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Itto Sushi

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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 2616 N Halsted St, Chicago IL60614 41.92965 -87.649251
  • (At W Wrightwood Ave)
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  • (773) 871-1800
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Asari Miso Soup clam soup   3.75
Sashimi filet of fresh fish combination   18.00
Maguro Tataki thinly sliced tuna served with ponzu sauce   14.50
Kanisu king crab meat with cucumbers marinated in vinegar   13.00
Takosu sliced octopus with cucumbers marinated in vinegar   11.50
Mixed Sunomono seafood with cucumbers marinated in vinegar   11.50
Ankimo monkfish liver with ponzu sauce   7.75
Nuta shrimp,squid,octopus and tuna in soybean sauce   8.00
Gomaae boiled spinach with sweet sesame seed sauce   5.50
Oshinko japanese pickles   5.00
Tsubugai conch clams with ponzu sauce   6.00
Salad vegetable salad with our special dressing   4.50
Potato Salad homemade potato salad   4.75
Seafood Salad seafood and vegetables with our special dressing   12.00
Avocado Tuna Salad avocado and tuna with our special dressing   12.00
Kaiso Salad seaweed salad (green)   5.00
Tempura battered deep fried shrimps and vegetables   7.00
Tatsuta Age marinated deep fried chicken   5.25
Hirame Baiko Age battered deep fried white fish with plum paste, be   8.25
Wakasagi Karaage fried smelt   5.00
Kawaebi Karaage fried freshwater shrimp   7.50
Soft Shell Crab fried soft shell crab   9.95
Kaki Fry deep fried oyster   7.75
Hotate Isobeyaki grilled scallop   8.75
Kani Motoyaki king crab meat baked with special sauce   8.50
Seafood Motoyaki baked seafood with special sauce   8.50
Asari Butter Yaki butter sauteed clams   8.00
Negi Maki beef and green onions in roll served with teriyaki   9.00
Kushiyaki broiled beef on skewer with teriyaki sauce   9.00
Kushikatsu deep fried pork on skewer   7.25
Yakitori broiled chicken on skewer with teriyaki sauce   5.25
Gyoza homemade dumplings (pork and vegetable)   4.95
Yakko Tofu cold soybean cake   3.95
Yudofu boiled soybean cake and vegetables   6.00
Agedashi Tofu deep fried soybean cake in sauce   6.00
Nameko Tofu agedashi-tofu with little mushrooms   7.25
Ika Shogayaki squid with ginger sauce   5.75
Ika Maruyaki broiled whole squid   8.00
Edamame boiled soybeans   3.50
3 B Rice black rice, brown rice and black soy beans   3.50


Sashimi assortment of sliced raw fish   21.00


Japanese Style Battered, Deep Fried

Shrimp And Vegetables    14.00
Squid And Vegetables    14.00
Assorted Vegetables    11.50
Combination vegetables, fish, squid and shrimp   14.00


Broiled With Teriyaki Sauce

Beef    21.00
Chicken    13.50
Chicken W/ Only White Meat    14.00
Fish - Mackerel    12.00
Fish - Salmon    15.00

Fry $13.50

Breaded And Deep Fried

Pork (Tonkatsu)    


Stir Fried Meat W/ Vegetables In Our Special Sauce

Beef    14.50
Chicken    12.00
Vegetables yasaiitame   12.00

Itto Special Combinations

Seafood cucumber salad/tempura/sashimi/sushi/broiled fish   28.00
Meat cucumber salad/tempura/chicken and beef teriyaki   25.00
Vegetables cucumber salad/gomaae/seaweed/vegetable tempura/ja   20.00
Deluxe - Beef cucumber salad/tempura/kushikatsu/sushi/sashimi/beef teriyaki   31.00
Deluxe - Chicken cucumber salad/tempura/kushikatsu/sushi/sashimi/chicken teriyaki   28.00
Sushi & Sashimi chef's choice   30.00


Wheat Noodles

Yasai assorted vegetables   8.00
Beef thin sliced beef   10.00
Tempura deep fried shrimp and vegetables   9.50
Okame fish cakes and vegetables   8.50
Kitsune cooked fried soybean cake   8.50
Nabeyaki shrimp tempura, chicken, egg and vegetables served in a pot   11.00
Yosenabe mixed seafood and vegetables   14.00


Buckwheat Noodles

Yasai assorted vegetables   8.00
Beef thin sliced beef   10.00
Tempura deep fried shrimp and vegetables   9.50
Okame fish cakes and vegetables   8.50
Zaru cold soba served with dipping sauce   6.50
Ten-Zaru cold soba served with shrimp tempura with dipping sauce   9.50
Salad cold soba with egg and vegetables   9.00

Ramen $11

Shoyu soy sauce based broth   
Miso soy bean paste broth   
Tantan spicy miso and pork based broth   


Served On a Large Bowl of Rice

Ten Don shrimp and vegetable tempura   9.50
Katsu Don breaded pork cutlet and egg cooked in broth   9.50
Una Don fresh water eel with special sauce   14.00
Alaska Don salmon broiled, sashimi and roe   14.50
Tekka Don bowl of vinegared rice topped with sliced tuna   21.00
Curry curry and rice   10.00
Katsu Curry curry and rice, breaded and deep-fried meat with a choice of chicken, pork or sh   13.00


Uni, Ikura, Tobiko, Quail Egg $0.50 Extra

Maguro tuna   3.00
White Tuna albacore   2.75
Escolar super white tuna   2.75
Ebi boiled shrimp   2.50
Hamachi yellowtail   3.00
Shiromi white fish   2.75
Unagi freshwater eel   3.00
Anago sea eel   2.75
Tako octopus   2.75
Ika squid   2.50
Sake smoked salmon   2.75
Namasake fresh salmon   2.75
Saba mackerel   2.75
Tsubugai 2.50 conch clam   2.50
Kani king crab meat   3.25
Tamago egg   1.75
Hotategai scallop   2.75
Hokkigai surf clam   2.50
Mirugai giant clam   4.25
Ama-Ebi raw shrimp   3.50
Uni sea urchin   4.50
Ikura salmon roe   3.00
Tobiko flying fish roe   2.85
Wasabi Tobiko flying fish roe with wasabi   2.85


Ume Sushi seven assorted pieces and one roll kappa-maki   19.00
Take Sushi nine assorted pieces and one roll kappa-maki   23.00
Matsu Sushi ten pieces plus half tekka and half kappa-maki   26.00
Chirashi Sushi vinegared rice topped with assortment of raw fish   19.00
Jo-chirashi Sushi a "deluxe" chirashi sushi with more fish   23.00
Tekka Don bowl of vinegared rice topped with sliced tuna   21.00
Futomaki fried egg, gourd, cucumbers, mushroom, spinach, burdock root   9.50
Inari Sushi fried soybean curd stuffed with vinegar rice   9.00


All Makis Rolled In Rice and Seaweed

Tekka-Maki tuna rolled in rice and seaweed   5.00
Tekkyu-Maki 5   5.00
Tuna Avo-Maki tuna and avocado   5.00
Negimauro-Maki tuna and scallions   5.00
Hot Tuna-Maki tuna with chili sauce   5.00
Spicy Tuna-Maki tuna with spicy mayonnaise and scallions   5.00
Negihama-Maki yellowtail and scallions   5.00
Sake Kyu-Maki salmon and sliced cucumber   4.75
Sakekawa-Maki salmon skin with cucumber rolled in rice and seaweed   4.75
Ebi Kyu-Maki boiled shrimp and sliced cucumber   4.75
Scallop Kyu-Maki scallop with spicy mayonnaise, sliced cucumbers and tobiko   5.75
Una Kyu-Maki freshwater eel and sliced cucumbers   5.00
Ana Kyu-Maki sea eel and sliced cucumbers   5.00
California-Maki king crab meat, avocado and sliced cucumbers   6.00
Kappa-Maki cucumber rolled in rice and seaweed   3.75
Oshinko-Maki japanese pickles rolled in rice and seaweed   3.75
Shiitake-Maki shiitake mushroom rolled in rice and seaweed   3.75
Ume Shiso Kyu-Maki plum paste, beefsteak leaf and sliced cucumbers   3.75
Spicy Asparagus-Maki boiled asparagus with spicy mayonnaise   3.75
Yasai-Maki assorted vegetables   3.75
Natto-Maki fermented soybeans and scallions   3.75
Kanpyo-Maki cooked gourd   3.75
Imoten-Maki sweet potato tempura   4.75
Vegetableten-Maki assorted vegetable tempura   4.75
Tempura-Maki shrimp tempura, avocado and sliced cucumber with mayo and tobiko   6.00
Dragon-Maki spicy tempura-maki with unagi on top   15.50
Hot & Cold-Maki spicy california-maki with tobiko and unagi on top   15.50
Caterpillar-Maki una kyu-maki inside out and avocado on top   15.50
Rainbow-Maki tobiko avocado cucumber-maki inside w/ 7 fish outside   15.50
Texas-Maki shrimp tempura, cucumbers, jalapenos, mayonnaise   6.00
Fashion Roll A tuna, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, mayonnaise   6.50
Fashion Roll B shrimp, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, mayonnaise   6.50
Philly Roll A cream cheese, onion, smoked salmon   5.25
Philly Roll B cream cheese, onion, crab meat   5.25
Spider Roll soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumbers   10.00
Chef's Special Roll surprise!   9.50
Spring Roll shiitake, asparagus, avocado, cucumber rolled w/ soybean sheet   11.00
Summer Roll spicy miso sauce, tuna, asparagus, cucumber w/ seaweed and soybean sheet   11.00
Fall Roll spicy miso sauce, cucumber, super white tuna grilled w/ mushrooms and rice crack   11.00
Winter Roll hot chili sauce, scallop, whitefish, avocado, asparagus rolled & baked   11.00
Itto Sushi
2616 N Halsted St
At W Wrightwood Ave
(773) 871-1800
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