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The Original Soul Vegetarian

  • $
  • Local/Organic, Soul Food, Vegetarian
  • 203 E 75th St, Chicago 60619 41.75832 -87.619803
  • (Btwn S Michigan & S Prairie Ave)
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  • (773) 224-0104
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BBQ Protein Tidbits     6.00
Battered Tofu Tidbits     6.50
Battered Cauliflower     7.50
Battered Mushrooms     6.00
Fresh Cut Fries     2.50
Seasoned Fries     3.50
Battered Onion Rings     4.00
Buffalo Tofu Wingz served with celery sticks and vegan blue cheese.    8.50
Nachos-N-Cheez veggie meat topped with salsa, sour cream, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos.    7.00
Nachos-N-Cheez extra guacamole or refried beans.   ea 1.00
Prince's Platter lunch special.    9.50
Steamed Vegetables served with garlic sauce.    8.50
Dinner Special     11.50
Dinner Special children's plate    8.50
Sunday Supper     13.50
Sunday Supper children's plate    11.50


Soup Of The Day    lg 4.50 sm 3.50


Garden Salad    lg 7.00 sm 3.50
Carrot Supreme Salad     3.50
Salad Bar lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, purple cabbage and your choice of three scoops of tofu salad or carrot supreme salad or a mixture of both.    12.00
Salad Bar additional scoops of tofu salad or carrot supreme salad.    8.00
Chef Salad crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, crowned with seasoned tofu strips with vinegrette dressing.    11.00
Chik'n Salad chik'n salad is served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce along with dried cranberries, walnuts and crunchy croutons.    12.50

Salad Dressings

Sm (2oz) / Lg (4oz).

Prince     1.50  2.00
Creamy Garlic Or Cucumber     1.25  1.75


Served With Fries

Black Eye Pea Burger treast yourself to a burger with a twist. served with onion rings, soy cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and ketchup.    7.25
Breaded Tofu Sandwich tofu dipped in tamari sauce, battered in corn meal, tartar sauce on a whole wheat bun.    6.75
Handburger a lentil patty with basil and oregano on a whole wheat bun. ketchup, mustard and lettuce.    6.75
Carrot Supreme     6.75
Sloppy Joe ground seitan with special sauce, served on a whole wheat bun.    7.25
East Coast BBQ Roast sliced seitan served on a whole wheat bun with or without bbq sauce.    7.25
Down South BBQ Twist sliced seitan served with or without bbq sauce.    7.75
Garvey Burger tvp patty with grilled onions, mushrooms, mustard & bbq sauce.    7.25
Veggie Gyros seitan on a whole wheat pita, topped with grilled onions, lettuce tomato and cucumber dressing.    7.25
Falafel chickpea bells seasoned in herbs and spices with tahini sauce.    7.25
Jerkfu Wrap jerk tofu with sauteed onions & bell peppers wrapped in a spinach tortilla.    7.75
Grilled Veggie Wrap assorted peppers with grilled onions, and tomatoes wrapped in a spinach tortilla.    7.75
Grilled Portabella served on a whole wheat bun with grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and soy cheese.    9.25


House Special narned after its creator, this special dish unites lightly seasoned vegetables and fluffy brown rice surrounded by a bed of battered tofu, topped with grilled onions and tomatoes.    10.00
Noodle Stir Kai a stir fry sensation created with noodles, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled onions and mushrooms, with a hint of sesame oil and ginger spice. sure to stir up your taste buds.    9.00
Stir Fried Vegetables united to create the perfect combination, a plate of seasoned vegetables lightly glazed with olive oil stir fried with natural brown rice. makes mouths happy and hearts healthy.    6.50
Stir Fried Vegetables add tofu or steak.   ea 1.00
Down Home Greens tender kale or collards topped with onions, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. served with fresh cornbread.    5.50


BBQ Twist Platter seitan served on a bed of lettuce with our famous hand-cut heteru fries and a small garden salad with your choice of dressing, with or without bbq sauce.    12.50
Falafel Platter enjoy this cultural favorite of 6 falafel bells served on a beautiful arrangement of green lettuce and crunchy cucumbers, served with a special sauce, warm pita bread and a small middle eastern salad.    10.00

Baskets $12

Combination Basket Any Three Battered Items Listed. Extra Condiment $0.50. Try One Or Try Them All. Create A Basket. Includes Side Of Golden Fries And A Fresh Garden Salad. Includes Ketchup Or BBQ Sauce.

Battered Mushrooms   
Battered Tofu   
Battered Cauliflower   
Battered Steak   

Side Orders

Want Extras Of Your Favorite OSV Dinner Dish.

Any Side Order     5.00
Brown Rice     3.50
Corn Bread     1.25
Pita Bread     1.15


Soy Ice Cream make fresh daily by of the soy ice cream maker toast yourself to a delicately, risk and savory hot cream delight. the lemongrass daily, hot the great side you're expecting server changed.   sm 2.00 lg 6.00 med 4.00
Fruit Sundae ice cream of the day with fresh seasoned fruit in agave syrup topped with nuts.    5.75
OSV Pies a delightful assortment of homemade cakes and pies. made fresh daily to satisfy the most discriminating dessert loses. apple, peach, sweet potato.    4.75

Assorted Cakes And Pies $4.75

Coconut Cake   
Lemon Cake   
Pineapple Cake   
Caramel Cake   
Carob Cake   
Lemon Meringue Pie   
Carob Silk Pie   
Coconut Cream Pie   

Herbal Teas

Cup Of Tea red zinger, peppermint, lemon zinger.   sm 1.50 lg 2.00


Righteous Side Of The Bed Breakfast Special (Monday-Saturday) wake up on the righteous side of the bed this morning. served for your dining pleasure is our one of a kind hebrew toast or pancakes, scrambled tofu and bulgar sausages surrounded by a healthy ring of ripe red tomatoes and delicious as well as nutritious sprouts with organic apple juice, every healthy bite gives you energy to start your day off righteous    8.75
Breakfast Sunday's Cameo feast your eyes on mouth watering pancakes or light and fluffy biscuits, topped with fresh fruit or the sweet savor of real maple syrup with a side order of scrambled tofu, bulgar sausage, down-home grits, hash brown potatoes and organic apple juice, so popular and in demand this soul vegetarian cameo makes a special appearance only once a week    10.00
Sunrise Sandwich a wonderful start to any day, this scrumptious "finger food" provides energy to really get you going, scrambled tofu, a bulgar sausage patty and ripe red tomatoes on a bed of healthy sprouts and hebrew toast, perfect for those who are on the go    6.50

Breakfast Side Dishes

Pancakes always a breakfast favorite, try a nice fluffy stack of whole wheat pancakes topped with a cascade of nature's finest maple syrup    3.50
Scrambled Tofu flavor inspired by onions, basil, garlic and tamari sauce, enjoy this egg alternative minus the cholesterol but with double the taste    5.00
Breakfast Patties savor the flavor of our tasty breakfast sausage, a unique blend of bulgar, wheat and spices, sausage never tasted this good; or was this good for you    3.00
Homestyle Grits welcome home, try our homestyle grits, made just the way you like them   lg 3.00 sm 2.00
Whole Wheat Toast have it light, medium or burnt (smile) served with your selection of jam or syrup    1.50
Hebrew Toast savor the taste of this breakfast delight, a cholesterol free alternative to french toast sprinkled with a little cinnamon and a lot of love    3.50
Biscuits delicious and nutritious homemade, light and fluffy biscuits    4.00
Heavenly Hash Browns you'll find heaven in every bite of delicious fried hash browns with grilled onions   sm 2.50 lg 3.00

Lunch Special

Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm, Sat: 11:30am-2pm

Prime's Platter (Luncheon Special) got a minute? treat yourself to a hearty protein entree seasoned with only the finest of spices served with a nutritious and delicious vegetable. this lovely lunch tome feast comes complete with live garden salad topped with the live garden salad topped with the dressing of your choice    9.00
Steamed Veggies served with garlic sauce. envision it. your plate is arriving, there is a cloud of steam hovering, above from your food on the plate; carrying with it the alluring scent of vegetables steaming with the taste of nature and seasonings, choose sides of steamed vegetable choice of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or purple cabbage    7.50

Shakes & Fruit Juice Drinks

Banana Moon for the banana lover, you'll feel less grounded after drinking this combination of bananas, soy milk, brown rice syrup and vanilla extract    4.25
Boomerang bananas, papaya juice, wheat germ, protein powder, coconut milk, brewer's yeast, ginseng and brown rice syrup are combined to give you a boom while delighting your palette    6.50
Detoxification a delicious blend of juices from grapefruits, lemons and oranges combined with distilled water and brown rice syrup    4.50
Diamite this drink is sure to delight. the combination of crushed pineapples, bananas and ice cream are simply dyn-o-mite    6.00
Pineapple Supreme for a tropical delight try this combination of pineapple chunks, coconut milk, orange juice and brown rice syrup    5.00
Strawberry Heaven to get your taste of heaven on 75th street, try this divine combination of strawberries, bananas, coconut milk with vanilla extract and protein powder or ginseng    6.00
Tropical Breeze this celestial blend of papaya juice, pineapples, strawberries and bananas will lift your spirit and add joy to your day    6.00
Apple Detox need to cleanse, purify and uplift? try this nutritious yet powerful super cleanse, proceed with caution, psyllium husk, chlorophyll, apple juice, water, bentonite and cascara sagrada    7.00
Peanut Butter Surge need more protein, gain a few pounds or just enjoy the taste of peanut butter, try this power shake with peanut butter, bananas, spring water and brown rice syrup    6.00
Almond Malt if you like almond joy you will love this drink, delicious combination of almonds, coconut milk, nutmeg and brown rice syrup    6.50
Cashew Craze cashews, cashews, cashews blended with a hint nutmeg and spruce of coconut milk and a dab of brown rice syrup    6.50

Vegetable Juice Drinks

Carrot Juice if you crave carrots, this is your drink   sm 3.50 lg 4.00
Eternity Energizer for that extra boost of energy, this high protein powdered drink of wheat grass and distilled water or wheat grass and vegetable juice is right on point    6.00
Seventh Heaven the ultimate vegetable drink, perfectly mixed juice from cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, celery and parsley or beets    6.50
The Third Eye this drink will keep your third eye open. enjoy a blend of carrot juice, ginseng and spinach or carrot juice and wheat grass to make you feel instantly alert and aware    6.00
Vegetable Juice when you want your veggies, but not the meal, this combination of carrot, celery and beet juices will hit the spot    5.00
Wheat Grass    (1oz) 2.00
Beta Green a delicious and nutritious blend of carrot juice and spirulina, a delicious way to boost your energy and set your day on the right track    6.00
Sunrise Spirulina a new and exciting addition to the eternity bar, this unique taste of sweetness made from fresh orange juice and spirulina is sure to make you feel as beautiful as the morning's sunrise    5.50
Spirulina Smoothie the smooth blend of soy milk, spirulina and ice cream combine to create a holistic sensation    6.00
Super Food Complex this is guaranteed to make you feel super. kale greens, parsley, spinach, green cabbage, celery, green peppers, cucumber, carrots and spirulina is a whole food that will fill you up without slowing you down    7.75
Sampson's Delight need a power boost? try this delightful combination of soy milk, tahini, blackstrap molasses, spirulina, brewer's yeast and maple syrup    7.00
Carrot Nog carrot juice never tasted so good. try this creative combination of carrot juice, coconut milk, nutmeg and brown rice syrup    6.50
Immune Booster horseradish, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar are sure to keep you hearty   (1/2oz) 2.50

Eternity Deli Menu $7.50

Per Lb * Live Dishes, No Heat Has Been Added In The Preparation Of These Items. # Nutritional Yeast Has Been Added To Enhance The Flavor Of These Dishes.

Tofu Salad # a rich blend of crumbled tofu, sweet pickle relish, celery, liquid aminos and our homemade soyannaise  
Eggless Tofu Salad # a svr original, lightly battered tofu seasoned with sweet pickle relish, celery, green bell pepper, sweetener and our homemade soyannaise  
Carrot Supreme Salad # a svr staple, carrot pulp (from the freshest carrots), carrot juice, sweet pickle relish, sweetener, our homemade soyannaise and a hint of vinegar  
Bulgar "Tabouli" Salad a delicious combination of bulgar wheat, parsley, fresh onion and garlic, black olives and hot sesame seed oil  
Hummus a creamy blend of garbanzo beans, olive oil, tahini, fresh garlic and lemon juice, truly a northeast african favorite  
Chick Pea Salad garbanzo beans, fresh garlic, no salt spike and green bell peppers lightly tossed in an olive oil-sesame seed oil marinade  
Mung Bean Thread Salad # succulent mung bean threads lightly tossed with sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, basil, oregano and olive oil, live spaghetti at its finest  
Live Kale Greens # fresh finely chopped kale greens, tomatoes, garlic and spices lightly tossed in a liquid aminos and olive oil marinade  
Creamy Cole Slaw a creamy mix of fresh green and purple cabbage, carrots, sweetener, a hint of apple cider vinegar and our homemade soyannaise  
Bean Curd Salad # a delightful mix of crumbled bean curd, basil, parsley, garlic and no salt spike lightly tossed in an olive oil - hot sesame seed oil marinade  
Tossed Cabbage Salad* crisp green and, or purple cabbage perfectly seasoned with dill, basil, sea salt, olive oil and a hint of apple cider vinegar  
Chili TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) our mouthwatering version of raw chili made with tvp, chili powder, garlic, onion, olive oil with a hint of cayenne pepper and home style bbq sauce  
Olive Salad* simply put. fresh green and black olives, diced green peppers in an olive oil marinade  
Sunflower Seed Pate # a delectable blend of sunflower seeds, fresh garlic, olive oil, jalapeno peppers and spices, perfect of dipping  
Walnut Loaf* an exquisite blend of walnuts, sundried tomatoes, basil and sage  
Marinated Artichokes tasty artichokes lightly tossed with basil, olive oil and liquid aminos  
Raw Potato Salad* a sensational mix of fresh cauliflower, celery, bell peppers and spices mixed with our homemade soyannaise  
Broco-Cauli Salad* fresh broccoli and cauliflower florettes mixed with garlic, spices and olive oil  
Cucumber Tomato Spring Salad* crisp cucumbers, tomatoes and onions in an apple cider vinaigrette marinade  


The Original Soul Vegetarian
203 E 75th St
Btwn S Michigan & S Prairie Ave
(773) 224-0104
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