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Silver Seafood Restaurant

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chinese, Seafood, Dim Sum
  • 4829 N Broadway St, Chicago IL60640 41.970228 -87.659875
  • (Btwn W Lawrence Ave & W Ainslie St)
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  • (773) 784-0668
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Khai Vi


101. Cha Gio egg roll  (2) 3.00
102. Cha Gio Rau Cai vegetable egg roll  (6) 4.95
103. Sui Coo Do Bien pot stickers (seafood)  (6) 4.95
104. Sa Te Ga satay chicken   4.50
105. Satay Beef sa te bo  (4) 4.95
106. Thit Cua Don crab rangoon  (6) 4.95
107. Canh Ga Chien chicken wing  (4) 4.25
108. Ruot Heo Chien Don fried intestine   4.95
109. Chan Ga Bach Van chicken feet with hot sauce   4.50
110. Sua Bien jelly fish   5.50
111. Muc Pha Lau cuttlefish with special soy sauce   4.95
112. Muc Ram Muoi * spicy & salted squid   5.95
113. Bo Ngu Vi Huong five spices beef   4.95
114. 4 Mon Khai Vi Aac Biet four color cold meat platter   21.00
115. Cang Cua Chien Don deep fried crab claw   3.50
116. Bap Cai Chua Cay * hot & sour cabbage   3.50
117. Dua Leo Chua Cay * hot & sour cucumbers   3.50
118. Hot Dieu Ngot sweet walnut   3.00

Canh Vi Ca

Special Soup.

201. Canh Vi Ca Thit Cua Do Bien shark's fin seafood soup with crab meat med 36.00lg 68.00
202. Canh Vi Ca Thit Ga shark's fin soup with chicken med 36.00lg 68.00
203. Canh Vi Ca Diep Kho shark's fin soup with dry scallops med 36.00lg 68.00
204. Canh Hong Sieu Vi Ca hong sue shark's fin soup   
205. Canh To Yen bird's nest soup   


Soup. Med / Lg.

301. Sup Do Bien Doc Biet special seafood combination soup  13.95 26.90
302. Sup Diep Kho dry scallops soup  15.95 30.95
303. Sup Bong Bong Ca Nau Mang Kho fish bladder with dry bamboo shoot soup  13.95 26.95
304. He Vang Thit Vit special duck soup  9.95 18.95
305. Sup Thit Bo Tay Ho xi hu beef soup  5.95 10.95
306. Sup Bap Xay Thit Ga chicken with sweet corn soupsm 2.50 med 5.95 lg 10.95
307. Sup Rong Bien, Dau Hu & Thit seaweed with tofu & pork soupsm 2.50 med 5.95 lg 10.95
308. Sup Thit Ca & Dau Hu fish fillet with tofu soup  6.95 12.95
309. Sup Xa Lach Son & Thit watercress with pork soup  5.95 10.95
310. Sup Bao Ngu Dac Biet special abalone soup  16.95 32.95
311. Sup Bong Bong Ca Thit Cua crab meat fish maw soup  14.95 28.95
312. Sup Chua Cay Do Bien hot & sour seafood soupsm 3.50 med 8.95 lg 16.95
313. Sup Cai Den Thit Ca * fish fillet & spinach soup  5.95 10.95
314. Sup Ngon Thit Ca fish fillet & cilantro soup  5.95 10.95
315. Sup Hoan Thanh wonton soup  sm 2.50
316. Sup Rau Cai vegetable soup  sm 2.00
317. Sup Thit Go Ca Chua beef with tomatoes soup  sm 2.50
318. Sup Rong Bien Dau Hu seafood with sweet corn soupsm 3.50 med 8.95 lg 16.95
319. Sup Trung Ga egg drop soup   1.95

Bao Ngu & Hai Sam

Abalone And Sea Cucumber.

401. Bao Ngu Xao Rau Cai abalone stir fried with vegetable   48.00
402. Hong Sieu Bao Ngu Xao Hai Sam abalone stir fried with sea cucumber   68.00
403. Hong Sieu Hai Sam Xao Nam Dong Co mushroom stir fried with sea cucumber   30.95
404. Hai Sam Xao Sa Te sea cucumber in sate sauce   30.95
405. Hong Sieu Hai Sam Xao Bao Ngu Con sea cucumber stir fried with baby abalone   30.95
406. Hong Sieu Dong Co Xao Bao Ngu Con mushroom stir fried with baby abalone   19.00
407. Hai Sam Xao Chan Vit duck web stir-fried with sea cucumber   39.95

To Chim

Bird Nest.

411. Tom, Coi Diep Xao Trong O Chim shrimp & scallops in basket (nest)   13.95
412. Do Bien Xao Trong O Chim seafood mixed in basket (nest)   13.95
413. Thit Bo Xao Trong O Chim shredded beef in basket (nest)   11.95

Do Bien


501. Tom Hum Sa Lat lobster salad   
502. Tom Hum lobster. steamed, ginger & onion, spicy & salted, or black bean sauce   
503. Cua crab. steamed. ginger & onion, spicy & salted, or black bean sauce   
504. Cua Ham Voi Bun Tau king crab vermicelli pot   
505. Ngheu Xao Tau Xi clams. black bean sauce, xo sauce, boiled, or cilantro broth   12.95
506. Oc snails. black bean sauce or boiled   12.95
507. Hao (Chien, Tau Xi, Hanh & Gung, Thit Quay) fresh oyster. deep fired, black bean sauce, ginger & onion, roast pork pot   14.95
508. Thit Oc Xao He (Hoac Bo, So Diep) slice conch. chive, beef, or scallop   18.95
509. Tom Ram Muoi spicy & pepper shrimp with shell on   11.95
510. Do Bien (To Chim, X.O Xot Hoac Rau Cai) mixed seafood. nest, xo sauce, or vegetable   13.95
511. Thit Ca (Rau Cai, Hong Sieu, Cai Chua Hoac He, Vang) fish fillet. vegetable, hong sue, sour vegetable, or chive   11.95
512. So Diep (Rau Cai, Hoac Toi) scallop. vegetable or garlic sauce   13.95
513. Tom Xao shrimp. walnut, deep fried, cashew, peapod, spicy & salted, chives, vegetable, lobster sauce, stir fried, seasame, broccoli, or king mushroom   13.95
514. Ca Hap (Ca Hong Hoac, Ca Chim, Ca Luai Chau) steamed fresh fish. sea bass, tilapia or sole   
515. Ca Luai Chau Suong Chien Don, Thit Xao He Vang & Dau Hoa Lan double flavors sole   29.00
516. Ca Hong Xao Chua Ngot Hoac Hunan Xot sweet & sour red snapper or hunan red snapper   
517. Muc Ram Muoi * spices salted squid   8.95
518. Ca Tuyet Con Ram Muoi * spices salted smelt fish   8.95



601. Thit Xao Me * sesame crispy chicken   10.95
602. Ga Xot Cam * orange chicken   11.25
603. Ga Xao Xot General Tao * general tso's chicken   11.12
604. Ga Xot Chanh lime chicken   9.95
605. Ga Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour chicken   9.95
606. Ga Xao Kieu Lau Chi empress chicken   9.95
607. Ga Xao Kieu Mong Co mongolian chicken   10.95
608. Ga Xao Hai Gia Vi double flavors chicken   12.25
609. Ga Xao Xot Kung Pao * kung pao chicken   10.95
610. Ga Xao Hot Dieu cashew chicken   10.95
611. Ga Xao Rau Cai chicken with vegetables   9.95
612. Ga Chien Da Don crispy chicken half 10.00whole 19.00
613. Ga Hap steamed chicken half 10.00whole 19.00
614. Ga Hap Voi Hanh La Gung ginger onion chicken half 10.00whole 19.00
615. Ga Hop Chao Kieu Quang Dong cantonese style chicken   9.95
616. Ca Ri Ga curry chicken   9.95
617. Ga Hap Lap Xuong & Nam steamed chicken with mushroom & chinese sausage   9.95
618. Ga Kim Hoang Rut Xuong boneless golden chicken   22.95
619. Ga Hap Muoi Dong Giang dong giang style salted chicken half 10.00whole 19.00
620. Ga Xot Chanh Tay Ninh lemon chicken   9.95
621. Ga Xao Xi chicken in black bean sauce   9.95
622. Ga Xao Khom Gump chicken with ginger & pineapple   9.95



701. Vit Chien Khoai Mon deep fried duck with taro   23.95
702. Vit Boc Kinh peking duck (2 courses)   30.00
703. Vit Xao Thap Cam assorted meats & duck   14.95
704. Vit Xao La Han lahan duck   14.95
705. Vit Xao Hai Sam duck with sea cucumbers   40.95
706. Vit Xao Rau Cai duck with vegetables   11.95
707. Vit Quay (1/2 Con) roasted duck  half 10.95
708. Xo Luoi Vit Xao Tuong X.O * duck tongue in xo sauce   15.95
709. Thit Vit Xao Tau Xi Ot Xanh duck with black bean garlic sauce   14.95

Bo $10.95


801. Bo Xao Chua Ngot Kieu Trung Hoa sweet & sour beef mandarin style   
802. Bo Xao Cai Lan beef with chinese broccoli   
803. Bo Xao Nam & Mang beef with mushroom & bamboo shoot   
804. Bo Xao Dau Hao beef with oyster sauce   
805. Bo Xao Hanh La beef with green onion   
806. Bo Xao Sa Te sate beef   
807. Suon Bo Non Ram Muoi * spicy salted beef spare ribs   
808. Suon Bo Non Xao Tieu Den * beef spare ribs in black pepper sauce   
809. Bo Xao Mon Co mongolian beef   
810. Bo Chien Don * crispy beef   
811. Bo Xao Xot Kung Pao * kung pao beef   
812. Bo Xao Coi Diep beef with scallops   12.95
813. Bo Xao Cam * orange beef   
814. Bo Xao Dau Que beef with string beans   

Thit heo $9.95


901. Thit Heo Xao Bap Cai Ot Xanh * twice cooked pork   
902. Thit Heo Xao Kieu Hunon * hunan pork home style   
903. Thit Heo Xao Kieu Mong Co mongolian pork   
904. Thit Xao Dau Que * pork string bean in garlic sauce   
905. Thit Heo Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour pork   
906. Bap Cai Xao Thit, Banh Pan Cake moo shoo pork   
907. Suan Xao Chua Ngot Kieu Trung Hoa sweet & sour pork ribs   
908. Suan Non Hap Chao permeated bean curd with pork ribs   
909. Suon Non Chung Tau Xi pork ribs steamed with black bean sauce   
910. Suang Non Ram Muoi * spiced salted pork chop   
911. Xuong Xao Kho Qua pork ribs with bitter melon   
912. Thit Xay Chung Ca Man pork steamed with salted fish   
913. Ruot Heo Xao Coi Chua intestines with sour vegetables   
914. Bao Tu Xao Can Tay pork stomach with celery   
915. Ba Roi Xao Ot Hiem * pork belly stir fried with chili pepper   
916. Cai Man Ngot Xao Thit Heo pork stir fried with sweet preserved radish   
917. Suon Kinh Do Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour pork chop   
918. Huyet Heo Xao He, He Bong stir fried pork blood with chives, yellow chives or chives flower   

Chim Cuc


C01. Bo Cau Quay roasted pigeon   12.95
C02. Bo Cau Hap Xi Dau pigeon steamed with soy sauce   12.95
C03. Bo Cau Chung Nam pigeon steamed with mushroom   12.95
C04. Bo Cau Xao Hanh La pigeon with green onion   13.95
C05. Thit Bo Cau Goi Xa Lach pigeon wrapped in salad   14.95
C06. Chim Cuc Quay hong sieu quail   8.95
C07. Chim Cuc Xo Hanh Gung quail with ginger & green onion   8.95
C08. Chim Cuc Xao Tau Xi quail with black bean sauce   8.95

Ech $10.95


E01. Ech Ram Muoi * spicy salted frog   
E02. Ech Xao Sate sate frog   
E03. Ech Xao Tau Xi frog with black bean sauce   
E04. Ca Ri Ech curry frog   

Noi Dat

Hot Pot.

N01. Tuong X.O. Do Bien seafood combination in x.o.   13.95
N02. Thit Quay Ham Hao Tuoi oyster with roasted pork   15.95
N03. Bo Kho Dac Biet beef stew   10.95
N04. Dau Hu Don Thit Tom tofu stuffed with shrimp   9.95
N05. Do Bien Ham Bun Tau & Rau Cai seafood with rice vermicelli & vegetables   13.95
N06. Dau Hu Ham Thap Cam assorted meats & tofu   10.95
N07. Dau Hu Ham Ca Man Thit Ga tofu with salted fish   8.95
N08. Ga Ham Ca Tim & Ca Man chicken with salted fish & eggplants   8.95
N09. Suon Non Ham pork chop   9.95
N10. Bun Tau Sa Te Ham Tom shrimp with rice vermicelli in sate sauce   11.95
N11. Lau De lamb   14.95

Vi Sat


V01. Sa Te Bo Vi Sat sizzling beef in sate sauce   11.95
V02. Do Bien Vi Sat sizzling seafood combination   13.95
V03. So Diep Vi Sat sizzling scallops   13.95
V04. Bo Vi Sat Uap Tieu Den sizzling beef with black pepper   11.95

Dau Hu

Bean Curd.

D01. Dau Hu Xao Rau Cai bean curd home style   8.95
D02. Ca Ri Dau Hu * curry tofu   8.95
D03. Dau Hu Xao Kieu Quong Dong cantonese tofu delight   8.95
D04. Hong Sieu Dau Hu & Nam bean curd with black mushroom   8.95
D05. Dau Hu Don Thit Chien Kieu Bi Ba bean curd stuffed with meat   8.95
D06. Dau Hu Hap Thit Tom steamed tofu with shrimp stuffing   9.95
D07. Dau Hu Chien Don Thit Ram Muoi bean curd stuffed with spicy & salted pepper   9.95
D08. Dau Hu Thit Xay Xao Tuon Cay * spicy tofu with ground pork   8.95
D09. Dau Hu Nhot Xao Nam japanese tofu with king mushroom   12.95
D10. Dau Hu Nhat Ram Muoi salt & pepper japanese tofu   8.95
D11. Dau Hu Nhat Xao Nam Tuoi & Nam Dong Co japanese tofu with double mushroom   12.95

Rau Cai


R01. Rau Cai Xao vegetable combination   8.95
R02. Bong Cai Xanh Xao Dau Hao broccoli with oyster sauce   8.95
R03. Xao Ba Thu Rau Cai vegetarian triple delight   8.95
R04. Xao Chay La Han buddhist delight   8.95
R05. Dau Due Xao Xot Si Chuan * szechwan string beans   8.95
R06. Ca Tim Xao Toi eggplant with garlic sauce   8.95
R07. Kho Qua Xao (Thit, Ga Hoac Bo) bitter melon prepared with (beef, chicken, pork)   9.95
R08. Dot Dau Hoa Lan Xao Toi peapod green with garlic sauce   10.95
R09. Cai Trang Non Hoac Coi Ngot Xao Toi baby bok choy or u choy in garlic sauce   8.95
R10. Cai Den Xao Toi spinach with garlic sauce   8.95
R11. Dot Dau Hoa Lan Xao So Diep Kho peapod green with dried scallops   13.95
R12. Dot Dau Hoa Lan Xao Thit Cua peapod green with crab meat   13.95
R13. Cai Lan Xao Toi Hoac Dau Hao chinese broccoli in garlic sauce or oyster sauce   8.95
R14. Xa Lach Son Xao Toi watercress with garlic sauce   8.95
R15. Cai Den Xao Toi Hoac Chao spinach with garlic sauce   8.95
R16. Rau Muong Xao Toi, Chao Hoac Mam Ruoc hollow vegetables with garlic sauce, preserved tofu, or shrimp paste   9.95
R17. Cai Trong Non Hoac Cai Ngot Xao Toi Hoac Dau Hao baby bok choy or yao choy with garlic sauce or oyster sauce   8.95
R18. Cai Thuang Hai Xao Toi Hoac Dau Hao shanghai bok choy with garlic sauce or oyster sauce   8.95
R19. Kho Qua Xao Tou Xi bitter melon with black bean sauce   8.95
R20. Cu Sen Xao Dap Xuong lotus stir fried with chinese preserved sausage   9.95
R21. Muac Kia Xao Dap Xuong luffa stir fried with chinese preserved sausage   9.95
R22. Dap Xuang, Xao, He Vang, Hoac He Bong chinese preserved sausage with chives, yellow chives or chives flower   9.95

Com Chien

Fried Rice.

A01. Cam Chien Duang Chau combination fried rice chinese style   7.95
A02. Cam Chien Thit Ga & Ca Man chicken and salted fish fried rice   7.95
A03. Cam Chien Thit Bo & Ca Man beef and salted fish fried rice   7.95
A04. Cam Chien Do Bien & Khom pineapple with seafood combination fried rice   8.95
A05. Cam Chien Phuc Kien phuc kien special fried rice   8.95
A06. Cam Chien Thap Cam bbq pork / chicken / beef / vegetable / ham fried rice   7.95
A07. Cam Chien Tom shrimp fried rice   8.95
A08. Cam Chien Kieu Tai Chi tai chi fried rice   12.95
A09. Go, Bo, Tom Cam Chien chicken, beef, & shrimp fried rice   8.95
A10. Com Nep Xao Tuai stir fried sticky rice   8.95


Chop Suey any chop suey with your choice of: beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables   8.95
Egg Fu Young any egg fu young with your choice of: beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegetables   8.95

Hu Tieu Hoac Mi


M01. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Xao Do Bien seafood combination chow mein or chow fun   10.95
M02. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Xao Tom shrimp chow mein or chow fun   10.95
M03. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Xao Thit Ca fish fillet chow mein or chow fun   8.95
M04. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Xao Thit Bo beef chow mein or chow fun   8.95
M05. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Xao Rau Cai vegetables chow mein or chow fun   8.95
M06. Hu Tieu Thit Bo Xao Kho beef chow fun dry style   8.95
M07. Hu Tieu Thit Vit Xao Kho shredded duck chow fun   10.95
M08. Hu Tieu Xao Kieu Singapore char kway teow   8.95
M09. Hu Tieu Thit Bo Xao Tau Xi beef chow fun in black bean sauce   8.95
M10. Bun Gao Xao Kieu Singapore singapore noodle   8.95
M11. Bun Xao Ha Mon hamoon chow mei   8.95
M12. Bun Xao Thit Vit shredded duck meat chow mei   10.95
M13. Bun Xao Kieu Dai Loan taiwan chow mei   8.95
M14. Mi Xao Thit Bo Kho stir fried beef lo mein   8.95
M15. Mi Xao Xi Dau Dac Biet special soy sauce lo mein   8.95
M16. Xao Yi Mi (Mi Truong Tho) stir fried e-fu noodle   8.95
M17. Thuong Hai Mi Xao Thap Cam lo mein stir fried noodle. (spaghetti type noodle) combination (beef, chicken, shrimp)   8.95
M18. Thuong Hai Mi Xao (Bo, Ga, Cai) any lo mein with your choice   7.95

Lunch Special $5.75

Monday-Friday: 11am-4pm

Lunch Box

Beef Entree mongolian, sour preserved vegetable, bitter melon, chinese broccoli   
Chicken Entree orange, general tso's, mongolian, garlic sauce, kung pao   
Fish Fillet Entree sour preserved vegetable, chinese broccoli, bitter melon, kung pao   
Vegetable Entree eggplant, string bean, bitter melon, bok choy   
Special Entree salted pepper shrimp, smelt fish   
Fried Rice shrimp, beef, chicken, bbq pork, yang chou style   

Noodles Soup & Stir Fried Noodles

Wonton Soup    
Wonton Noodles Soup    
Shredded Pork with preserved vegetable rice noodles soup   
Seafood Rice Noodles Or Noodle Soup    
Bean Sprout & Soy Sauce Chow Mein    
Fried Rice Noodle & Beef with soy sauce   
Black Bean Sauce Chow Mein    
Special Stir Fried Rice Noodle singapore style, xiamen style, taiwan style   
Ginger & Onion Lo Mein    


American Style Family Dinner

Appetizers: Vegetable Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon, Pot Sticker.

For 2 People $32.95

Egg Drop Soup    
Beef With Broccoli    
Sweet & Sour Chicken    
BBQ Pork Fried Rice    

For 4 People $48.95

Egg Drop Soup    
Beef With Broccoli    
General Tso's Chicken *   
Moo Shu Pork    
Chicken Fried Rice    

For 6 People $76.95

Seaweed With Tofu And Pork Soup    
Mongolian Beef    
Orange Chicken *   
Szechwan String Bean *   
Twice Cooked Pork *   
Lemon Chicken    
Chicken beef, shrimp fried rice   

For 8 People $108.95

Seafood Hot & Sour Soup *   
Squid With Celery    
Spicy And Salted Shrimp With Shell On *   
Kung Pao Beef *   
Sesame Chicken *   
Ma Po Tofu *   
Sweet & Sour Chicken    
Mixed Vegetables In Garlic Sauce    
Chicken beef, shrimp fried rice   


American Chinese Menu


101. Egg Roll    3.00
102. Pot Stickers seafood  (6) 4.95
103. Satay Chicken   (4) 4.50
104. Satay Beef   (4) 4.50
105. Crab Rangoons   (6) 3.95
106. Chicken Wings   (4) 4.25
107. Five Spices Beef    3.95
108. Four Color Cold Meat Platter    18.00
109. Hot And Sour Cucumbers    2.95
112. Sweet Walnuts    2.00


113. Shark's Fin Soup with crab meat   68.00
114. Vegetable Soup    2.00
115. Seafood Corn Soup    3.50
116. Seafood Hot & Sour Soup    3.50
117. Beef With Tomatoes Soup    2.50
118. Seaweed with tofu soup   2.50
119. Egg Drop Soup    1.95
120. Special Duck Soup  med 9.95lg 18.95
121. Chicken with sweet corn soup med 5.95lg 10.95
122. Watercress with pork soup med 5.95lg 10.95
123. Hot And Sour Seafood Soup  med 7.95lg 14.95


124. Steak In Szechwan Sauce    14.95
125. Hong Kong Steak    14.95
126. Mongolian Beef    9.95
127. Crispy Beef    10.95
128. Kungpao Beef    9.95
129. Beef with scallops   12.95
130. Orange Beef    10.95
131. Beef with string beans   9.95
132. Beef with chinese broccoli   9.95
133. Beef with mushroom and bamboo shoots   9.95
134. Beef Spare Ribs In Black Pepper Sauce    9.95


135. Sesame Crispy Chicken mild or hot   9.95
136. Orange Chicken hot   11.25
137. General Tso's Chicken hot   11.25
138. Lemon Chicken    9.95
139. Sweet And Sour Chicken    9.50
140. Empress Chicken hot   9.50
141. Mongolian Chicken    9.50
142. Double Flavors Chicken    11.25
143. Peking Duck    28.00
144. Kung Pao Chicken    9.50
145. Crispy Chicken  half 9.50 18.00
146. Ginger Onion Chicken  half 9.50 18.00
147. Canton Style Chicken    8.95
148. Steamed Chicken with mushroom & chinese sausage   7.95
149. Boneless Golden Chicken    20.95
150. Chicken with ginger and pineapple.   7.95

Pork $8.95

151. Twice Cooked Pork hot   
152. Hunan Pork Home Style    
153. Mongolian Pork    
154. Pork String Bean In Garlic Sauce hot   
155. Sweet And Sour Pork    
156. Moo Shoo Pork    
157. Sweet And Sour Pork Mandarin Style    
158. Pork Steamed with black bean sauce   


159. Vegetables Combination    8.25
160. Broccoli with oyster sauce   8.25
161. Vegetarian Triple Delight    8.95
162. Buddhist Delight    8.95
163. Szechwan String Bean hot   8.25
164. Eggplant with garlic sauce (hot)   8.25
165. Bitter Melon Prepared In Any Meat beef, chicken, pork   8.95
166. Spinach with garlic sauce   8.25
167. Vegetable with garlic sauce   8.25

Tofu - Bean Curd $7.95

168. Bean Curd Hot Style hot   
169. Curry Tofu hot   
170. Cantonese Tofu Delight    
171. Spicy Tofu with ground pork   

Fried Rice

172. B.B.Q. Pork Fried Rice    6.95
173. Chicken Fried Rice    6.95
174. Beef Fried Rice    6.95
175. Vegetable Fried Rice    6.95
176. Shrimp Fried Rice    7.95
177. Ham Fried Rice    6.95
178. Combination Fried Rice    7.95
179. Tai Chi Fried Rice    12.95
180. Pineapple with seafood combination fried rice   8.95


181. Seafood Mixed In Basket nest   12.95
182. Shrimp & Scallops In Basket nest   12.95
183. Peking Shrimp In Hot Sauce    18.95
184. Cheese Shrimp    18.95
185. Shrimp with cashew nuts in basket (nest)   12.95
186. Shrimp with vegetables   12.95
187. Shrimp with lobster sauce   12.95
188. Seafood Supreme    13.95
189. Ginger Shrimp hot   13.95
190. Sesame Crispy Shrimp    14.95
191. Steamed Crab    
192. Crab with ginger and onion   
193. Salt And Spice Crab    
194. Steamed Lobster    
195. Lobster With Ginger & Onion    
196. Salt And Spice Lobster    
197. Steamed Red Snapper    
198. Braised Red Snapper    
199. Stir Fried Fillet Of Sole    10.95
200. Scallops with vegetables   11.95
201. Scallops with garlic sauce   11.95
202. Stir Fried Clams    9.50
203. Deep Fried Oyster    9.95
204. Steamed Oyster with black sauce  (6) 11.95
205. Steamed Sole Fish    
206. Tender And Crispy Solefish    28.00
207. Shrimp with vegetables   12.95
208. Shrimp with cashew nuts   12.95
209. Shrimp with sweet walnuts   12.95
210. Steamed Fresh Fish    
211. Steamed Fresh Oyster with black bean sauce.   11.95
212. Sweet And Sour Fish    
213. Fish Fillet with vegetables   10.95
214. Seafood with vegetables   12.95


215. Mixed Seafood Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    10.95
216. Shrimp Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    10.95
217. Fillet Of Sole Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    8.95
218. Beef Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    8.95
219. Vegetables Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    7.95
220. Shredded Pork Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    8.95
221. Shredded Chicken Chow Mein Or Chow Foon    8.95
222. (Beef) Chow Nau Hor    8.95
223. Singapore Noodles    8.95
224. Taiwan Shining Noodles    8.95
225. Long Life Noodle    10.95

Hot Pot Special - Casserole

226. X.O. Assorted Seafood In-A-Pot Xo    12.95
227. Assorted Meat And Bean Curd In-A-Pot    9.95
228. Roast Pork And Oyster In-A-Pot    10.95

Sizzling Plates

229. Sizzling Steak with sate sauce (hot)   10.95
300. Sizzling Seafood    12.95
301. Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Pepper with black bean sauce   10.95
302. Sizzling Chicken with bean sauce   8.95
303. Sizzling Scallops with garlic sauce (hot)   12.95

Bird Nest $12.95

304. Shrimp And Scallops In Basket nest   
305. Seafood Mixed In Basket nest   


306. Duck with vegetables   10.95
307. Roasted Duck    9.95
308. Peking Duck    28.00


Mon An Gia Dinh

Chinese Style Family Dinner.

Cho 2 Nguoi $22.95

(For 2 People).

Muc Rom Muoi spicy & salted squid   
Bo Xao Cai Lan beef with broccoli   
Hong Sieu Dau Hu & Nam bean curd with black mushroom   

A. Cho 3 Nguoi $28.95

(For 3 People).

Ech Xao Tau Xi frog with black bean sauce   
Bo Xao Cai Lan beef with broccoli   
Ca Tuyet Can Ram Muoi * spicy salted smelt   

B. Cho 3 Nguoi $46.95

(For 3 People).

Cua Ram Muoi * spicy & salted crab   
Ruot Heo Xao Cai Chua sour vegetable with intestine   
Thit Ca Hong Sieu hong sue fish filled with pork   

C. Cho 3 Nguoi $28.95

(For 3 People).

Tom Ram Muoi * spicy & salt shrimp   
Ngheu Xao Tau Xi stir fried clams in black bean sauce   
Cai Lan Xao Toi chinese broccoli in garlic sauce   

A. Cho 4 Nguoi $38.95

(For 4 People).

Chim Do Bien mixed seafood basket   
Hao Hap Tau Xi steamed oyster in black bean sauce   
Suon Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour pork chop   
Cai Lan Dau Hao chinese broccoli in oyster sauce   

B. Cho 4 Nguoi $55.65

(For 4 People).

Cua Ram Muoi * spicy & salted crab   
Ca Tuyet Con Ram Muoi * spicy & slated smelt   
Ech Xao Tau Xi frog with black bean sauce   
Ca Ro Phi Hap steamed tilapia   

C. Cho 4 Nguoi $38.95

(For 4 People).

Tom Xao X.O. Xot shrimp in xo sauce   
Ga Hop steamed chicken (half)   
Thit Ca Chien Xao Cai Chua fish fillet stir fried with sour vegetable   
Rau Cai Xao Toi vegetables with garlic sauce   

A. Cho 6 Nguoi $73.95

(For 6 People).

Tom Ram Muoi * spicy & salted shrimp with shell on   
Ga Hap Hanh Gung steamed chicken in ginger & onion   
Ngheu Xao Tau Xi stir fried clams in black bean sauce   
Suon Bo Non Xao Tieu Den beef spare ribs in black pepper sauce   
Ech Ram Muoi * spicy & salted frogs   
Ca Hop steamed fresh fish   

B. Cho 6 Nguoi $83.95

(For 6 People).

Cua Ram Muoi * spicy & salted crab   
Thit Ca Xao Voi Hanh Gung fish fillet in ginger & onion   
Sup Nuoc Cot Dot Dou Hao Lan peapod greens with blacken egg   
Chim Do Bien mixed seafood in basket   
Suon Non Xao Kieu Chan Giang chan gian pork chop   
Hao Hop Tou Xi steamed oyster in black bean sauce   

C. Cho 6 Nguoi $73.95

(For 6 People).

Sup Ngeu & Ngo clams in cilantro broth   
Bo Hop Nam (Noi) mixed mushroom & beef stew   
Go Chien Do Don crispy chicken (half)   
Dau Hu Nhat Ram Muoi * spicy & salted japanese tofu   
Dau Hoa Lan, Can Tay Xao Tom Vamuc shrimp & squid with peapod & celery   
Dot Dou Hao Lan Xao Toi peapod green with garlic sauce   

A. Cho 8 Nguoi $93.95

(For 8 People).

Do Bien O Chim mixed seafood in basket   
Ngheu Xao Tau Xi stir fried clams in black bean sauce   
Ga Chien Da Don crispy chicken (half)   
Tom Ram Muoi * spicy & salted shrimp with shell on   
Ruot Heo Xao Cai Chua sour vegetable with intestine   
Ech Ram Muoi * spiy & salted frogs   
Dou Hu Xao Nam bean curd with black mushroom   
Ca Hap steamed fresh fish   

B. Cho 8 Nguoi $108.95

(For 8 People).

Canh Xa Lach Son, Nam & Thit watercress with mushroom & pork chop   
Cua Ram Muoi * spicy & salted crab   
Tom Ram Muoi * spicy & salted shrimp with shell on   
Ga Chien Do Don crispy chicken (half)   
Nhat Xao Tau Xi stir fried clams in black bean sauce   
Do Bien Xao X.O. Xot mixed seafood with xo sauce   
Ech Ram Muoi * spicy & salted frogs   
Hao Hap Tau Xi (8) steamed oyster in black bean sauce   
Ca Hap steamed fresh fish   

C. Cho 8 Nguoi $93.95

(For 8 People).

Sup Bong Bong Ca Thit Cua crab meat fish maw soup   
Do Bien Xao Cai Lan triple delight with chinese broccoli   
Tom Xao Tuong Magi shrimp with maggi sauce   
Ba Rai Xao Ot Hiem * pork belly stir fried with chili pepper   
Cu Sen Xao Dap Xuong preserved meat with lotus   
Suon Bo Non Xao Hanh Gung ginger & onion beef short ribs   
Sup Nuoc Cot Rau Cai vegetables in broth   
Ca Hap steamed fresh fish   

A. Cho 10 Nguoi $188.95

(For 10 People).

Sup Bong Bong Ca Thit Cua crab meat fish maw soup   
Do Bien O Chim mixed seafood in basket   
Cua Ram Muoi (2 Con) * spicy & salted crab   
Ga Hap (1 Con) steamed chicken (whole)   
Dau Hu Nhot Va Nam Tuoi japanese tofu with king mushroom   
Bo Xao Xot Tieu Den beef in black pepper sauce   
Sup Nuoc Cot Rau Cai vegetables in broth   
Hao Tuoi Hap Tau Xi fresh oyster in black bean sauce   
Cam Chien Duong Chou combination fried rice   
Ca Hap steamed fresh fish   

B. Cho 10 Nguoi $198.95

(For 10 People).

Sup Bong Bong Ca Thit Cua crab meat fish maw soup   
Tom & So Diep Voi Hot Dieu shrimp & scallops with cashew nuts   
Tom Hum Xao Hanh Gung (2 Con) ginger & onion double lobster   
Ga Chien Do Don (1 Con) crispy chicken (whole)   
Thit Oc Xao Bo Map beef stir fried with sliced conch   
Tom Ram Muoi * spicy & salted shrimp with shell on   
Sup Nuoc Cot Dot Dau Hao Lan peapod green in broth   
Dau Hu Nhat Xao Do Bien japanese tofu   
Com Chien Duong Chau combination fried rice with preserved meat   
Ca Hap steamed fresh fish   


Dim Sum


1. Shrimp Dumpling   lg 3.80
2. Pork Dumpling   med 3.25
3. Shrimp & Peapod Sprout Dumpling   lg 3.80
4. Shrimp Chives Dumpling   lg 3.80
5. Shark Fin Dumpling   lg 3.80
6. Spare Rib With Black Bean Sauce   med 3.25
7. Chicken Feet   med 3.25
8. White Chicken Feet   xlg 4.75
9. Chao Zhou Style Dumpling   med 3.25
10. Steamed Beef Ball   med 3.25
11. Stuffed Bean Curd Skin With Pork   med 3.25
12. Beef Tripe With Ginger Onion   med 3.25
13. Curry Mini Octopus   lg 3.80
14. Pork Stomach   med 3.25
15. Five Spice Pork Intestines   med 3.25
16. Beef Short Ribs Black Pepper Sauce   lg 3.80
17. BBQ Pork Bun   sm 2.65
18. Chicken Bun   sm 2.65
19. Steamed Custard Bun   med 3.25
20. Lan Han Dumpling   lg 3.80
21. Chicken Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf   lg 3.80

Rice Crepe $2.65


22. Yellow Chive Shrimp Crepe    
23. Beef Crepe    
24. Fried Rice Dough Fritters Crepe    
25. Steamed Crepe With Dry Shrimp    
26. Rice Crepe With Crispy Skin    
27. BBQ Pork Crepe    
28. Pork Crepe    

Pan Fried & Deep Fried Items

29. Fried Minced Pork Dumpling   sm 2.65
30. Lotus Seed Paste Sesame Ball   sm 2.65
31. Taro Egg Roll   med 3.25
32. Seaweed Crab Stick Roll   lg 3.80
33. Shrimp Roll   lg 3.80
34. Deep Fried Taro   med 3.25
35. Shrimp Bean Curd Roll   lg 3.80
36. Deep Fried Rice Balls   med 3.25
37. Pan Fried Turnip Cake   sm 2.65
38. Sweet Potato Cake   med 3.25
39. Pan Fried Pot Sticker   lg 3.80
40. Chive Dumpling   lg 3.80
41. Corn Dumpling   lg 3.80
42. Pan Fried Preserved Vegetable Bun   lg 3.80
43. Stuffed Eggplant   med 3.25
44. Stuffed Green Pepper   med 3.25


45. Pork Red Congee   lg 3.80
46. Preserved Egg With Pork Congee   lg 3.80
47. Beef Congee   lg 3.80
48. Fish Congee   lg 3.80
49. Chicken Congee With Dried Vegetable   lg 3.80
50. Dough Fritters With Congee   med 3.25


51. Coconut Red Bean Cake   sm 2.65
52. Peanut Cake   sm 2.65
53. Mango Pudding   med 3.25


54. Chicken Feet & Spare Ribs Rice   xlg 4.75
55. Rice With Chinese Dried Meat   xlg 4.75
56. Stir-Fried Sticky Rice   xlg 4.75
57. Vegetable With Oyster Sauce   xlg 4.75
58. Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce   xlg 4.75
59. Sour & Spicy Cucumber   sm 2.65
60. Sour & Spicy Turnip   sm 2.65


Fresh Fruit Smooties $3

Bo avocado   
Trai Va lychee   
Chuoi banana   
Dua Hau watermelon   
Dua coconut   
Trai Ki Vi kiwi   
Khom pineapple   
Trai Dau strawberry   
Xoai mango   
Mix Your Own Favorites.


The Superior Junmai Ginjo the masterpiece of sake brew master, toji, it is characterized by its refreshing taste and flowerlike aroma. medium dry. enjoy this sake chilled or at room temperature.  (300ml) 9.00

Beer $3

Tsing Tao    
Miller Lite    

Other Beverages

Tra Chanh lemon tea   
Cam orange juice   
Tra Sua Chung Chau milk tea with tapioca   

Wines By The Glass $5.95


Chardonnay cucao winery, chile   
Sauvignon Blanc domaine preys, france   
Riesling-Semillon first love white, australia   


Merlot rayun winery, chile   
Cabernet Sauvignon chono winery, chile   
Pinot Noir la forge estate, france   
Shiraz fat bastard, frace   


* Hot & Spicy.
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