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R.J. Grunt's

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  • American, Sandwiches, Wings
  • 2056 N Lincoln Park W, Chicago 60614 41.919816 -87.63638
  • (At W Dickens Ave)
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  • (773) 906-9978
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Temperature Soup affix our soup of the day to your entree & add only the equivalent of today's lake side thermometer reading to your tab with these two caveats. 1. it doesn't come with the salad bar. 2. we won't pay you to eat it if the temperature is less than zero  
R.J's Famous Chili honored in 1979 as chicago's best chili and i have been to slack to try to improve it ever since. but then, why should i? topped with cheddar cheese and onion    6.50
Homemade Veggie Chili if you want that extra stuff on top you'll have to ask for it. as far as the oyster crackers are concerned, you'll get some whether you like it or not    6.50
French Onion Soup a classic french recipe but switched to spanish onions because they are not as bitter, and swiss cheese on top because it's more neutral. and it taste better    6.95
R.J's Pickle Fries two thousand years of civilization & it's all comedown to this. fried pickles. but they are so good can we all agree to just get over it?    6.95
Onion Rings sure, you can find a decent onion ring in chicago. but are they stacked on a stick!?    6.50
Chips, Salsa & Guacamole home (restaurant) made white tortilla chips, as opposed to those el-cheapo, spineless, yellow factory made ones    6.50
Cheese Quesadillas great snack for cheese lovers featuring 2 different kind of cheese and a lot of salsa and sour cream    8.95
Cheese Quesadillas make 'em blackened chicken    2.00
Nachos Nirvana previously known as "the great pile o' food", this nacho fabrication is built up with masses of chips, chili, beans, guacamole, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and salsa    11.95
Buffalo Chicken Nachos corn tortilla chips covered with chopped buffalo chicken, 2 melted cheeses, lettuce and tomato and an ample dribbling of our zesty ranch sauce    12.95

Choice Chicken Wing Emporium

(8) $7.95 / (16) $13.95 # Spicy, ^ Really Spicy.

Buffalo #   
Hot Buffalo ^   
Super Hot Buffalo (Veritably)   
Tangy Barbecue   

The Salad & Soup Bar

By Itself, Alone Or If You Prefer, Alone By Itself     14.95
By Itself, Alone Or If You Prefer, Alone By Itself add with grilled chicken    4.95
By Itself, Alone Or If You Prefer, Alone By Itself add with a scoop of tuna    4.95
By Itself, Alone Or If You Prefer, Alone By Itself add with any item except an appetizer    8.95
By Itself, Alone Or If You Prefer, Alone By Itself add with one of my (our) fine appetizers    9.95

World Famous Burgers

We Start Off By Scrunching Up A Half Lb Of Pound Of Ground Chuck & Sirloin Then Grilling The Resulting Mixture To Your Specs And Serve It With Cottage Fries & Dull Pickle. Sub French Fries For An Extra $1, Sweet Potato Fries $2.

Cheeseburger you name the cheese, we pretty much got it covered. covered, get it?    10.95
Works Burger if i was marooned on a desert island with just one burger, this is the one i would pick cause it would have cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo & onion & pickle on it. alone at last    11.95
Green Chile Cheeseburger poblano? no problemo. zesty burger featuring fire-roasted poblano chilis, cheddar, chipotle mayo, lettuce, pickle & red onion. corona on the side? maybe    11.95
Better Bacon Cheddar Burger available elsewhere but their bacon isn't home smoked and their cheddar is that crappy two day old stuff    11.95
Hickory Bacon Cheddar Burger easy to remember cause it has the same elements as "bacon cheddar burger" plus fried onions & bbq sauce. but here's where things get a little peculiar. it also has tomato & lettuce    12.95
Yowza Burger we think the name speaks for itself if you must know, peppercorn burger, spicy ketchup, pepperjack, smoked bacon, lettuce & tomato    12.95
Gruntburger someone had the vision to gussy up a burget with fried onions & bleu cheese back in 1971. me! and to this day, no one will let me forget it    11.95
Peppercorn Burger interesting change of pace for pepper lovers that also contains bleu cheese, fried onions and lettuce and tomato    12.95
Mushroom Swiss Burger or is it swiss room mushburger? i'm not totally sure, but it is made with grilled mushrooms & swiss cheese. or is it?    11.95
Patty Melt do you ever get a craving for one of these? maybe it's the rye bread, or it's the sauteed onions or american cheese. or maybe it's just patty    10.95
Turkey Burger this beefless burger is no chicken when it joins up with tomato, lettuce and swiss, cheese to fight for freedom, justice and thousand island dressing    10.95
Veggie Burger fake out your mouth and stick to your diet all at the same time. served with pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, salsa and a honey oat wheat bun    10.95

Wraps $11.95

California Wrap a west coast treat featuring crispy chicken, lots of chopped bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato and flying lizard ranch dressing.  
Buffalo Wrap kind of like the crispy buffalo chicken sandwich minus the sandwich but plus bleu cheese. and the colossal tortilla of course  
Santa Fe Wrap al pastor marinated chicken cinched up with pico de gallo, pepper jack, guacamole, chipotle mayo and lettuce  

Very Special

Grilled Cheese the cheesiest sandwich in chicago. 2 slices of swiss over 2 slices of cheddar or vice versa    8.00
Grilled Cheese make it deluxe with the addition of bacon and tomato   extra 1.00
BLT Classic few people give me credit for the invention of this popular sandwich and for good reason. all that a side, i still like outs best    9.00
The Vintage Tuna take a trip down memory lane with this old-fangled bit of culinary history. remember the 1st time you had one? was it this big and gooey? probably not    9.95
Tuna Melt Trio begin with 3 english muffin haves with a pile of tuna salad and tomato on each. then alternating slices of cheddar, swiss & pepper jack so it's like having three different sandwiches all for the price of one    10.95
Turkey Club for those who would rather eat a turkey club than belong to one.    9.95
BBQ Pork Sandwich lincoln park styled shredded bbq, served on our unique bread that looks like a hot dog bun, but it tastes like challah.    10.95
French Dip Enigma starts out credibly enough with tender roast beef, au jus and horse radish sauce. but here's what's so totally confounding, its served on italian garlic bread!!    12.95
Fish & Chips beer battered icelandic cod, cottage fries, tartar & cocktail sauce    13.95


All Of Our Wraps, Sandwiches & Chicken Are Served With Cottage Fries And A Pickle Substitute French Fries For $1

Mr. Chicken a fowl homage to joe & dom over at mr.beef. sliced roasted chicken dipped in au jus, with grilled peppers, provolone & spicy giardiniera    10.95
Buffalo Style i'm not sure i really want to know what buffalo style is but i do know that this crispy chicken sandwich contains lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun    11.95
Cajun Chicken a mardi gras for the mouth. seared chicken with blackened cajun spices, pepper jack, lettuce and tomato. when you get your sandwich, raise the top of your sesame seed bun and show us your chicken!    10.95
Old Hickory chicken breast marinated in bbq sauce, grilled topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried onions yet more bbq sauce and served on a sesame seed bun    10.95
Chicken Fingers significant pile of deep, batter fried chicken tenders served with two profound dipping sauces known simply as bbq and ranch. or jack them up a notch and ask for buffalo style    9.95

Dinner Specials

Served After 4pm.

Monday - Taco Plato every monday is cinco de mayo at r.j.s choice of chicken or fish. mexican rice, pico de gallo, jalapeno infused cabbage & salsa    14.95
Tuesday - Barbecue Boneless Pork Ribs a fork tender homage to our saturday special without all the mess. served with coleslaw, cottage fries & a lot less napkins    15.95
Wednesday - Country Chicken you come for that mouth-watering pan-fried chicken but it's the (drool) mac n' cheese that's got you hooked. oh yes!    14.95
Thursday - Pot Roast meat and potatoes cuisine at its best. juicy braised beef with the obligatory mashed potatoes & carrots    15.95
Friday - Carne Asada our favorite spanish beef dinner with beans, rice, tortillas, guacamole and chargrilled jalapenos and green onions    19.95
Saturday - Barbecue Baby Back Ribs dry rubbed pork ribs with my secret sauce laid on a stack of fries to make sure none of the drippings make it to the bottom of the plate    21.95
Sunday - Dixie Pan Fried Chicken what is a dixie pan? is it like giving a movie a bad review with mashed potatoes in your mouth? here's your chance to find out, i do declare!    15.95
Fish Of The Day sometimes it's fish from the sea and sometimes it's from some place else. i don't know. it's complicated. ask your server  


Merkts Cheese Sauce     2.50
Cottage Fries     3.95
French Fries     4.95
Sweet Potato Fries     5.50
Cole Slaw     3.95
Mac & Cheese     5.95

All-U-Can-Eat Weekend Brunch

If This If All You Order $15.95 / If You Also Order An Entree $9.95 / If You Also Order An Appetizer $10.95. Served Until 2pm. Including But Not Limited To The Following Items.

Grunts' Bacon   
Breakfast Chicken Sausages   
Bagels And Cream Cheese   
Pecan Bread Pudding French Toast   
Mini Belgian Waffles   
Scrambled Eggs   
Breakfast Potatoes   
Yogurt & Granola   
Our Famous, Fabulous Salad Bar   

Hangover Cures

Fresh-Squeezed Juices choose from two fabulous flavors, orange or ruby red grapefruit    3.95
Best Bloody Mary * because you don't want to have anything to do with my worst one    5.00
Wake Up Shake yummy blend of frozen yogurt, coffee & home made caramel    4.75
B.Y.O.C.D (build your own coffee drink) you pick a liqueur. we brew some coffee. st. brendan's, licor 43, frangelico, jameson, amaretto disaronno, sambuca & kahlva are at your disposal    8.00

Ahh-La Carte

*Special Price Valid On Weekends Only. ** As Opposed To Bronze-Cut Oatmeal.

Egg Quesadilla pico de gallo, pepper jack and cheddar    8.95
English Muffin Duo bacon, scrambled eggs & cheddar    9.95
Irish Steel-Cut Oatmeal ** served with raisins and brown sugar    4.95
Side O' Chicken Sausages Or Grunts' Bacon     3.95
Toast challah, wheat, english muffin or rye    1.95

Hand-Dipped Shakes & Malts $6

The Way Milk Shakes And Malteds Were Originally Made. Real Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Real Milk, And Tons Of Great Goodies To Flavor Them Up Just The Way People Liked Them. Scrumptious! Pick Your Favorite Or Create Your Own Combo! Ask About Our Big Kid's Shak

Oreo Cookie   
Homemade Creamy Caramel   
Real Peanut Butter   
Fresh Brewed Coffee   

Soda, Pop & Soda Pop

Ginger Ale   
Diet Coke   
Mr. Pibb   
Cherry Coke   

Draft Suds

Coors Light co   pt 5.00 pitcher 18.00
Guinness ireland   pt 7.50 pitcher 27.00
3 Floyds Gumballmead in   pt 6.00 pitcher 21.00
3 Floyds Seasonal Brew in  
Goose Island Seasonal il  
Bell's Seasonal Brew mi  
Draft Of The Moment   
Chicago Brew   

Bottles & Cans

Ask About Our Weekly Specials

PBR Tall Boys wi   (16oz) 3.00
Bud & Bud Light Cans mo    4.00
Miller Lite wi    4.00
Coors Banquet co    4.00
Fat Tire co    5.00
Leinenkugal Seasonal wi    5.00
Corona mexico    5.00
Goose Island 312 il    6.00
Leaffe Blonde belgium    6.00
Crispin Hard Cider mn    6.00
Redd's Apple Ale wi    6.00
Sprecher's Sodas root beer regular & lo-cal, cream soda, orange cream    4.00

Vintage Cocktails

Senor Grunts' Muy Delicioso Margarita made with a refreshing blend of sauza hornitos tequila, organic agave nectar and fresh squeezed lime juice. served on the rocks. salt optional   gl 8.00 carafe 32.00
Pina Colada "pina is latin for faucet and "colada" is an old aztec recipe for braised turkey, neither really have anything to do with pineapple, coconut, 10 cane rum or grand marnier, strange huh?    8.00
Singapore Sling invented by a singapore bartender named tung boon in 1915. features gin, benedictine, lime, pineapple & combier. this is actually true    8.00
Sangria just a perfect day. drink sangria in (by) the park, red wine , brandy, peach liquor, fruit n' spice. served with a plastic reed.   gl 8.00 carafe 32.00
Sloe Gin Fizzz the down-tempo version of the new orleans fizz family of fine gassy concoctions. invented by henry ramos in 1888, our model features sloe gin (really?) and other stuff i can't talk about cause its like secret    8.00
Pink Squirrel this creamy cocktail has been around forever but its derivation is usually suppressed in polite company for obvious reasons    8.00
Banana Banshee created in 1639 by chico suarez in boa vista, brazil as a method for keeping his per forming monkey edwardo lucid    8.00

White & Sparkling $7.50


Pinot Grigio   
Sauvignon Blanc   

Red $8.50


Pinot Noir   
Cabernet Sauvignon   


R.J. Grunt's
2056 N Lincoln Park W
At W Dickens Ave
(773) 906-9978
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