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Moe's Cantina River North

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  • Mexican, Tapas
  • 155 W Kinzie St, Chicago 60654 41.88761 -87.63509
  • (At N La Salle Dr)
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  • (312) 245-2000
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Imported flour torillas from Mexico, Our Authentic, Homemade, Artisan Tortillas are Exclusively Imported for Moe's Cantina Wheat Tortillas are the foundation of traditional Northern Mexican Cuisine.We have spent countless hours choosing a tortilla that will best pair with our dishes. We proudly serve tortillas imported from Northern Mexico's Sabinas Hidalgo Nuevo Leon. Our fresh tortillas are soft, flakey, and charred to perfection for flavor you can see!

Small Plates

Guacamole Made to order, avocado, red onions, serano peppers, salt, cilantro, tomatoes, mangoes, pineapple    10.00
Ceviche Lime-marinated shrimp, octopus and whitefish, diced onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro    14.00
Nachos Tortilla chips, beans, Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole cream sauce Add grilled chicken, carnitas or skirt stea 2 each    10.00
Queso Fundido Melted Chihuahua cheese, warm imported flour tortillas    11.00
Queso de Cabra Baked goat cheese, tomato-basil sauce, garlic crostini    12.00
Quesadillas Imported flour tortillas, Chihuahua cheese    9.00
Flautas de Pollo Rolled & fried chicken-stuffed tortillas, creamy guacamole sauce, tomatillo salsa, sour cream    10.00
Datiles con Tocino Bacon-wrapped dates, balsamic vinaigrette    10.00
Tostadas De Pollo Crispy corn tortillas, chicken marinated with yogurt, ginger, garlic, cilantro, rainbow micro greens and fresh radish    12.00
Tostadas De Pescado Crispy corn tortillas, green and red roasted peppers, Monterrey jack cheese, roasted red pepper sauce, rainbow micro greens and fresh radish    12.00
Tostadas De Tinga Crispy corn tortillas, beans, braised chicken, sweet smoked chipotle sauce, sour cream, queso fresco    12.00
Pachucos Ground beef and mashed potatoes wrapped in fried masa dough and served with serrano salsa    9.00
Elotes Grilled corn, mayo, butter, queso fresco, ground chili pepper, lime    4.00
Mini Sopes Choice of chicken, carnitas, cochinita pibil or vegetable Shredded lettuce, carrots and cilantro-cream dressing    10.00
Spanish Rice     4.00
Beans     4.00

Featured Items

El Cubano Ham, roasted pork, breaded chicken breast, sliced pickles, swiss cheese, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and tomato served with a side of fried sweet plantains    14.00
Ropa Vieja en Tostones Shredded stewed beef, fried tostones, ice berg lettuce, queso fresco and sour cream    12.00
Empanandas Made with imported masa with your choice of picadillo or veggie filling, chimichurri and red cabbage    12.00
Short rib Short rib rack grilled over Mesquite fire, grilled jalapeños and spanish onions, chimichurri habanero salsa and our imported flour tortillas    60.00

Tacos and taquizas

Taquizas Make-your-own tacos, Lettuce, tomatoes, limes, sour cream, salsa, Chihuahua cheese, corn or imported flour tortillas   Carne Asada 16.00 Carnitas 14.00 Cochinita Pibil 14.00 Pollo 14.00
Tacos al Pastor Mesquite-grilled pork tenderloin with three-chile spice rub marinade, grilled vegetables, cilantro, onions, salsa taquera, corn or imported flour tortillas    14.00
Sopa de Fideo Noodles, roasted potatoes, pinto beans, fresh tomatoes, black pepper, cumin and fresh garlic    6.00

Traditional Plates

Parrillada de Carnes Tabletop grill (Serves Four) Rib-eye steak, short ribs, skirt steak, bone-in chicken, mixed vegetables, pineapple, Spanish rice, beans, corn tortillas    55.00
Bistec a la Tampiquena Grilled 6 oz. skirt steak, six oven-roasted enchiladas Spanish rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa    22.00
Enchiladas Oven-roasted enchiladas, tomatillo salsa, Chihuahua cheese, side of Spanish rice and beans. Choose one: Chicken, Carnitas, Grilled vegetables   Lunch 11.00 Dinner 15.00
Halibut en Hoja de Platano Grilled banana leaf-wrapped halibut, chipotle sauce, fried plantains    18.00
Fajitas de Arrachera Skirt steak, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, sour cream, avocado , corn or imported flour tortillas    18.00
Fajitas de Pollo Chicken, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, sour cream, avocado , corn or imported flour tortillas    18.00
Paella Shrimp, clams, mussels, Andouille sausage, chicken breast, rice, saffron broth   Serves Two 20.00

All-you-can-eat taco Tuesday 22

Tacos Al Carbon Chopped sirloin steak, yellow onions, cilantro, salsa tostada, imported flour tortillas from Mexico    14.00
De Carne Asada Marinated skirt steak, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, Chihuahua cheese, scallions, lettuce, queso fresco, corn tortillas    14.00
De Pollo Garlic chicken, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, chipotle cream, corn tortillas    11.00
De Tinga Braised chicken, sweet smoked chipotle sauce, refried beans, lettuce, queso fresco, housemade sour cream, corn tortillas    11.00
De Carnitas con Cactus Braised pork, cactus slaw with red onions, tomatoes, radish, cured peppers and cilantro, corn tortillas    11.00
Goat cheese and Rajas Goat cheese, poblano peppers, Chihuahua cheese, corn tortillas    11.00
De Vegetales Zucchini, yellow squash, red onions, mixed bell peppers, corn, spinach, corn tortillas    9.00
De Atun Black peppercorn & sesame seed-crusted ahi tuna, spicy plum-wasabi sauce, lettuce, red peppers, imported flour tortillas from Mexico    15.00
De Salmón Pan-seared salmon, raspberries, mango, macadamia nuts, spicy Asian ranch, imported flour tortillas from Mexico    13.00
De Pescado Pan-seared tilapia, mango salsa, jalapeno slaw, cilantro, lime, imported flour tortillas from Mexico    12.00
De Camaron Sautéed shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, mango, red bell peppers, imported flour tortillas from Mexico    14.00
Tacos De Langosta Grilled lobster tail, creamy sriracha ranch, jalapeno slaw, imported flour tortillas from Mexico (two tacos per serving)    14.00

Mesquite-Grilled Skewers

Carne asada Seasoned skirt steak    12.00
Camarones Diablo Jumbo shrimp, chipotle sauce    11.00
Camarones Con Tocino Jumbo shrimp, bacon, fresh basil    12.00
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo Garlic & olive oil-glazed jumbo shrimp, jalapenos    11.00
Camarones de Cantina Camarones de Cantina    11.00
Pollo asado Garlic-rubbed chicken breast    11.00
Pollo Bravo Chicken breast, bacon, jalapenos    12.00
Pollo Pimiento Six-pepper-rubbed chicken breast    11.00
Salchicha de Bufalo Spicy buffalo sausage, chimichurri sauce    12.00
Salchicha de Jabali Wild boar sausage, chimichurri sauce    12.00
Vegetales Tomatoes, corn, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, mixed bell peppers, yellow squash    8.00
Langosta Lobster tail, lime, melted butter    14.00


Grilled Romaine Grilled romaine, olive oil , queso fresco, Caesar dressing    10.00
Ensalada Taco con Camarones Romaine, iceberg, corn, roasted poblano peppers, queso fresco, avocado, diced tomatoes, marinated-shrimp, crispy flour taco shell, cilantro-ranch    12.00
Cobb con Pollo Grilled chicken breast, romaine, iceberg, pinto beans, corn, queso fresco, hard-boiled eggs, diced tomatoes, chipotle-Caesar, chipotle-ranch or balsamic vinaigerette    12.00
Jardin Romaine, iceberg, corn, diced tomatoes, queso fresco, green olives, beans, green apples, diced jalapenos    10.00


Brunch Menu

Breakfast Burritos

burritos are wrapped in 10-inch flour tortillas. served with sour cream, tomatillo salsa and mexican potatoes (onions, jalapenos, tomatoes)

Chorizo mexican sausage, scrambled eggs, chihuahua cheese, jalapenos, avocado    9.00
Fajitas grilled chicken breast or grilled skirt steak, scrambled eggs, onions, tomatoes, chihuahua cheese, red and green peppers    9.00
Cochinita Pibil mayan-style pit pork, poblano peppers, spanish rice, black beans, scrambled eggs, chihuahua cheese    9.00
Carnitas oven-roasted pork, onions, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, chihuahua cheese    9.00
Vegetales Y Queso scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions, poblano peppers, chihuahua cheese, green and red peppers    9.00

Signature Dishes

Huevos Rancheros crispy corn tortillas, two poached eggs, salsa roja, green onions, mexican potatoes (onions, jalapenos, tomatoes), sour cream    9.00
Chilaquiles crispy tortilla strips, diced onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, scrambled eggs, chihuahua cheese, sour cream, tomatillo salsa    9.00
Chorizo Scramble mexican sausage and scrambled eggs over mexican potatoes (onions, jalapenos, tomatoes) in a cast iron skillet. served with corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa and sour cream    12.00


two eggs any-style served in a cast iron skillet over mexican potatoes (onions, jalapenos, tomatoes) side of corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa and sour cream

Cochinita Pibil mayan-style pit pork, poblano peppers, chihuahua cheese    10.00
Carnitas oven-roasted pork, onions, tomatoes, chihuahua cheese    10.00
Vegetales Y Queso roasted zucchini, onions, mixed bell peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash, spinach, corn, tomatoes, chihuahua cheese    10.00
Pollo grilled chicken breast, onions, chihuahua cheese, red and green peppers    10.00
Arrachera Skillet grilled skirt steak, onions, chihuahua cheese, red and green peppers    12.00


Michelada     7.00
Bloody Mary     9.00
Mimosa     9.00


Mexican Hot Chocolate     4.00
Café Con Leche     3.00
American Coffee     3.00


Lunch Menu


Moe’s Tacos four corn tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, chihuahua cheese. side of spanish rice & beans. choose one: carne asada, carnitas, cochinita pibil, chicken, chicken with tomatillo salsa  
Enchiladas six oven-roasted enchiladas, tomatillo sauce, chihuahua cheese side of spanish rice & beans. choose one: chicken, carnitas, grilled vegetables  
Mini Sopes four crispy corn masa boats, shredded lettuce & carrots, cilantro-cream sauce side of spanish rice & beans. choose one: chicken, carnitas, cochinita pibil, grilled vegetables  
Flautas De Pollo six rolled & fried chicken-stuffed tortillas, creamy guacamole sauce, tomatillo salsa, sour cream side of spanish rice & beans  
Mexican Sliders three sliders on mini bolillos side of spanish rice & beans. choose one: grilled skirt steak, chipotle steak sauce, grilled chicken, chipotle mayo, tilapia, jalapeno slaw  
Tacos De Pescado corn tortillas, grilled tilapia, jalapeno slaw, mango salsa side of spanish rice & beans  
Chicken Chipotle-caesar Salad chopped romaine, grilled chicken breast, diced tomatoes, chipotle-caesar dressing  


Drink Menu

Wines - Rojo

Mark West Pinot Noir sonoma county, california    9.00  36.00
Rivarey Tempranillo rioja region, spain    8.00  32.00
Pedroncelli Winery “friends Red” sonoma county, california    9.00  36.00
Casa De Campo Malbec mendoza region, argentina    8.00  32.00
Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon central coast, california    12.00  48.00
Colores Del Sol Malbec mendoza region, argentina    10.00  40.00

Wines - Blanco

Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling columbia valley, washington    8.00  32.00
Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc central coast, california    11.00  44.00
Alamos Torrontes salta region, argentina    9.00  36.00
Riff Pinot Grigio trentino-alto adige, italy    10.00  40.00
Hess Select Chardonnay monterey, california    9.00  36.00
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc huapai, auckland, new zealand    12.00  48.00

Bottled Beers - Domestic

Bud Light     5.00
Budweiser     5.00
Coors Light     5.00
O’doul’s     5.00

Bottled Beers - Microbrew

Blue Moon     6.00
Goose Island 312     6.00

Bottled Beers - Import

Amstel Light     6.00
Dos Equis     6.00
Heineken     6.00
Heineken Light     6.00
Negro Modelo     6.00
Sol     6.00
Stella Artois     6.00
Tecate     6.00
Victoria     6.00

Tequila - Blanco

Avion     10.00
Casa Noble     11.00
Corzo     11.00
Don Julio     10.00
Espolón     9.00
Gran Patron Platinum     32.00
Patron     10.00
Sauza Cien Anos     9.00

Tequila - Reposado

Avion     11.00
Cazadores     11.00
Don Julio     12.00
Espolón     10.00
Herradura     12.00
Patron     11.00

Tequila - Añejo

Don Julio 1942     26.00
Maestro Dobel Diamond     15.00
Patron     12.00
Sauza Tres Generaciones     14.00

Specialty Cocktails

moe’s handcrafted cocktails are prepared with freshly-squeezed juices, housemade spice blends, premium produce and made-from-scratch mixers

Moe’s Margarita sauza cien años reposado, triple sec, sweet and sour, salted rim    9.00
Moe’s Premium Margarita patron silver, grand marnier, sweet and sour, salted rim    11.00
La Pomegranate Margarita espolón reposado, pomegranate juice, sweet and sour    12.00
Paloma cazadores reposado, squirt, lime juice, salted rim    11.00
Sage Dragon 4 rebels dragonfruit vodka, agave syrup, lime juice, cranberry juice, raspberries, sage    11.00
Moe’s Mojito bacardi limón, bacardi silver, simple syrup, mint leaves, lime juice, soda float    9.00
Golden Apple captain morgan spiced rum, lime juice, habanero- infused syrup, housemade apple cider, chili pepper-spiced apple pearls    10.00
Dragonfruit Vojito 4 rebels dragonfruit vodka, strawberries, mint leaves, simple syrup, lime juice, soda float    10.00
Holy Water patron silver, agave nectar, lime juice, black lava sea salt rim    10.00
El Pepino avion silver, cucumber, agave nectar, chili-infused simple syrup, lime juice, sweet-and-salty peppercorn rim    10.00
Jarrito Cantina patron silver, muddled grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime, ruby red grapefruit juice, squirt, dash of el yucateco habanero salsa, ground chili pepper rim    12.00
La Fresa patron silver, sweet and sour, st.-germain elderflower liqueur, muddled strawberries    11.00
El Sueno pineapple-infused 4 rebels premium vodka, coconut cream, roasted coconut water, lime juice, toasted coconut flake rim    10.00
La Guava Brava corzo blanco, guava puree, lime juice, agave syrup, squirt, habanero-infused syrup, strawberry garnish, dry hibiscus tea-sugar rim    12.00
Tradicional Chelada cerveza, lime juice, salted rim    6.00
Michelada cerveza, michelada mix, lime juice, ground chili pepper-salt rim    7.00
Passion Fruit Sangria lunazal reposado, habanero-infused syrup, passion fruit puree, pinot grigio, ground chili pepper rim, jalapeno chili pepper-lunazal reposado “boat”    10.00
Red Or White Sangria     8.00


River North Gameday Menu


Guacamole hand-mashed avocado, red onions, jalapenos, salt, cilantro, lime juice, tortilla chips    9.00
Chicken Wings diablo (medium-hot), cantina (sweet), mango bbq (sweet-and-sour), banana habanero (hot)    7.00
Piernas De Pollo four cajun-rubbed, french-cut drumsticks, cantina sauce    9.00
Seven Pepper-rubbed St. Louis-style Ribs diablo (medium-hot), cantina (sweet), mango bbq (sweet-and-sour), banana habanero (hot)    11.00
Nachos tortilla chips, pinto beans, chihuahua cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, fresh sliced jalapenos, guacamole cream sauce    9.00 Add Carnitas, Grilled Chicken Or Grilled Skirt Steak (each) 2.00
Quesadillas four flour tortillas, chihuahua cheese    8.00 Add Mushrooms, Onions Or Poblano Peppers (each) 0.50 Add Grilled Chicken Or Grilled Skirt Steak (each) 2.00
Papas Fritas fries, chipotle-ranch dipping sauce    4.00

Mexican Sliders

all served on mini bolillos

Grilled Skirt Steak, Chipotle Steak Sauce     4.00
Skirt-steak Milanesa, Chipotle Steak Sauce     4.00
Grilled Chicken, Chipotle Mayo     4.00
Carnitas, Jalapeno Slaw     4.00
Tilapia, Jalapeno Slaw     4.00
Cochinita Pibil (mayan-style Pit Pork), Jalapeno Slaw     4.00

Taco Platters

lettuce, tomatoes, key limes, sour cream, salsa, chihuahua cheese, corn tortillas

Carne Asada    1 Lb. 26.00 2 Lbs. 46.00 3 Lbs. 68.00
Carnitas    1 Lb. 26.00 2 Lbs. 46.00 3 Lbs. 68.00
Cochinita Pibil    1 Lb. 26.00 2 Lbs. 46.00 3 Lbs. 68.00
Pollo    1 Lb. 26.00 2 Lbs. 46.00 3 Lbs. 68.00


Bloody Marys     5.00
Mimosas     5.00
Micheladas     7.00
750ml Bottles Of 4 Rebels Premium Or Dragonfruit Vodka     150.00


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Moe's Cantina River North
155 W Kinzie St
At N La Salle Dr
(312) 245-2000
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