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Hachi's Kitchen

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 2521 N California Ave., Chicago 60647 41.927307 -87.697468
  • (Btwn W Logan Blvd & W Altgeld St)
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  • (773) 756-1851
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Soup and Salad

Miso Soup     2.30
Clear Soup     2.30
Seafood Soup Serving for 2.    13.80
Cucumber Salad With rice vinegar.    6.90
Lettuce Salad With ginger dressing.    8.05
Seaweed Salad     8.05
Sake Kawa Salad Salmon skin salad.    13.80
House Chop Wasabi     3.45
Extra Spicy Mayo     1.15
Extra Eel Sauce     1.15
Extra Ginger     1.15
Extra Dressing     1.15

Cold Appetizers

Cold Appetizers

Goma-Ae Boiled spinach with sesame flavored sauce.    6.90
Edamame Soybean.    5.75
Kani-Su Alaskan red king crab with cucumber, served in vinegar sauce.    21.85
Sunomono Moriwase Moriwase seafood with cucumbers in vinegar sauce.    18.40
Tako Sansai Octopus and mountain veggies marinated with sesame oil. Served mild or spicy.    13.80
Hamachi Jalapeno Belly part of yellowtail and thinly sliced jalapenos, served with light soy.    18.40
Pacific Oyster Shooter Seattle oysters with scallions, fish eggs and our secret house sauce.    11.50
Seared Garlic White Tuna     17.25
Oshinko Assorted pickled veggies.    9.20
Ahi Poke Diced yellowfin tuna mixed with shallots, scallions and spicy sesame oil.    16.10
Toro Tartar Fatty tuna with fresh wasabi and black tobiko.    21.85
Tuna Sashimi Fresh raw fish.    24.15
Yellowtail Sashimi Fresh raw fish.    29.90
Fresh Salmon Sashimi Fresh raw fish.    24.15
White Tuna Sashimi Fresh raw fish.    24.15
Combination Sashimi Fresh raw fish.    29.90
Salmon Gone Wild Thinly sliced fresh salmon belly served with salmon roe and flying fish egg, topped with chopped wasabi.    23.00

Hot Appetizers

Hot Appetizers

Yaki Tori Broiled chicken and veggies on skewers.    8.05
Gyo-Za Homemade pan fried dumplings.    9.20
Pan Fried Scallops With lemon flavored soy.    18.40
Deep Fried Oysters With house sauce.    12.65
Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu served with spicy daikon and scallions in tempura sauce.    9.20
Veggie Tempura     11.50
Shrimp Tempura     13.80
Combination Tempura     13.80
Tuna Masako Tuna mixed with masako roe, wrapped in seaweed, lightly battered and deep fried.    13.80
Dynamite Baked scallops mixed with flying fish egg, avocado, mushroom and mayo.    16.10
Tora Nome Tiger Eyes Salmon wrapped in squid and baked in the oven.    16.10
Soft Shell Crab Deep fried soft shell crab served with vinegar sauce.    11.50
Grilled Black Cod     16.10

Rice and Noodles

Ten-Don Shrimp and veggie tempura served over rice with teriyaki sauce.    13.80
Japanese-Style Fried Rice    Vegetables 11.50 Beef 13.80 Chicken 13.80 Shrimp 16.10 Combination 16.10
Nabe Yaki Udon Noodles Seafood and napa veggies in broth.    17.25
Tempura Udon Noodles Shrimp and veggie tempura in broth.    13.80
Yaki Soba Japanese-style pan fried noodles.   Vegetables 11.50 Beef 13.80 Chicken 13.80 Shrimp 16.10 Combination 16.10


Sukiyaki Sliced beef, bean curd, mushroom, napa, yam noodles and green onion cooked in broth.    20.70
Veggie Tempura Entree     18.40
Shrimp Tempura Entree     25.30
Combination Tempura Entree     25.30
Tuna Sashimi Entree     32.20
Yellow Tail Sashimi Entree     43.70
Fresh Salmon Sashimi Entree     32.20
White Tuna Sashimi Entree     32.20
Combination Sashimi Entree     43.70
Chicken Teriyaki     20.70
Beef Teriyaki     25.30
Salmon Teriyaki     25.30
Sea Bass Teriyaki     27.60
Chirashi Assorted raw fish over sushi rice.    29.90
Tekka-Don Fresh sliced raw tuna over sushi rice.    25.30
Unagi-Don Broiled fresh water eel over rice with eel sauce.    27.60
Nama Sake-Don     25.30
Hamachi-Don Fresh sliced raw yellow tail over sushi rice.    32.20
Sushi Combination with California Maki 8 pieces with California Maki.    29.90
Sushi Combination with Tekka Maki 6 pieces with Tekka Maki.    26.45
Chilean Sea Bass     41.40

Unique Sushi and Maki

Halloween Maki Fresh salmon topped with wasabi and black fish eggs, wrapped around rice and green bean tempura.    16.10
Dragon Maki Fresh water eel ans avocado wrapped around rice, eel, scallions, fish eggs and cream cheese.    16.10
Spicy Creamy Tako Maki Chopped octopus mixed with fish eggs, scallions and spicy sesame mayo.    13.80
Spicy White Tuna Crunch White tuna mixed with flying fish egg, scallions, avocado, spicy sesame oil and tempura crunch.    10.35
Rainbow Maki Tuna, yellow tail, fresh salmon and avocado wrapped around rice and crab stick.    16.10
Volcano Maki Creamy lobster mixed with wasabi and tobiko, topped with maki and spicy tempura crunch.    16.10
Tako Sansai Maki Marinated octopus and mountain veggies served spicy or mild.    13.80
Salmon on Fire Maki     20.70
Hamachi Special Maki     20.70
Escolar Special Maki     18.40
Creamy Scallop Maki     13.80
Soft Shell Crab Special Maki     18.40


Tekka Maki 6 pieces tuna.    9.20
Kappa Maki 6 pieces cucumber.    8.05
California Maki 4 pieces with avocado, crab stick, flying fish egg and cucumber.    8.05
Real King Crab Maki     13.80
Futo Maki 4 pieces with spinach, gourd, crab stick, cucumber, egg and sweet fish powder.    11.50
Crazy Maki 4 pieces with tuna, yellowtail, avocado, crab stick, fish eggs and cucumber.    16.10
Ebi Tempura Maki 4 pieces with shrimp tempura, avocado, mayo, fish eggs and cucumber.    8.05
Sake Kawa Maki 6 pieces with smoked salmon skin and cucumber.    9.20
Unagi Maki 6 pieces with fresh water eel with cucumber.    10.35
Fashion Maki 4 pieces with tuna, shrimp, avocado, mayo, fish eggs and cucumber.    12.65
Soft Shell Crab Maki 4 pieces with soft shell crab, avocado, mayo, fish eggs and cucumber.    11.50
Nama Sake Quri Maki 6 pieces with fresh salmon with cucumber.    9.20
Nama Sake Avocado Maki     9.20
Ebiku Maki 6 pieces with shrimp and cucumber with mayo.    8.05
Negi Hamachi Maki 6 pieces with yellowtail with scallions.    9.20
Vegetable Maki 6 pieces with spinach, cucumber, gourd, pickles and asparagus.    8.05
Spicy Tuna Maki 6 pieces with tuna mixed with scallions and fresh chili sauce. Spicy.    9.20
Bagel Maki 6 pieces with smoked salmon and cream cheese.    8.05

Vegetarian Maki

Kappa Maki     8.05
Avo Maki     8.05
Asparagus Maki     8.05
Vegetable Maki     8.05
Oshinko Maki     8.05
Kampyo Maki     8.05
Sweet Potato Tempura Maki     8.05
Shiitake Mushroom Maki     8.05
Ume Shiso Maki     8.05
Gobo Maki     10.35
Natto Maki     10.00

A La Carte

Maguro Tuna.    3.45
White Tuna Albacore tuna.    3.45
Hamachi Yellow tail.    4.00
Escolar     3.45
Nama Sake Fresh salmon.    3.45
Sake Smoked salmon.    3.45
Sakai Salmon     3.45
Ikura Salmon roe.    4.00
Hirame White Fish.    3.45
Unagi Fresh water eel.    4.00
Katsuo     4.60
Hokigai Surf clam.    3.45
Ebi Shrimp.    2.90
Tobiko Flying fish egg.    3.45
Wasabi Tobiko     3.45
Black Tobiko     3.45
Spicy Tobiko     3.45
Rainbow Tobiko     3.45
Tamago     2.90
Hotategai Scallop.    4.60
Spicy Scallop     4.00
Saba Mackerel.    3.45
Aji     4.60
Suzuki Sea bass.    3.45
Ika Squid     2.90
Lobster     4.60
Tai     4.60
Kani King Crab.    6.90
Uni Sea urchin    9.20
Tako Octopus.    3.45
Kani Uni     11.50
Ama Ebi Sweet Shrimp.    5.20
White Fish Tempura     3.45
Uni Tempura     9.20
Ika Squid.    2.90
Creamy Spicy Octopus     4.00


Chef's Course A selection of each course specially chosen by our chefs.    86.00


Hachi's Kitchen
2521 N California Ave.
Btwn W Logan Blvd & W Altgeld St
(773) 756-1851
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