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  • Greek, Mediterranean, Seafood
  • 130 S Halsted St, Chicago 60661 41.884094 -87.647434
  • (Btwn W Monroe & Adams St)
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Hot Appetizers

Saganaki imported greek cheese, flamed    6.50
Haloumi grilled imported goat cheese and sheep cheese with roasted tomato sauce    7.25
Tiropitakia triangles of filo dough stuffed with feta cheese and spices    6.50
Spanakopitakia triangular spinach and feta cheese pies wrapped in filo dough    6.50
Kolokithakia fresh sliced zucchini, pan fried, served with tzatziki dip    7.50
Dolmades vine leaves stuffed with minced blend of beef & lamb and rice in lemon sauce    7.50
Loukaneko flambe greek sausage, spiced with a hint of orange zest    7.95
Soutzoukia minced meat balls with cumin, garlic and rosemary in a traditional tomato sauce "ala smyrna"    7.25
Gyros spit-flamed beef and lamb, fresh parsleyed onions, tzatziki sauce    7.95
Kalamarakia lightly breaded pan fried east coast squid    8.95
Kalamari Skaras broiled squid, olive oil, lemon vinaigrette    9.50
Marides "Ala Zante" pan-seared smelts, romaine medley    8.25
Mydia steamed mussels with tomato, parsley and garlic in ouzo broth    9.75
Garides Mikrolimano sauteed shrimp with feta cheese, in tomato wine sauce    9.95
Octapodaki Skaras tender octopus on charcoal with olive oil, lemon and oregano    13.95

Cold Appetizers

Hummus classic mediterranean garbanzo bean spread    6.50
Tzatziki creamy yogurt-cucumber dip with garlic and virgin olive oil    6.75
Melitzanosalata spread of grilled eggplant, olive oil and herbs    6.75
Scordalia flavored garlic - potato puree with virgin olive oil    6.25
Fava Santorinis split pea and fava beans puree, roasted red peppers and virgin olive oil    6.25
Taramosalata spread of emulsified fish roe, virgin olive oil, lemon juice    6.50
Tirokafteri spicy feta and manouri cheese spread, roasted red peppers, virgin olive oil    6.95
Pantzaria oven-baked red beets, olive-oil-red vinegar marinade    6.95
Dolmadakia Yialatzi vine leaves stuffed woth rice and herbs, served with homemade yogurt    6.95
Feta imported feta cheese with kalamata olives    6.95
Acroyiali Satala tender octopus, shrimp and kalamari marinated in olive oil, oregano and herbs    13.95
Piato assortment of cold appetizers and spreads    11.95


Avgolemono chicken broth with rice, egg, and lemon    3.95
Kakavia (Friday Only) fresh fish chowder    6.25
Soupa Imeras - Soup Of The Day ask your server for today's selection: trahana soups (sour pasta soup), fakes (lentil soup), melitzanosoupa (roasted eggplant soup), kritharaki (pasta-rose marina soup), fasolada (bean soup), revithia (chick-pea soup)    3.95
Mageritsa (Saturday Only) egg-lemon-dill lamb soup    6.25


Elliniki greek classic salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, kalamata olives, pepperonccini, green peppers, and feta cheese    5.95
Maroulosalata thin cut romaine lettuce with fresh spring onions and dill in a zesty olive oil red wine vinegar dressing    5.95
Horiatiki authentic greek village salad, a delectable blend of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, green peppers, feta cheese and anchovy tossed with our extra virgin olive oil dressing    6.75
Alexander Salata romaine lettucse mixed with our famous "alexander" garlic dressing topped with feta cheese and anchovy    5.95
Mesoyiaki Salata a variety of lettuce, scallions, mushrooms, pepperoncini, kalamata olives and feta cheese topped with stuffed vine leaves    9.95
Gyros Salata slices of gyros on top of greek salad    9.75
Kotosalata "Pegasus" grilled chicken breast on a bed of mixed lettuce with fresh green onions, mushrooms, kalamata olives, salonica peppers and feta cheese    11.95
Psarosalata our greek classic salad topped with marinated octopus, kalamari and shrimp    13.25
Horta dendelion greens boiled with lemon & extra virgin olive oil    6.25

Greek Pastas

Garides Aegean imported spaghetti topped with sauteed shrimp with aromatic sauce of tomatoes, herbs, shallots, garlic, fresh basil and feta cheese    17.95
Yuvetsaki tender morsels of choice beef braised with fresh plum tomatoes, olive oil, wine and herbs, baked individually in a clay pot & rosa marina, plenty of myzithra cheese    16.25
Garides Yuvetsaki gulf shrimp baked with traditional pasta in a clay pot with tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs & myzithra cheese topped with bechamel sauce    17.95
Arni Kapama tender lamb, simmered in olive oil, wine-tomato sauce, served over spaghetti with myzithra cheese    16.95
Hilopita "Agrotiki" fresh artichokes, mushrooms, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes in a yogurt-fennel sauce with grecian hillopita pasta    14.25
Macaronada "Horiatiki" made to order macaroni, sauteed in butter with tender chunks of choice beef in a rich tomato-herb sauce    16.25
Macaronada "Arcadian" slice roasted leg of lamb over bugattini pasta sauteed in butter with myzithre cheese    16.95
Macaronada "Ala Greca" imported bugattini, sauteed in sizzling butter, topped with choice ground beef in plum tomato sauce with herbs and plenty of myzithra cheese    13.95
Macaronada "Mediterranean" spaghetti with our special "saltza" of plum tomatoes, herbs, shallots, fresh basil, olive oil and a hint of garlic    12.25
Macaronada "Orphanie" imported bugattini, cooked to order, sauteed in butter with myzithra cheese    10.95

From Our Broiler

Souvlaki Kebob pork tenderloin, marinated in olive oil and herbs, broiled on a skewer with wedges of onions, tomatoes and peppers served with rice pilaf    14.95
Kotopoulo Kebob skinless chicken breast on a skewer with wedges of onions, tomatoes and green peppers, served with rice pilaf    14.95
Kotopoulo Fileto broiled chicken breast filet. served with roasted vegetables and rice    12.95
Kotopoulo Sta Karvouna grecian style broiled half chicken, basted with virgin olive oil, lemon sauce and oregano. served with roasted vegetables    15.75
Brizoles Hirines two center cut pork chops, char-broiled served with whipped potato and vegetable    17.95
Merakli Meze traditional thin cut lamb loin chops broiled to perfection and served with potato riganatti or fries.    21.95
Paidakia two center cut, tender and juicy lamb chops served with potato riganatti and braised vegetables    34.95
Brizola "New York" prime new york steak served with sauteed mushrooms and garlic-whipped potato    28.75
Fileto broiled prime cut beef tenderloin topped with sauteed mushrooms. served with whipped potato    29.95
Fileto Mesoyiako the mediterranean way to eat a filet mignon. our fileto, butterflied and pan-seared in virgin olive oil, served with roasted vegetables and garlic-whipped potatoes    29.95

Fresh Seafood

Tsipoura broiled whole mediterranean sea bream  
Sinagrida broiled whole red snapper  
Lavraki broiled whole mediterranean sea bass  
Solomos Skaras broiled atlantic salmon filet topped with egg-lemon-dill sauce. served with steamed red potato and broccoli    15.95
Lefkopsaro fresh lake superior white fish filet, served with steamed red potato and broccoli    15.25
Salahi broiled or pan-fried skate wing, lemon caper butter, served with garlic-whipped potato and vegetables    17.75
Xifias Souvlaki swordfish kebob on a skewer with wedges of onion, tomatoes and peppers. served with rice    17.95
Htenia seared sea scallops with sauteed fresh spinach and rice in roasted tomato sauce    18.95
Kalamarakia Tiganita pan-fried east coast squid, served with your choice of vegetables    14.95
Marides pan fried smelts, served with your choice of vegetables    12.95
Bakalaos sauteed salted cod fish coated in a "kourkouti" and served with scordalia    16.95
Garides Souvlaki jumbo gulf shrimp kebob, served with roasted vegetables and rice pilaf    17.95

Greek Specialties

Spanakopita spinach cheese pie, savory feta cheese, fresh leaf spinach, eggs and spices in thin, delicate layers of filo dough    12.50
Pastitsio baked macaroni mixed with ground beef and lamb, seasoned with spices and grated cheese, topped with bechamel sauce    12.95
Mousakas layered eggplant, zucchini with ground beef and lamb, seasoned with spices and grated cheese, topped with bechamel sauce    14.95
Mousakas Nestisimos our famous version of meatless mousaka - eggplant, zucchini, potato, grated cheese and herbs, topped with bechamel sauce    14.25
Dolmades seasoned ground beef and lamb mixed with rice, wrapped in grape vine leaves, served with egg-lemon sauce    12.95
Pikilia #1 combination of pastitso, doima, gyros and spanakopita with rice pilaf    15.95
Pikilia #2 combination of pastitsio, spanakopita, roasted leg of lamb and chicken riganatti served with rice pilaf & potato    17.95
Gyros Piato specialty blend of lamb and beef barbequed on a spit, served with tomato, onion, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and pita bread    12.95
Kotopoulo Fournou my father''s favorite! chicken baked to perfection with olive oil, lemon and oregano. served with potato riganatti and roasted vegetables    12.95
Kotopoulo "Alexander" skinless chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, topped with kasseri cheese, served with rice pilaf    15.50
Moshari Tashkebob lean choice beef, simmered in wine tomato sauce, served with rice pilaf    15.95
Arni Kokkinisto braised domestic lamb served with your choice of either cooked vegetables, rice or potato    15.95
Arni Psito slices of prime roasted leg of lamb in natural au jus. served with potato riganatti and braised green beans    16.95
Neframia oven roasted loin of lamb, served with potato riganatti and braised green beans    17.95


Baklavas layers of fillo dough with walnuts, cinnamon and honey. a greek traditional.    4.50
Galaktoboureko lemon custard in fillo dough with light honey syrup. the longest greek word.    4.25
Rizogalo rice pudding with creamy sweet flavor sprinkled with cinnamon. a great afternoon delight.    3.75
Crema Caramele thick, smooth custard with grand marnier, caramelized better than...    5.25
Yiaourti Me Meli homemade thick yogurt topped with honey and nuts. very nutritious!    5.50
Milopita cinnamon-apple and roasted almond pie in kataif.    5.95
Milopita dough with light honey syrup with cinnamon ice cream    6.95
Socolatina chocolate mousse cake in layers. the favorite in any greek bakery.    5.95
Kombosta Me Yiaourti mixed apricots, peaches, dates, figs and pears in an orange-brown sugar syrup served with yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.    6.50
Pagota ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, spumoni    4.25
Pagota vanilla with sour cherries    4.95
Frouta carefully selected fresh fruit  


Saganaki imported graviera cheese, flamed; opaa!!    5.75
Avgolemono traditional egg-lemon, chicken and rice soup    3.50
Kolokithakia pan-fried zucchini    6.75
Spanakopita spinach-feta cheese pie, leeks, herbs, layered within flaky fillo dough    7.50
Gyros spit-flamed beef and lamb, fresh parsleyed onions, tzatziki dip    6.75
Loukaneko greek sausage, spiced with a hint of orange zest    7.25
Kalamarakia lightly breaded, pan-fried east coast aquid    8.25
Oktapodaki Skaras marinated char-grilled octopus, red cabbage slaw    11.75
Dolmathakia Yialatzi grape vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, homemade greek yogurt    6.25
Pantzaria oven-baked marinated red beets, wild beet greens    6.25
Tzatziki creamy, yogurt-cucumber spread    5.75
Taramosalata spread of emulsified fish roe, virgin olive oil, lemon juice    5.75
Tirokafteri spicy feta and manouri cheese spread, roasted florina peppers, virgin olive oil    6.25
Fava Santorinis fava bean and split pea puree, roaster red peppers    5.75
Hummus classic mediterranean garbanzo bean spread, pita bread    6.50


Elliniki Salata classic greek salad, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, green peppers, feta cheese, olive oil herb dressing    5.25
Horiatiki Salata greek village salad of vine tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olives,peppers, anchovy, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, green peppers, feta chesse, olive oil herb dressing    5.75
Marouli Salata chopped romaine lettuce, fresh spring onion, dill, feta, olive oil herb dressing    5.25
Alexander Salata mixed lettuce, creamy garlic dressing, feta, anchovy    5.25
Roka Salata baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, roasted florina peppers, parmesan, lemon-zent vinaigrette    6.25
Spanaki Salata spinach leaf, florina peppers, goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette dressing    6.25
Kotosalata our elliniki salata with grilled chicken breast    9.75
Gyros Salata our elliniki salata topped with spit-fired gyros, tzatziki    9.25
Mesoyiaki Salata our elliniki salata topped with meat or vegetarian-stuffed grape leaves    9.75
Rib-Eye Roka Salata our roka salata topped with thin-ct char grilled rib-eye steak    11.75
Solomos Salata our spanaki salata topped with smoked norwegian salmon    11.75

Sandwiches & Pita Wraps

Gyros Pita Wrap seasoned gyros, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, parsley, tzatziki    8.25
Grilled Chicken Pita Wrap grilled chicken breast, lettuce, roasted red peppers, tzaziki    8.75
Steak Romeo char-grilled rib-eye, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cilantro-mayonnaise    9.75
Lamb Mediterraneo sliced roasted leg of lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mint, goat cheese, horseradish-mustard mayonnaise    9.75
Al Forno Veggie roasted seasonal vegetables, smoked provolone, goat cheese, herb aioli    7.75
Falafel Pita Wrap chick-pea patties, tabbouleh, hummus spread    7.75
Beefteki Burger lean ground beef and lamb patty, feta, tomatoes, fresh mint, caramelized onion, on toasted focaccia    8.25
Sole Filet Pita Wrap crispy pan-fried sole filet, lettuce, tomato, caper remoulade    8.75
Pastarmas Pita Wrap thinly-sliced beef pastrami, tabbouleh    9.25
Pita Souvlaki char-grilled port brochette on pita, tomatoes, fresh onions, tzatziki    7.75


Gyros Piato a heaping pile of our spit-flamed gyros, tomato, onion, feta, pita, server with side of rice pilaf or fries    11.25
Pastitsio oven-baked thick bucatini pasta, mixed with seasoned ground beef, topped with bechamel sauce    10.75
Mousakas layered eggplant, zucchini, ground beef and lamb, bechamel sauce    11.25
Veggie Mousakas our meatless version; with eggplant, zucchini, potato, grated myzithra cheese, herbs, bechamel sauce    11.25
Dolmades seasoned ground beef and lamb, rice and herbs wrapped in a grape wive leaves, lemon-piquant sauce    9.75
Yemista baked red peppers stuffed with seasoned ground beef and rice    9.75
Koto Fournou oven-baked half chicken seasoned with olive oil, lemon, oregano, served with potato riganatti and roasted vegetables    11.25
Koto "Alexander" chicken breast filet stuffed with spinach and feta, topped with kasseri cheese; rice pilaf    13.25
Arni Kokkinisto tomato-braised lamb shank, braised green beans and potato rigganati    13.75
Arni Psito sliced, roasted leg of lamb, braised green beans and potato rigganati    14.75
Merakli Meze thin-cut, char grilled lamb loin chops: fries    19.75
Plevrakia roasted baby lamb riblets, finished on the grill with lemon juice aus jus; with potato riganatti and braised green beans    11.75
Solomos Skaras broiled atlantic salmon filet, egg-lemon dill sauce; steamed red potato and broccoli    15.75
Lefkopsaro broiled lake superior white fish filet, served with steamed with red potato and broccoli    13.25
Yuvetsaki succulent morsels of beef, slow braised with plum tomato, olive oil, wine and herbs, then oven-baked in a clay pot with imported greek orzo pasta, and myzithra cheese    13.75
Garides Aegean imported greek spaghetti, sauteed shrimp, basil-garlic-feta marinara    15.75
Hilopita "Agrotiki" imported hilopita pasta, artichokes, mushrooms, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes, greek yogurt-fennel sauce    12.75
Macaronada Horiatiki imported greek spaghetti, topped with choice braised beef, plum tomato sauce    13.75
Psari Imeras ask your server about our fresh fish selection of the day  


Chicken Kebob     13.75
Pork Loin Kebob     12.75
Shrimp Kebob     15.75
Swordfish Kebob     15.75


Potato Riganatti     3.25
Rise Pilaf     3.25
Braised Green Beans     4.25
Pita     0.95


Baklava layers of fillo dough, walnuts, cinnamon, honey    4.75
Galaktoboureko lemon custard, fillo, honey syrup    4.75
Rizogalo creamy traditional vanilla rice pudding, cinnamon    3.75
Crema Caramele thick smooth custard, caramelized grand marnier    4.75
Socolatina chocolate mousse cake, raspberry curant    6.25
Pagota ice cream; vanilla chocolate, or cinnamon    4.75

Combo Lunch Packages

The "Delphian" (Vegetarian) starters: hummus, veggie-stuffed dolmathes, greek salad; main course: combo plate of spanakopita, veggie mousaka, falafel; dessert: greek yogurt    16.95
The "Athenian" starters: saganaki, fava santorinis, greek salad; main course: combo plate of pastitsio, mousaka, dolma, and spanakopita; dessert: baklava    18.95
The "Spartan" starters: saganaki, tzatziki, greek salad; main course: combo plate of roasted leg of lamb, spinach pie, pastitsio, and baked chicken riganatti; dessert: baklava    20.95


Starters. Choose Three The Items Below Have An Additional $2 Charge Per Person: Kokokythakia, Kalamarakia, Loukaneko, Shrimp Mikrolinano, Oktapodaki

Avgolemono Soup   


Alexander's Salad   

Kyrio Piato

Main Course. Choose Three The Items Below Carry An Additional $3 Charge Per Person: Arni Psito, Yuvetsaki, Kotopoulo Kebob, Souvlaki Shishkebob, Kotopoulo Alexander, Garides Aegean, Xifias Souvlaki, Solomos Skaras

Veg Mousaka   
Kotopoulo Fournou   
Kotopoulo Fileto   
Hilopita "Agrotiki"   
Macardonada Orphanie   


Creme Caramele   
Pagota ice cream  


130 S Halsted St
Btwn W Monroe & Adams St
(312) 226-3377
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