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Hot Appetizers

Octopus Charcoal-grilled.    13.75
Dolmades USDA choice angus beef vine leaves stuffed with ground meat.    7.25
Greek Sausages Loukaniko Charcoal-grilled.    9.25
Fried Eggplant Fried or char-grilled, topped with tomato sauce and cheese.    7.00
Kolokithakia Fried of char-grilled zucchini, served with skordalia.    7.00
Cheese Ambe     7.00
Mushrooms Charcoal-grilled on a skewer.    5.95
Grilled Kamari Beach Kalamari Charcoal-grilled on natural wood.    13.75
Baked Clams Dijon     11.50
Baked Oysters Dijon     11.50
Shrimp De Jonghe     11.95
Shrimp Tourkolimano     11.95
Shrimp Santorini     11.95
Fried Kalamari     12.75

Cold Appetizers

Raw Oysters     10.95
Feta, Olives & Peppers Topped with our own imported olive oil.    7.75
Cold Combo Spread Our five cold spread appetizers with pita.   For 4 People 14.50 For 2 People 9.95
Taramosalata Greekstyle caviar spread made from the delicate roe of carp.    6.95
Tirokafteri Spicy feta cheese spread.    6.95
Melitzanosalata Eggplant spread.    6.95
Tzatziki Thin slices of cucumber in home-made yogurt with essence of garlic.    6.95
Greek Potato Salad Non-Dairy     4.95
Raw Clams     10.95
Garlic Sauce     5.95


Our crisp salads are tossed in virgin olive oil and wine vinegar dressing.

Char-Grilled Salmon Salad 8oz. breast served on top of romaine lettuce and cucumbers.    14.75
Char-Grilled Chicken Salad 6oz. breast served on top of romaine lettuce and cucumbers.    14.75
Village Salad Horiatiki Mixed tomatoes, cucumber, onions and green peppers topped with feta cheese, olives, oregano and anchovies.    6.50
Athenian Salad Mixed romaine lettuce with green onions, tomato, oregano, feta cheese, olives, anchovies and greek dressing.    5.50
Caeser Salad Romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing and topped with cheese and croutons.    6.50
Athenian Salad with Grilled Octopus Freshly chopped, mixed romaine lettuce with green onions, tomato, oregano, feta cheese, olives, anchovies and greek dressing.    16.95
Santorini Salad Mixed romaine lettuce over greek potato salad with boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, green pepper and feta cheese.    6.50
Athenian Salad with Grilled Kalamari Freshly chopped, mixed romaine lettuce with green onions, tomato, oregano, feta cheese, olives, anchovies and greek dressing.    16.95
Athenian Salad with Char-Broiled Shrimp Freshly chopped, mixed romaine lettuce with green onions, tomato, oregano, feta cheese, olives, anchovies and greek dressing.    16.95


Clam Chowder Served on tuesday, thursday saturday, sunday.   Cup 4.00 Bowl 4.50
Avgolemono Serve everyday.   Cup 3.50 Bowl 4.00
Fakes Serve wednesday.   Cup 3.50 Bowl 4.00
Fasolada Serve on monday, friday.   Cup 3.50 Bowl 4.00


Plomari Pasta Shrimp, squid and octopus sauteed in our own extra virgin olive oil with fresh basil, garlic and spices. then doused with fresh squeezed lemon juice and finished with plomari ouzo. served on spinach fettucine.    21.95
Passalimani Penne pasta combined with tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh basil, sauteed in virgin olive oil.    13.95
Akrotiri Penne pasta combined with fresh spinach, poblano peppers, fresh green onions, tomatoes, garlic and basil, sauteed in virgin olive oil.    13.95
Porto-Hydra Angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil, smothered with shrimp and sauteed in virgin olive oil.    21.95
Portoheli Angel hair pasta blended with fresh poblano peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and basil, sauteed in virgin olive oil.    13.95


Served on a bed of rice.

Lamb     17.95
Shrimp     19.95
Chicken     15.95
Beef     19.95
Swordfish     17.95
Vegetarian     13.95


Served with your choice of rice, fresh steamed vegetables or greek oven-roasted potatoes. Not including chicken halsted.

Chicken Halsted A boneless, skinless chicken breast, charcoal-grilled and served on a bed of tricolored pasta alfredo.    13.95
Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Breast Pre-marinated in our oqn extra-virgin olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices.    13.95
Chicken Santorini Pre-marinated, then baked in a garlic tomato sauce.    15.95
Authentic Greek Chicken Cooked our own special way.    16.95

Steak & Chops

New York Sirloin USDA choice, charcoal-grilled to order.    25.95
Filet Mignon USDA choice, charcoal-grilled to order.    36.95
Center Cut Pork Chops Charcoal-grilled to order.    16.95
Center Cut Colorado Lamb Chops Charcoal-grilled to order.  
Thin-Sliced Colorado Lamb Chops Paidakia, charcoal-grilled to order.  

Oceanic Fish

All dinners include choice of rice pilaf, steamed vegetable, greek oven-roasted potatoes or fasolakia - the traditional way.

Swordfish Steak Charcoal-grilled and nished with santorini sauce.    22.50
Tuna Steak Charcoal-grilled and nished with santorini sauce.    22.50
Lemon Sole Filet Delicately sauteed and nished with santorini sauce.    19.95
Norwegian Salmon Prepared to your liking. Grilled or poached and served atop a creamy dill sauce.    17.95
Orange Roughy A favorite from new zealand, broiled or sauteed to your liking.    15.95
Spetsiota Orange roughy with carrots, onions and celery in a light tomato sauce, served with rice.    16.95
Florida Grouper A boneless, skinless let, baked or grilled to perfection and finished with santorini sauce.    22.95
Traditional Greek Baccalao Pan-fried and served with santorinis own garlic sauce.    15.25
Fish & Chips Battered cod served with french fries.    13.50
Kalamari Pan-fried or grilled on our natural hardwood charcoal.    16.75
Wild Red Snapper Whole red snapper fresh from florida, prepared greek-style occassionally unavailable.  
Wild Black Sea Bass fresh, whole east coast sea bass, prepared greek-style occassionally unavailable.  

Fish from the Shell

Shrimp Santorini Tender, butter ied extra large shrimp baked in butter, garlic and parmesan cheese.    25.95
Shrimp Scampi Tender, butter ied extra large shrimp baked in our own scampi sauce.    25.95
Shrimp De Jonghe Plump, juicy extra large shrimp baked in a seasoned breadcrumb mixture.    25.95
Shrimp Tourkolimano Oven-baked, butter ied extra large shrimp in a tomato and feta cheese sauce.    26.95
French Fried Shrimp Served with choice of potato or steamed vegetable.    24.95
Scallops Lightly sauteed and nished with wine sauce.    21.95
Alaskan King Crab Legs Fit for a king. Steamed or broiled and served with drawn butter or - for a real taste treat - santorini sauce.    38.95
Lobster Tail Santorinis best australian cold water tail boiled or steamed and served with drawn butter.  

Fresh Water Fish

Lake Superior Whitefish Finest boneless cut available, broiled to your liking.    17.95
Walleyed Pike Canadian Sauteed or broiled and served with santorini sauce.    16.95

Seafood Combinations

Lobster & Filet A 60z. tail combined with a 5oz. steak.    42.95
Shrimp & Filet Two shrimp prepared santorini-style with a 5oz. steak.    32.95
Greek Surf & Turf One succulent colorado lamb chop and one 6oz. South australian cold-water lobster tail char-grilled to perfection.    42.95
Seafood Platter A variety of santorinis finest shellfish and fish filets lobster, shrimp, oysters and fish filet.    29.95

Traditional Dishes

Combination Plate 1/4 chicken santorini served with small portions of spinach pie, moussaka, dolmades and rice pilaf.    16.50
Vegetarian Moussaka Zucchini, eggplant and potato bake in a bechamel sauce, topped with feta and romono cheese.    12.95
Pastichio Made with 100% certified angus beef, macaroni pasta, baked in a bechamel sauce.    13.50
Keftedes Meatballs topped with a tomato sauce and cheese.    12.95
Dolmades Vine leaves stuffed with 100% certified angus beef.    12.95
Spanakotiropita Spinach and feta cheese pie.    12.95

Daily Specials

Young Lamb BBQ Barbecued in the authentic greek way and served with oven-browned potatoes. Served on thursday, sunday.  
Chicken Alexander Baked chicken chunks with feta cheese and fresh vegetables, wrapped in llo and served with santorinis home-made potatoes.    13.95
Exohiko Lamb Baked small chunks of lamb combined with greek cheese, wrapped in llo and served with a choice of potato, rice or fresh steamed vegetables.  
Beef Stifado Original Greek Braised beef tenderloin with fresh tomatoes, sherry wine, fresh mushrooms, spanish onions and potatoes.    14.95
Chicken Aphroditi A select skinless and boneless breast lled with spinach and imported greek cheese, topped with a light mushroom cream sauce. Served on monday, wednesday and friday.    13.95
Lamb Youvetsi Braised lamb with pasta, topped with grated cheese.    17.95
Lamb Artichokes Cooked with always-fresh artichoke hearts and egg-lemon sauce.    17.95
Lamb Stamnas Crepe Crepes sauteed with lamb, carrots and peas, topped with greek cheese and red sauce.    14.95
Lamb Kapama The Original Way Braised, cinnamon- avored lamb served with macaroni topped with red sauce and grated cheese.    17.95


Horta Simmered dandelion greens served with extra virgin olive oil and lemon.    6.95
Makaronada Macaroni prepared village style with myzithra and butter.    7.95
Anchovies     4.25
Pita     1.00
Rapini     6.95
Greek Fries Freshly-cut potatoes pan-fried in olive oil and topped with crumbled feta and oregano.    7.95
French Fries     4.95
Imported Greek Feta     4.25


800 W Adams St
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(312) 829-8820
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