
All 3 Salsas and Escabeche Vegetarian.    11.00

Shared Plates

Shared Plates

Hearts of Palm Salad Jicama escabeche, avocado, greens, lime vinaigrette, fennel, mandarin oranges, and sunflower seeds. Vegetarian.    7.50
Avocado Pine Nut Purée Fresh avocado, pickled garlic, jalape?o, cilantro, and tostadas. Vegetarian.    8.50
Mighty Vine Tomato Salad Burrata cheese, olive salad, watercress, chile-garlic oil, cilantro and pistachios.    11.00
Crab Ceviche Meyer lemon, seasonal greens, watermelon radish, jalapeno, red onion, lemon powder, avocado, cilantro and masa crackers.    13.00
Avocado Rice Cilantro rice, toasted pine nuts, serrano peppers, and zucchini slaw. Vegetarian.    7.50
Shrimp Ceviche Tomato-habanero sauce, avocado, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, and tostadas.    9.50


Crispy Fish Tacos (Minimum 2) Hibiscus tortilla, coconut custard, cabbage slaw, basil and toasted coconut.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Chicken Al Pastor Tacos (minimum 2) Hibiscus tortilla, chicken confit, grilled pineapple, and carrot slaw.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Coffee Braised Beef Barbacoa Tacos (minimum 2) Black bean tortilla, queso fresco, pickled jicama, cilantro, and peanuts.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Pork Belly Tacos (minimum 2) Sesame tortilla, tomatillo and pineapple salsa, house ricotta cheese, coleslaw, and crispy potato.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Lamb Merguez Tacos (minimum 2) Corn tortilla, Brunkow cheese, cilantro, tomatillo pistachio, charred cucumber, and jicama.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Grilled Brunkow Cheese Tacos (minimum 2) Black bean tortilla, sofrito, tomatillo-pistachio salsa, kale, avocado, kohlrabi, and pistachios. Vegetarian.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Vegan Tacos (minimum 2) Made with seasonal vegetables (changes frequently; we use the finest ingredients available that season)   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70
Skirt Steak Tacos (minimum 2) Corn tortilla, skirt steak, chimichurri, avocado, pinto beans, freeze dried corn.   2 Tacos 9.00 3 Tacos 13.50 4 Tacos 18.00 5 Tacos 22.50 6 Tacos 27.00
Earthy Mushroom Tacos (Minimum 2) Sesame tortilla, pea shoots, cremini and oyster mushrooms, tomato-caper relish, queso fresco.   2 Tacos 7.90 3 Tacos 11.85 4 Tacos 15.80 5 Tacos 19.75 6 Tacos 23.70

Shared Sides

Shared Sides

3 Sisters Polenta Brunkow cheddar, smoked bacon, pickled chilies, and freeze-dried corn.    8.50
Farmer's Market Vegetables Grilled Cauliflower/Zucchini/Yellow Squash on a bed of carrots/pineapple Mexican sauce with a dash of habanero.    8.50
Pickled Habaneros Chilies, garlic and bay leaf. Vegetarian.    2.00
Lemon Drop Pepper Hot Sauce Chiles, garlic and oregano. Vegetarian.    1.00
Grilled Asparagus Queso Oaxaca, chorizo, chile mustard sauce, Spanish pea shoots and corn powder.    9.00
Seasonal Hot Sauce Chilies, garlic, and oregano. Vegetarian.    0.50



Mexican Chocolate Ganache Coffee crema, brandied cherries and almond masa crisp.    7.00
Capirotada Mexican bread pudding with lemon, dulce de leche crema, raisins, piloncillo and berry compote.    6.00
Ramona's Seasonal Flan Caramel custard, local preserves, and sunflower crisp.    5.00


Takito Kitchen
2013 W Division St
At N Damen & Hoyne Ave
(773) 897-0034
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