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Ras Dashen

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  • Ethiopian, African
  • 5846 N Broadway St, Chicago IL60660 41.9881186 -87.6602109
  • (Btwn W Rosedale & W Ardmore Ave)
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  • (773) 506-9601
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Lunch & Carryout


Mereq lentil soup with ethiopian seasonings   4.25
Sambusa lentil (v), spinach (v), shimbera or beef   4.95
Injera (The Bread)   (reg 3 pack) 3.00
100% teff, 3-pack   6.00

Vegetarian Entrees

10. Misser Wat (V) lentils in spicy berbere (red pepper) sauce   11.95
11. Kik Alicha (V) yellow split peas with mild spices   11.95
12. Yeqay Tikil Gomen (V) sweet and sour red cabbage   11.95
Vegetarian Combo choose any five of the above vegetarian dishes (1-12)   12.95
13. Diffen Misser Wat (V) similar to misser wat, but with whole lentils for a different texture   11.95
14. Shimbera Asa Wat (V) ground chick peas shaped into a dough and cooked in berbere sauce   12.95
15. Misserana Bowmia (V) lentils and okra in tasty alicha sauce   12.95
16. Komodoro Fetfet (V) tomato and injera salad, served cold   11.95
17. Shirro (V) ground chick peas imported from ethiopia   12.95
All Vegetarian And Meat Entrees Come With Two Sides And Two Rounds Of Injera. Additional Sides Are $4 Each.

Chicken Entrees $14.95

18. Doro Wat chicken and egg cooked in a spicy berbere sauce   
19. Doro Alicha chicken and egg in a mild, tasty sauce   

Lamb Entrees

20. Yebeg Tibs lamb lightly cooked with onions, garlic and rosemary   18.95
21. Yebeg Tibs Be Berbere a spicier, juicier version of yebeg tibs   17.95
22. Yebeg Dereq Tibs lamb tibs pan-fried with onions, garlic and rosemary   18.95
23. Yebeg Wat lamb in spicy berbere sauce   17.95
24. Yebeg Alicha lamb tibs in a juicy alicha sauce with injera pieces   17.95

Beef Entrees

25. Sega Wat beef chunks cooked in a fiery berbere sauce   13.95
26. Yeqay Ferfer beef and injera in berbere sauce   14.95
27. Lebleb Tibs beef chunks lightly sautéed with onions and green peppers   14.95
28. Kitfo Tere ethiopian steak tartar seasoned with kibe and mitmita   14.95
29. Kitfo Lebleb kitfo slightly cooked   14.95
30. Zilzil Alicha strips of beef cooked in tasty sauce   13.95
Meat Combo order two items from 18-19-21-23-24-25-30   19.95
lamb add   2.00
31. Qelulu beef tibs in a spicy, juicy berbere sauce   16.95
32. Kwanta Ferfer ethiopian beef jerky cooked with injera and berbere sauce   15.95
33. Gored Gored chunks of beef brisket lightly sautéed with onions, green peppers and berbere   19.95
34. Zilzil Tibs strips of beef sautéed with colorful bell peppers, served with special berbere sauce   17.95

Fish Entrees $15.95

35. Asa Wat boneless tilapia fillets cooked in a spicy berbere sauce   
36. Asa Tibs boneless tilapia fillets cooked with ginger, garlic, and ethiopian spices   

Special Entrees

37. Grilled Zilzil Tibs strips with zenash’s special hot sauce   22.95
add grilled beef or lamb   2.00
38. Awaze Tibs strips of beef sautéed in a spicy awaze sauce   18.95
39. Yebeg Tibs Ferfer lamb sautéed in mitmita sauce and served with injera pieces   17.95


1. Komodoro Salata (V) tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic and jalapeños   
2. Ethio Salata (V) traditional salad with crisp romaine lettuce   
3. Yeqaysur Salata (V) red beets and potatoes served cold with a tangy dressing   
4. Misser Salata (V) cold lentil salad seasoned with lemon juice and spices   
5. Tikil Gomen Alicha (V) cabbage, potatoes and carrots   
6. Gomen (V) kale, collard and / or mustard greens   
7. Qosta (V) spinach   
8. Diblik Atkilt (V) green beans, zucchini, potatoes and carrots   
9. IB homemade soft cheese   


Bread Pudding injera pudding baked with raisins, nuts and roasted flax seeds   5.95
Rice Pudding mid east favorite with zenash’s special touch   5.50
Baklava traditional middle eastern pastries   5.50
Choco Molten Lava Cake    5.95
Ask About Daily Dessert Specials.


Soft Drinks    1.50
Mineral Water perrier   2.00
san pellegrino  (500ml) 2.50
Ethiopian Tea hot tea or iced tea flavored with ethiopian spices   2.50
Espresso Drinks made with organic, fair-trade, shade grown, dark roast coffee from ethiopia espresso, cappuccino, americano or macchiato   3.00
extra shots in espresso drinks   1.50
Organic, Fair-Trade, Shade Grown, Dark Roast Coffee From Ethiopia harrar, sidamo, or yirgacheffe  (per lb) 11.95




Mereq (V) lentil soup with ethiopian spices cup 3.95 bowl 4.95
Sambusa lentil (v), spinach (v), shimbera (v) or beef wrapped in pastry and lightly fried  (4pcs) 3.95
Zenash's Chickpea Salad (V) flavored with caramelized shallots, a touch of vinegar and zenash's special dressing   6.95
Ras Dashen Salad (V) daily mix of our freshest greens and vegetables with a light, tangy dressing   6.95
Cucumber Salad (V) fresh pickles and red onions marinated in zenash's special dressing   5.95
Qategna fresh warm injera spread with kibe, garlic and karya and rolled into finger food  (6pcs) 5.95

Vegetarian Combos

Vegetarian Sampler a sampling of five veggie dishes (1-12)   12.95
Vegetarian Dinner For Two slightly smaller than full portions of three entrees (1-17) plus 3 sides (1-12)   25.95


Add Ferfer To Any Meat Dish    1.00
Berbere Ferfer As A Side    4.00
Telba Ferfer, Ask Zenash    14.95

Special Vegetarian Entrees (V)

13. Diffen Misser Wat similar to misser wat, but with whole lentils for a different texture   12.95
14. Shimbera Asa Wat "vegetarian fish" - ground chick pea dough balls in a rich berbere sauce   13.95
15. Misserana Bowmia lentils and okra in a tasty berbere sauce   13.95
16. Komodoro Fetfet cold tangy salad of injera, vine-ripe tomatoes, garlic, red and green onion and green peppers   12.95
17. Shirro ground chick peas imported from ethiopia are the base of this spicy, pureed stew   13.95
Daily Vegetarian Special ask your server about zenash's specials, such as mushroom wat or dupa (pumpkin) wat   14.95

Chicken Entrees $15.95

18. Doro Wat chicken and egg cooked in a spicy berbere sauce - the national dish of ethiopia   
19. Doro Alicha chicken and egg cooked in a mild, tasty sauce of onions, garlic, ginger, and green peppers   

Lamb Entrees

20. Yebeg Tibs lamb lightly cooked with onions, green peppers and ethiopian seasonings   23.95
21. Yebeg Tibs Be Berbere called simply "spicy juicy" by many of our regulars, this lamb stew has a tomato infused base with bold spices   22.95
22. Yebeg Dereq Tibs lamb tibs pan-fried with onions, garlic, green peppers and rosemary   23.95
23. Yebeg Wat lamb stew in a spicy, dark berbere sauce   22.95
24. Yebeg Alicha lamb cooked in mild alicha sauce, served with pieces of injera   22.95

Beef Entrees

25. Sega Wat beef stew in a spicy, dark berbere sauce   15.95
26. Yeqay Ferfer beef and injera pieces cooked in a spicy sauce with tomatoes and garlic   16.95
27. Lebleb Tibs beef chunks lightly sautéed with onions, green peppers and spices   16.95
28. Kitfo Tere ethiopian steak tartare seasoned with kibe (spiced butter) and mitmita (red pepper blend)   16.95
29. Kitfo Lebleb kitfo slightly cooked   16.95
30. Zilzil Alicha strips of beef cooked in a tasty sauce with onions, garlic and green peppers   15.95
Meat Combo half portions of two entrees (18-30) & 3 sides   19.95
add lamb   2.00
Omnivore Dinner slightly smaller than full portions of three entrees (13-30) & 3 sides  (for 2) 38.95
Omnivore Dinner For Two add lamb   2.00

Special Beef Entrees

31. Qelulu premium quality steak cut into small pieces and slow cooked in its own juices with shallots, garlic, ginger, berbere and spices   18.95
32. Kwanta Ferfer peppery dried beef jerky with injera, tomatoes & berbere sauce   17.95
33. Gored Gored tender beef brisket lightly cooked with shallots, spiced butter, garlic, awaze and a splash of cognac, served medium rare   21.95
34. Zilzil Tibs strips of beef sauteed with peppers, served with special berbere sauce   19.95

Fish Entrees $16.95

35. Asa Wat boneless tilapia fillet in a dark berbere sauce made from roasted, ground flax seed   
36. Asa Tibs marinated, boneless tilapia fillet pan-seared in ginger and black pepper and served with fresh-cut sauteed vegetables   

Meat Specials

37. Grilled Zilzil Tibs strips grilled over an open flame and served with salad and zenash's special hot sauce   23.95
38. Awaze Tibs tibs sautéed with onions in a spicy awaze sauce   20.95
Beef Or Lamb Add $3


Three Sides Per Table Come With Your Meal; Additional Sides, $4; Order Any Side As An Entrée For $11.95.

1. Komodoro Salata (V) diced cucumber, tomato, onion and jalapeño salad   
2. Ethio Salata Choco Molten Lava Cake  romaine lettuce, green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapeños   
3. Yeqaysur Salata (V) beet salad served chilled with a tangy dressing   
4. Misser Salata (V) chilled lentils with red onions and colorful bell peppers   
5. Tikil Gomen Alicha (V) mildly spiced cabbage, potato and carrot stew   
6. Gomen (V) chopped greens slow cooked with mild spices   
7. Qosta (V) spinach cooked with onions, garlic and spices   
8. Diblik Atkilt (V) green beans, potatoes, zucchini and carrots stewed with tomatoes   
9. LB soft cheese made fresh daily with cultured buttermilk   
10. Misser Wat (V) pureed red lentils in a spicy berbere sauce   
11. Kik Alicha (V) yellow split peas cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and green peppers   
12. Yeqay Tikil Gomen (V) sweet and sour red cabbage, ethiopian style   


Ethio Chai black tea enhanced with ethiopian spices   2.00
Qezqaza Chai ethiopian iced tea   2.50
Soft Drinks coke products, ginger ale, rootbeer, orange   1.75
Bottled Juices assorted flavors - ask your server   2.25
Mineral Water perrier   2.25
san pellegrino  (500ml) 3.00
Snapple Mango    2.50
Bagged Organic, Fair Trade Coffee Beans Are On Sale For $11.95 Lb. Buy Injera To Take Home! $1 Per Round.

Espresso Bar

Espresso made from freshly ground, ethiopian coffee   3.00
Cappuccino espresso and frothy steamed milk   4.00
Macchiato espresso layered with foamed milk   4.00
Americano Nebeb one shot of espresso and hot water   3.00
Americano Samuel two shots of espresso and hot water   3.50
Americano John three shots of espresso and hot water   4.00
Buna Be Jebena the coffee plant is endemic to ethiopia, so coffee has a special place in ethiopian society. we roast organic, fair trade ethiopian coffee beans fresh every day in a ceremony repeated daily in ethiopian households around the world. be sure to try our traditional ethiopian coffee, boiled in a clay pot called a jebena over an open flame per person (2 or more) 2.95ind 3.95



From Africa


Bedele smooth, sweet, golden pilsner (330ml) 5.50(500ml) 8.00
Hakim stout beer with chocolate and roasted malt flavors   5.50
Harar crisp lager with citrus notes   5.50
St. George bold lager named for a dragon slaying saint   5.50
Castel refreshing light lager from the brewer’s of st. george   5.50

From Less Far-Flung Places

Xingu (Brazil) black lager with a surprisingly light and fruity finish   5.50
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (California) complex and flavorful with bold hops   4.75
Lost Coast Eight Ball Stout (California) rich robust stout with barley, oatmeal, and and chocolate malts. it’s not ethiopian tella but it is the closest we could find   5.00
Left Hand Milk Stout (Colorado) robust stout spiked with lactose, rivals hakim in taste and compatibility with ethiopian food   5.00

From The Midwest

Goose Island (Chicago) honker’s ale   5.00
india pale ale   5.00
Dark Horse (Michigan) crooked tree ipa   5.25
Founders (Michigan) dry-hopped pale ale   5.00
Two Brothers (Warrenville) domaine dupage french country ale   5.00
bitter end pale ale   5.00
Three Floyds (Indiana) pride and joy mild ale   5.00
robert the bruce scottish ale   5.00
Metropolitan (Chicago) krankshaft kolsch   5.00
dynamo copper lager   5.00
Tyranena (Wisconsin) headless man amber ale   5.00
rocky’s revenge brown ale   5.00


Full Wine List

By The Glass

Sparkling Wine

Zardetto Prosecco this prosecco is delicate yet complex, with a mellow citrus color and appealing peppery note, elegantly fresh fruit and an invigorating finish. this is a great pairing with our appetizers.  (187ml split) 8.00

White Wine

Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige, Italy 2010 lovely aromas of citrus, white peach and green apples. refreshing and soft with a smooth, dry finish. this wine pairs wonderfully with our salads and appetizers.   7.00
Fair Valley Chenin Blanc, South Africa 2009 a fresh, light bodied white wine with a touch of apple and citrus. this is a nice pairing with our kitfo. fair valley donates 10% of their profits to the fair valley community to help with housing, community center and health care. please ask your server for more information.   8.00
Clean Slate Riesling, Mosel, Germany 2009 this wine from the steep slopes of the mosel has wonderful balance of minerality and fruit components. this crisp wine is a great pairing with the spicy, powerful flavors of our spicy vegetarian dishes.   6.00
Bogle Chardonnay, California 2009 this chardonnay combines tropical flavors and oak aging to produce an easy drinking, rich chardonnay. this pairs well with the rich flavors of the of doro alicha or asa tibs.   8.00
Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2009 vivid tropical fruit aromas give way to succulent, mouth-filling flavors of guava, lychee, gooseberry, lime, and fresh cut grass, supported by a jolt of acidity. this crowd pleasing wine pairs nicely with a wide range of our entrees.   8.00
Talley Chardonnay, Arroyo Grande Valley, California 2009 produced entirely from estate grown fruit, hand harvested and aged for 10 months before release. the flavors feature layers of lemon, wet stone and green apple with and elegant finish. it pairs with meaty seafood and rich chicken dishes.   13.00
Enat Tej, Ethiopian Style Honey Wine, Oakland, California made from honey and ethiopian hops (gesho). tej, or honey wine, is an ethiopian specialty that complements and balances the spice in the food. this wine is made by a husband and wife team.   7.50

Red Wine

Dmz Shiraz,Western Cape, South Africa 2008 this fresh, juicy shiraz offers enticing aromas and bright, juicy flavors of cherry, dark berry and plum backed by subtle spice and a delicate minerality. great pairing with the meat combo meal.   7.00
Mercer Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, Washington 2007 this wine opens with ripe blackberry and cherry with scents of oak spice and vanilla. flavors of cherry and spice combine with a rich mouthfeel, good structure and a long supple finish. enjoy this great cabernet with our milder lamb dishes.   9.00
Omrah Shiraz, Mt. Barker, Australia 2007 lovely plush tannins, rounded texture and bright cherry fruit come through in the shiraz. pair nicely with sega wat, spicy juicy and other spicy dishes.   11.00
Fair Valley Pinotage, South Africa 2008 vibrant purple red in color offering spicy black fruit and ripe tannins. this is a sweet wine with a toasty vanilla finish. great pairing with most vegetarian dishes including spicy lentils and yellow split peas. fair valley donates 10% of their profits to the fair valley community to help with housing, community center and health care. please ask your server for more information.   8.00
Catena Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2008 on the nose you will find black cherry aromas, leading to a great taste of many dark fruit flavors. there is a wonderful silky texture and rich finish.   9.00
Mt Beautiful Pinot Noir, North Canterbury, New Zealand 2009 a beautiful, elegant pinot noir that showcases the flavors of the region. this is a great pairing with lighter meats and fish.   10.00
(V) Vegan.


Ras Dashen
5846 N Broadway St
Btwn W Rosedale & W Ardmore Ave
(773) 506-9601
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