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Red Pig Asian Kitchen

  • $$
  • Asian Fusion
  • 2932 N Broadway St, Chicago 60657 41.935903 -87.644286
  • (Btwn W Wellington & W Oakdale Ave)
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  • (773) 250-0805
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Daily Specials $9.95

Pad Thai Daily Special   
Pad See Eiw Daily Special   
Pad Khee Mao Daily Special *  
Singapore Noodle Daily Special *  
Shang Hani Noodle Daily Special   
Bangkok Noodle Daily Special *  
Filipino Pancit Daily Special   
Moo Dang Daily Special   
Steamed Chicken Daily Special   
Thai Style Basil Daily Special *  
Thai Omelette Daily Special   
Kung Pao Daily Special *  
Thai Pepper Steak Daily Special   
Mixed Veggies Daily Special   
Basil Eggplant Daily Special *  
Basil Beef Meatballs Daily Special *  


The Red Pig Pair fried beef meatballs in sweet spicy sauce.    5.00
Vegetarian Egg Roll fried with veggies and sweet and sour sauce.   (3 per order) 4.00
Edamame boiled and lightly salted.    4.00
Gyoza pan-fried, served with sesame sauce.   (6 per order) 4.00
Crispy Roll fried with ground chicken and glass noodles, served with sweet and sour sauce.   (6 per order) 5.00
Crab Rangoon cream cheese, crab meat and celery with sweet chili sauce.   (6 per order) 5.00
Indian Potato Samosa * fried with veggies and sweet chili sauce.   (6 per order) 5.00
Tuberosum Chive Dumpling pan-fried with chili soy sauce.   (3 per order) 5.00
Bangkok Roll rice paper, tofu, cucumber, bean sprouts and plum sauce.    5.00
Shumai handmade. steamed with mixed shrimp, chicken and pork, shiitake mushrooms and sweet soy sauce.    5.00
Roti Canai * pan-fried roti with yellow curry.    5.00
Vegan Lettuce Wrap with tofu and shiitake mushrooms.   (5 per order) 5.00
Lettuce Wraps with ground chicken, tofu and shiitake mushrooms.   (5 per order) 5.00
Thai Chicken Smores ground chicken, coconut sauce and rice cracker.    5.00
Thai Paradise Wings fried and marinated, served with sweet chili sauce.    6.00
Chicken Satay grilled and marinated chicken, served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.   (5 per order) 7.00
Asian Cownoy Beef fried and marinated beef, served with chili sauce.    7.00
Meat Lover includes chicken gyoza, crab rangoon and lettuce wrap combo.   (9 pcs) 7.00
Veggie Lover includes veggie gyoza, samosa and bangkok roll combo.   (9 pcs) 7.00

Soups $4

Tom Yum Soup * with mushrooms, tomatoes and cilantro.  
Tom Kha Soup * with mushroom, tomato, coconut milk and cilantro.  
Egg Drop Soup peas, carrot and green onion.  
Miso Soup soft tofu, seaweed and green onion.  
Kimchi Soup tofu, napa and kimchi sauce.  


Cucumber Salad shallot, carrot and sweet vinaigrette.    3.00
Wakame Salad seaweed, cucumber and sesame dressing.    5.00
House Salad with house ginger dressing.    4.00
Chicken Salad * grilled with ginger, shallots, scallions, peanut and cilantro.    8.00
Beef Salad * grilled with shallots, scallions, roasted rice and cilantro.    8.00
Mango Seared Scallop Salad grilled and marinated scallop with mango salsa.    8.00
Salmon Salad * seared salmon with veggies and homemade dressing.    9.00

Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice with egg, peas, carrot and onion.    8.00
Indian Fried Rice * with egg, peas, carrot, onion and curry spice.    8.00
Basil Fried Rice * with bell pepper, white onion, green onion, chili and garlic.    8.00
Kimchi Fried Rice * with napa, white onion and green onion.    8.00
Pineapple Fried Rice with egg, peas, carrot, white onion and cashew nut.    8.00
Red Pig Fried Rice with bbq pork, egg, carrot, peas and onion.    8.50
Salmon Fried Rice with egg, tomato and onion.    9.50


Pad Thai Noodles thin noodle, bean sprouts, egg, green onions and crushed peanuts.    8.00
Pad See Eiw Noodles wide egg noodles, egg and broccoli.    8.00
Pad Khee Mao * wide noodles, carrot, tomato, green beans, onion and basil.    8.00
Singapore Noodles * egg noodle, carrots, pea pods, broccoli, napa, onion and curry spice.    8.00
Shang Hai Noodles egg noodle, carrot, pea pod, broccoli, napa and onion.    8.00
Lad Naa Noodles pan-fried wide noodles with veggie and gravy sauce.    8.00
Basil Lad Naa * pan-fried wide noodles, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, chili, garlic and basil.    8.00
Yakisoba japanese noodle, carrot, cabbage, onions, broccoli and pea pods.    8.00
Bangkok Noodles * wide noodles, ground chicken, egg, bean sprouts and green onion.    8.00
Fillipino Pancit glass noodles, egg, mushrooms, peas, carrot and onion.    8.00
Hong Kong Noodles pan-fried egg noodles, bamboo shoots, carrots, napa, broccoli and onion.    8.00
Oriental Noodles what noodles, grilled chicken, shiitake mushrooms, garlic and parmesan cheese.    9.50

Noodle Soups $8

Moo Dang Withou Soup egg noodles, bbq pork, chinese cabbage, green onions and cilantro.  
Beef Noodle Soup thin noodles, bean sprouts, meatballs, green onion and cilantro.  
Japanese Udon Noodle Soup choice of protein with wheat noodles and green onions.  
Tom Yum Noodle Soup * thin noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, green onions and cilantro.  

Over Rice

Served With Choice Of Rice. Rice Selection: White Rice, Brown Rice $1. Add Shrimp $2

Moo Dang homemade bbq pork, chinese sausage, hard-boiled egg and homemade sauce.    8.50
Thai Style Basil * ground chicken, garlic, chili and fried egg.    8.50
Thai Omelette ground chicken, tomato, shallots and green onions.    8.50
Chicken Ginger bell peppers, mushrooms, green peppers and gravy sauce.    8.50
Steamed Chicken garlic rice, cucumber and spicy ginger sauce.    8.50
Roast Duck with duck sauce.    9.50

Thai Curries *

Panang Thai Curry bell peppers, basil leaf and kaffir lime leaf.    9.00
Red Curry bamboo shoots, green beans, bell peppers, eggplant and basil.    9.00
Green Curry bamboo shoots, green beans, bell peppers, eggplant and basil.    9.00
Pineapple Shrimp Curry bell pepper, tomato, green beans and basil.    11.00
Duck Curry bell peppers, tomato, pineapple, green beans and basil.    11.00


Orange Chicken fried battered chicken breast with orange marmalade.    9.00
Mongolian Beef broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, green onions and crispy noodles.    9.00
Kung Pao * bell peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini, white onions, peanut and dry chili.    9.00
Thai Pepper Steak beef, bell peppers, tomato, pea pods, mushrooms and onions.    9.00
Asian Lemon Chicken crispy chicken, mixed salad and special mayonnaise sauce.    9.00
Mixed Vegetables stir-fried carrots, broccoli, zucchini, pea pods, napa and cabbage.    9.00
Basil Eggplant * ground chicken, chinese eggplant, bell peppers and basil.    9.00
Cashew Special * onions, bell peppers, pea pods, pineapple, carrots and dry chili.    9.00
Basil Beef Meatballs * bamboo shoots, bell peppers, green beans, white onions, basil, chili and garlic.    9.00
Basil Duck * stir-fried roast duck, bell peppers, green beans, onions, basil, chili and garlic.    11.50
Triple Threat * grilled salmon, bell pepper, carrots and white onions.    11.50
Thai Salmon Curry * grilled salmon with panang sauce.    11.50

Side Orders & Extras

Naan     2.00
Jasmine Rice     2.00
Brown Rice     3.00
Peanut Sauce     2.00
Steamed Veggies     3.00
Steamed Noodles     3.00
Extra Chicken     2.00
Extra Veggies     2.00
Extra Tofu     2.00
Egg     2.00
Extra Beef     3.00
Extra BBQ Pork     3.00
Extra Shrimp     3.00
Extra Crispy Chicken     3.00


Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango     5.00
Taro Peark In Coconut Milk     3.50
Sweet Sticky Rice With Banana     3.00


Can Of Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, ginger ale    1.50
Bottled Water     1.50
Jasmine Tea     1.50
Coffee     1.50
Green Tea     2.00
Thai Iced Tea     3.00
Thai Iced Coffee     3.00
Bubble Tea Latte green tea, taro, thai tea, coconut    4.00
Fruit Smoothie mango, strawberry, banana, pineapple, coconut, avocado    4.00


Red Pig Asian Kitchen
2932 N Broadway St
Btwn W Wellington & W Oakdale Ave
(773) 250-0805
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