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  • 3233 N Broadway St, Chicago 60657 41.941102 -87.644409
  • (At W Melrose St)
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  • (773) 945-6959
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Served All Day.

Eggs, Toast & Potatoes three extra large farm fresh grade aa eggs. any style, served with your choice of toast. on any entree, substitute egg whites. no additional charge.    7.25
Eggs, Toast & Potatoes each additional egg add    2.00
Bacon     8.75
Links     8.75
Patties     8.75
Chicken Sausage     9.25
Ham     9.45
Corned Beef Hash     9.45
Canadian Bacon     9.45
Chorizo     8.95


Skirt Steak & Eggs certified aged black angus skirt steak. served with three grade aa eggs, prepared to your liking. with fresh hash brown potatoes and choice of toast.    18.95

Fluffy Omelettes

Skillet Made, Three Egg Omelettes Served With Your Choice Of Two Of The Following: Hash Browns, Toast, Sliced Tomatoes, Or Fresh Fruit.

California Omelette avocado, sauteed mushrooms, scallions, tomatoes and a touch of garlic, topped with swiss.    9.95
Santa Fe Omelette chorizo, tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, cilantro, tortilla chips, and topped with sour cream.    8.95
Santa Fe Omelette with cheese add    1.00
Nova Lox Omelette smoked salmon lox, capers, green onions, tomatoes and dill.    10.95
Mediterranean Omelette mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, onions.    8.95
Mediterranean Omelette with cheese add    1.00
Meat & Cheese bacon and ham or sausage with cheddar, swiss or american.    9.45
Chicken Omelette chicken, bacon, avocado, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and topped with jack.    9.95
Spinach & Feta baby spinach and imported feta.    9.45
Cheese Omelette cheddar, american and swiss.    7.95


Select Ingredients Combined With Three Eggs And Served With Your Choice Of Toast.

Denver Scrambler diced smoked ham, mushrooms and cheddar.    7.95
Veggie Scrambler fresh onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and cheddar.    7.95
Ham & Cheese Scrambler     8.95
Chicken Sausage Scrambler all natural chicken sausage, onions, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and mozzarella.    10.95
Green Eggs Scrambler basil, pesto, spinach, scallions and smoked ham.    9.95
Huevos Calientes Scrambler chorizo, jalapenos, onions and cilantro.    10.65


Sandwiches Served With Hash Browns On Your Choice Of Toast Or Croissant.

Ham egg, ham and american.    7.95
Feta egg, tomato and feta.    8.45
Healthy Start spinach, onions, tomatoes, part-skim mozzarella and egg whites on whole wheat bread. served with fresh fruit.    9.95


A Selection Of Crepes To Suit Any Taste, Topped With Whipped Cream.

Cinnamon Apple warm granny smith apples rolled in a crepe. garnished with cinnamon sugar.    8.95
Blueberry fresh blueberries with sour cream, topped with blueberry compote.    9.45
Banana bananas topped with carmel sauce.    8.95
Fresh Berry a mix of fresh strawberries.    8.95


Skillet Ingredients Served On A Bed Of Hash Browns With Three Grade AA Fresh Eggs, Prepared To Your Liking And Served With Toast.

Steak Skillet grilled black angus skirt steak, mushrooms, onions and peppers topped with cheddar.    12.95
Veggie Skillet spinach, mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes. topped with monterey.    8.95
Corned Beef Hash Skillet our chef's freshly prepared corned beef hash, grilled and topped with baby swiss.    8.95
Meat Lovers Skillet bacon, sausage, ham, onions, peppers and tomatoes topped with cheddar.    8.95
Hobo Skillet eggs topped with melted cheddar.    7.45
Gypsy Skillet ham, onions, and mushrooms topped with melted cheddar.    7.95
Fajita Skillet chorizo, jalapenos and onions topped with cheddar.    8.95
Southwestern Skillet chorizo, jalapenos, onions, red and green bell peppers and tomatoes topped with cheddar. served with homemade salsa.    9.95


Served With Our Whipped Honey Butter, Maple Syrup And Dusted With Powdered Sugar.

Plain     7.95
Apple Cinnamon topped with warm granny smith apple compote flavored with cinnamon.    8.45
Strawberry piled high with fresh strawberries.    8.95
Blueberry served with warm blueberry compote.    8.95
Buckwheat     8.25
Pecan Waffle     8.95


Served With Our Whipped Honey Butter, Maple Syrup And Dusted With Powdered Sugar.

Buttermilk the classic traditional, made from scratch.    7.75
All-Natural Pancakes apple or blueberry or strawberry.    9.25
Buckwheat     7.95
Lemon Blueberry citrus infused pancakes laced with fresh blueberries.    8.95
Banana Nut Pancake ripe banana slices mixed in the batter, topped with pecans and drizzled with pecans..    8.95
Chocolate Morsel chocolate morsels baked right in topped with whipped cream.    7.95
2 x 2 2 buttermilk pancakes and 2 eggs any style.    8.45

French Toast

Honey Sweetened Challah Bread Dipped In A Vanilla Bean Custard. Served With Our Whipped Honey Butter, Maple Syrup And Dusted With Powdered Sugar.

Melrose brioche in our rich egg batter.    7.95
Traditional plain and simple.    7.75
Crunchy coated with cornflakes.    8.95
Coconut coconut coated, sliced bananas and vanilla sauce.    9.95
Mixed Berry strawberries and bananas top our challah french toast with a drizzle of vanilla bean custard.    8.95

Health Habits

Egg White Scrambler broccoli, zucchini, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and spinach.    8.45
Yogurt & Honey strained greek yogurt with honey.    5.95
Fruit Parfait fresh strawberries and blueberries. served with low fat yogurt and whole grain granola. garnished with whipped cream.    5.95
Granola cereal. oven baked granola containing whole grain. served with milk and bananas.    5.95
Oatmeal served with bananas, brown sugar and milk on the side.    4.95


All Benedicts Are Served With Our Own Homemade Hollandaise Sauce And Fresh Hash Brown Potatoes Or Fruit.

Classic two poached eggs layered with center cut canadian bacon and hollandaise.    9.95
Vegetarian portobello mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.    9.75
Florentine no ham. sauteed spinach, tomatoes, two poached eggs and hollandaise.    9.95
Pork Chop center cut boneless pork chop on an english muffin with grilled tomatoes, two poached eggs and hollandaise.    10.95
Beef Tenderloin a toasted english muffin with beef tenderloin. two poached eggs and hollandaise.    11.95
Potato Pancake homemade potato pancakes. bacon, two poached eggs and hollandaise.    9.95


Bacon Strips    (4) 3.95
Vermont Maple Cured Ham     3.95
Sausage Links Or Patties     3.95
Corned Beef Hash     4.75
Canadian Bacon     4.75
Apple Chicken Sausage     4.25
Spicy Chorizo Sausage     3.75
Hash Browns     2.25
English Muffin   
Bagel toasted bagel served with honey butter and marmalades.    2.95
Bagel with cream cheese.    2.96
Toast your choice of white, whole wheat, or rye.    2.45

For Starters

Homemade Soup made from scratch.   cup 2.50 bowl 4.65
Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese.    7.50
Onion Rings homemade fresh, sweet and delicious.    6.95
Classic Caesar Salad romaine, croutons & parmesan cheese.   sm 4.95 lg 9.95
Chicken Fingers with tangy honey mustard dip.    8.50
Mozzarella Sticks     7.50
Soup, Salad And Bread     8.50
Crisp Green Dinner Salad     4.75
Hummus spread made of blended chickpeas, sesame seeds, lemon juice, and garlic. served with pita bread.    5.95
Southwestern Homemade Chile with shredded cheese and raw onions.    4.75
Nachos tortilla chips smothered in cheddar cheese, onions, and diced tomatoes. served with sour cream and guacamole.    8.50
Nachos with chili, chicken or beef.    9.50
Guacamole, Chips & Salsa     4.95
Appetizer Sampler peppers, onions, rings, mozzarella sticks.    7.50
Chili southwestern homemade chili with shredded cheese and raw onions.    4.95

Super Salads

Peppercorn Steak Caesar Salad     12.95
Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad with fresh california romaine mixed with our own caesar dressing. croutons and parmesan cheese.    12.95
Mesclun Greens baby spring greens, bleu cheese, granny smith apples, and roasted walnuts, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.    10.95
Mesclun Greens with chicken breast.    12.95
Mesclun Greens with portabella mushrooms.    12.45
Julienne Salad slices of turkey, ham and cheese layered over crisp salad greens with tomato wedges, sliced egg and vegetables. served with your choice of dressing.    10.95
Greek Salad lettuce, tomato wedges, green peppers, egg, feta cheese, kalamata olives, anchovies, cucumbers and our own special oregano dressing.    10.75
Curry Chicken Salad chicken with pieces of raw cashew and grapes. served with fresh fruit and banana bread.    9.95
Grande Taco Salad flour tortilla shell layered with lettuce, seasoned beef, diced tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, tots of cheddar cheese and salsa on the side.    10.95
Grande Taco Salad with chicken.    11.95
Baby Spinach Salad with red onions, pecans, crumbled feta cheese, bacon, dried cherries and a raspberry vinaigrette.    9.95
Stuffed Tomato one whole tomato stuffed with albacore white tuna or chicken salad, cottage cheese. cucumbers, celery and scallions.    10.95
Stuffed Tomato stuffed cantaloupe.    10.45
Stuffed Tomato stuffed avocado.    10.95
Cobb Salad spring mix, turkey, eggs, avocado, tomato, onions and bacon.    10.95
Sante Fe Salad chicken, fresh corn, black beans, tortilla strips, cheese, tomato, spring mix and southwest dressing.    10.45


Served With Homemade Cup Of Soup, Steak Fries, Homemade Coleslaw On Request, And A Pickle.

Ham, Turkey & Swiss     9.95
Ham, Turkey & Avocado     10.95
Turkey American fresh baked turkey breast with american cheese    9.45
Roast Beef & Swiss thin slices of beef with swiss cheese and a side of horseradish.    9.75
Vegetarian Croissant grilled croissant with baby spinach, tomato slices, mushrooms, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, cheese and scrambled eggs served with steak fries or fruit cup.    9.45

Super Sandwiches

Served With A Cup Of Homemade Soup, Steak Fries, And A Pickle. Homemade Coleslaw On Request.

Southwestern Chicken tender chicken breast, with bacon, avocado, and cheddar cheese on toasted ciabatta bread.    11.45
Portabella Sandwich with provolone cheese, mixed greens, red onions and tomato on herb focaccia.    10.45
Veggie Wrap roasted veggies, spinach, feta cheese and black beans wrapped in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.    9.95
Reuben Reuben stand-by favorite combo of vienna corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese grilled on rye bread.    10.95
Reuben Reuben turkey reuben.    9.95
Hot Corned Beef On Rye thinly sliced lean vienna corned beef diced high on rye.    9.95
French Dip loads of thinly sliced roast beef served on ciabatta bread with au jus on the side.    10.95
Monte Cristo grilled ham, turkey & swiss cheese on french toast.    10.95
Grouper Fish Sandwich served with tartar sauce.    9.95
Tuna Melt tuna salad served open-faced on an english muffin, topped with tomato and melted american cheese.    10.95
Melrose Special Sandwich 8oz. chicken breast between swiss cheese on grilled rye.    9.95
Chicken Caesar Pita blackened chicken breast grilled with onion, tomato, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing on a pita.   (8oz) 10.45
Blackened Chicken Sandwich tender breast of chicken, cajun style on choice of bread with tomato and spring mix.    9.95
Mediterranean Sandwich spinach, tomato, onion and feta.    9.45
Philadelphia Sandwich thin slices of steak with grilled onion, peppers and mushrooms.    10.95
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich eggplant, tomato, zucchini and provolone.    9.45
Steak Sandwich grilled skirt steak with grilled onions and mushrooms served on ciabatta bread.    11.95

Beef Burgers

All Our Burgers Are Pure Ground Beef, Weigh A Half Pound And Are Served On A Sesame Seed Bun. Includes A Cup Of Homemade Soup. Steak Fries, Coleslaw On Request And A Pickle.

Chili Cheddar Burger smothered with chili and topped with cheddar cheese.    10.50
Sloppy Joe ground beef, onions, tomato sauce and other seasonings, served with cheddar and onions.    9.50
Melrose Burger cooked the way you like it.    9.25
Cheese Your Burger your choice of american, swiss, cheddar, mozzarella or provolone.    10.25
Bacon Cheeseburger topped with bacon, smothered with melted cheese.    10.95
Patty Melt with sauteed onions and topped with american cheese. served on grilled rye bread.    10.25
Acapulco Burger topped with avocado and swiss cheese.    10.95
Bleu Burger topped with real bleu cheese.    10.45
Irving Burger topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, red and green peppers and melted swiss.    10.95
Riviera Burger topped with jumbo onion rings and cheese.    10.45
Farmers Burger with bacon and muenster with one fried egg on top.    10.75
Chipotle BBQ Burger with grilled onions.    9.95
Turkey Burger lean white turkey with avocado on a ciabatta.    10.45
Homemade Veggie Burger 9-veggie, 11-grain plus sprouts and avocado.    10.95

Hot Sandwiches

Served On White Bread With Real Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Country Style Gravy And A Cup Of Soup.

Hot Beef slices of beef with brown gravy.    9.45
Hot Meat Loaf with brown gravy.    9.25
Hot Turkey breast of real turkey with homemade sage dressing and turkey gravy.    9.76
Hot Veal Cutlet with brown gravy.    10.45

Club Sandwiches

Triple Deckers Served With Lettuce And Tomato On Your Choice Of Bread. With A Cup Of Soup, Steak Fries, Homemade Coleslaw On Request And A Pickle.

California Club avocado, tomato, alfalfa sprouts & cheese.    9.95
California Club with chicken breast.    10.95
Turkey And Bacon     9.95
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato     8.95
Ham And Cheese     8.95
Chicken Salad made fresh daily. served on your choice of bread.    8.95
Tuna Salad made fresh daily. served on your choice of bread.    9.65

Plain Sandwiches

Add Cheese $0.50 Extra. Add Fries & Soup $2 Extra.

4-Way Grilled Cheese     5.95
4-Way Grilled Cheese with ham.    6.95
Real Turkey     5.95
Tuna Salad     7.95
Pepper & Egg     5.00
Chicken Salad     6.95
B.L.T.     6.50
B.L.T. with avocado.    7.50
Chicken Salad     7.45
Ham Sandwich     6.50
Roast Beef     6.95
Grilled Cheese     5.95
Grilled Cheese with ham.    6.95


Each Dinner Includes Choice Of Soup Or Salad. (Tossed Or Caesar) Or Cottage Cheese With Peach Or Juice. And Homemade Bread.

Herb Lemon Shrimp Pasta tender succulent shrimp sauteed in olive oil with herbs and lemon then toasted with fresh pasta of your choice.    13.95
Fettuccine Alfredo egg noodles laced with butter, cream, garlic and romano cheese.    11.95
Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken.    13.95
Spaghetti Or Penne Pasta with marinara or meat sauce.    9.95
Spaghetti Or Penne Pasta with meatballs.    11.95
Baked Mostaccioli oven baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese with marinara or meat sauce.    10.45
Chili Mac spaghetti toasted with chili and cheese.    9.95
Pollo Pesto Pasta penne & pesto sauce.    10.95
Penne Pasta with sun-dried tomato, basil and roasted pine nuts.    10.45
Penne Pasta with portabella mushrooms.    12.45
Penne Pasta with grilled chicken.    12.95
Penne Pasta with shrimp.    13.95

Chicken & More

Each Dinner Includes Choice Of Soup Or Salad. Tossed Or Caesar Or Cottage Cheese With Peach Or Juice. Rice Or Pasta And Homemade Bread.

Chicken Piccata served in wine sauce with mushrooms and capers.    13.95
Chicken Breast A La Parmigiana baked in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. served with spaghetti.    12.95
Athenian 1/2 Chicken please add 20 minutes. charcoal broiled with lemon, butter, special herbs and spices.    10.95
Chicken Shish-Ka-Bob skewered and broiled with fresh cut tomato, onion and green pepper. served with rice.    10.95
Chicken Pot Pie puff pastry filled with chicken and veggies in turkey gravy and mashed potatoes.    10.95
Roast Tom Turkey real turkey with homemade sage dressing. served with mashed potatoes.    12.95
Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast with baked beans, mushrooms and vegetables.    10.95
Breaded Pork Tenderloin Dinner served with real mashed potatoes, brown gravy and vegetable.    11.95
Veal Cutlet Dinner served with real mashed potatoes. brown gravy and vegetable.    11.95
Stir Fry Vegetables garden fresh vegetables in a teriyaki sauce, served over rice.    9.95
Stir Fry Vegetables with chicken or beef strips or shrimp.    12.95

From The Broiler

Each Dinner Includes Choice Of Soup Or Salad, Tossed Or Caesar, Or Cottage Cheese With Peach Or Juice, Potato And Homemade Bread.

Skirt Steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms.    16.95
Ribeye Steak with onion rings.    17.95
Center Cut Pork Chops broiled or barbequed.   (16oz) 12.95
Beef Liver with onions or bacon.    10.95
Beef Liver for both add.    1.00
London Broil with mushroom sauce.    11.95
Skirt Steak Greek Style with grilled onions and mushrooms. served with small greek salad.    17.95
Steak Diane rib eye with sauteed mushrooms, onions and sherry.   (8oz) 11.95
Chopped Steak chopped steak with mushrooms.   (12oz) 12.95


Each Dinner Includes Choice Of Soup Or Salad, Tossed Or Caesar, Or Cottage Cheese With Peach Or Juice. Rice And Homemade Bread.

Fresh Whitefish fresh jumbo whitefish fillet, pan-broiled.    14.95
Broiled Atlantic Salmon broiled in lemon butter sauce.    15.95
Mediterranean Tilapia with fresh vegetable medley, dill flavored tomato with capers and olives.    14.95
Fried Shrimp     13.95


Strawberry Shortcake     4.95
Ice Cream Brownie     4.95
Old Fashioned Sundae     4.75
Banana Split     4.95
Root Beer Float     3.50
Milk Shake Or Malt     4.95
Single Scoop Of Ice Cream     2.25
Fruit Pie     3.25
Fruit Pie a la mode.    4.50
Assortment Of Cakes    slice 4.50
Cheesecake strawberry, chocolate chip or plain.    4.95
Rice Pudding     2.75
Tapioca Pudding     2.75


Intelligentsia Coffee     2.50
Benjamin Herbal Teas     2.75
Whole Or Skim Milk     2.25
Chocolate Milk     2.50
Fresh Squeezed Juice orange or grapefruit juice.   sm 2.95 lg 3.75
Carrot Juice    sm 2.75 lg 3.95
Mott's Apple Juice    sm 1.95 lg 2.75
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice    sm 1.95 lg 2.50
Tomato Juice    sm 1.95 lg 2.50
Paradise Iced Tea with refills.    1.99
Lemonade     1.89

Soft Drinks $1.99

Includes 1 Refill.

Diet Coke   
Fanta Root Beer   


3233 N Broadway St
At W Melrose St
(773) 945-6959
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