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Greek Islands

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Greek Islands Cold Plate a wonderful assortment of seafood, cold spreads, olives, peppers and cheese.    9.95
Cold Spread Sampler try our three most popular cold spreads: taramosalata, melitzanosalata, and tirokafteri.    6.95
Taramosalata considered greek caviar, this is a blend of cod roe with potatoes, onions, & olive oil    4.50  5.95
Melitzanosalata freshly roasted eggplant is blended with garlic, potatoes, and olive oil    4.75  6.50
Tzatziki a creamy yogurt-cucumber-garlic spread flavored with lemon and pepper    4.75  6.50
Skordalia smooth garlic -potato spread, blended with our own imported extra virgin olive oil    3.95  5.25
Tiro kafteri feta cheese blended with spicy peppers    4.75  6.50
Fava traditional greek spread from chick peas    3.25  4.50
Kefalotiri traditional favorite, hard, aged cheese    5.25
Feta Cheese imported feta cheese, topped with our own extra virgin olive oil and olives    5.95  4.25
Feta Cheese add olives    6.95  5.25
Beets In Olive Oil crisp beet slices marinated with garlic in an olive oil vinaigrette    6.95  4.75
Cold Lima Beans greek gigantes", from prespes region, marinated in oil, chopped celery, carrot, red and green pepper.    6.95  4.75
Sweet Peppers roasted red peppers marinated with olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs    6.95  4.75
Cold Octopus Salad tender octopus, fresh artichokes celery, carrots in a light olive oil marinade    9.95
Cold Calamari & Shrimp served in a light olive oil marinade    7.95


Flaming Saganaki Cheese the finest imported greek cheese is flambéed tableside    5.95
Grilled Octopus our wonderful, tender octopus is charbroiled to perfection    9.95
Mediterranean Baby Octopus small, tender mediterranean baby octopus is served in the traditional greek island way    9.95
Pan Fried Calamari tender squid is lightly fried and served with our zesty homemade cocktail sauce    8.50
Shrimp Tourkolimano shrimp baked in a tomato -garlic sauce and a blanket of crumbled feta cheese   (5) 8.50
Home Made Gyros Appetizer our famous beef and lamb slices, with pita bread.    6.95
Fried Zucchini thin slices of zucchini are lightly fried & served with our garlic sauce (skordalia).    6.95  4.95
Fried Eggplant a traditional favorite of fried eggplant smothered in a tangy tomato cheese sauce    6.95  4.95
Mini Pork Kebobs four skewers served with pita    7.95
Greek Sausage (Loukaniko) greek sausage flavored with orange rind    5.95
Keftedakia tender meatballs are served in our tangy tomato sauce   (4) 5.50
Spinach Cheese Pie layers of crisp filo dough filled with spinach, feta cheese and fresh herbs    5.50
Dolmades grape leaves stuffed with ground meat & rice, topped with an egg-lemon sauce   (3) 5.95
Hot Lima Beans greek gigantes from prespes region, baked in a tomato-herb sauce    4.75  6.95
Grilled Pita Bread a perfect addition to our appetizers    0.45


Pepperchinos And Olives     2.95
Anchovies     3.25
Olives     2.95


Cup / Bowl. Made From Scratch Every Day Using Only The Finest Ingredients, See Below For Today's Choices. Avgolemono Served Daily.

Avgolemono chicken broth, rice, and egg-lemon make a creamy and hearty soup    2.45  3.65
Revithosoupa chick pea soup    2.35  3.40
Fakyes lentil and tomato soup. add vinegar or olive oil for a traditional twist    2.45  3.65
Fasolada navy bean soup flavored with tomato and garlic    2.45  3.65
Kotosoupa our hearty chicken vegetable soup    3.25  4.50
Psarosoupa special seafood gumbo is made with red snapper and grouper chunks    3.25  4.75

Daily Specials

Monday revithosoupa  
Tuesday fakyes  
Wednesday fasolada, kotosoupa  
Thursday fakyes, kotosoupa  
Friday fasolada, psarosoupa  
Saturday kotosoupa  
Sunday psarosoupa  


Prepared With Fresh Vine Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Imported Cheese.

Athenian - Traditional Greek Salad with mixed greens, fresh vine tomatoes, greek olives and feta cheese.    4.95
Athenian - Traditional Greek Salad platters for 3 or more   pp 3.95
Large Athenian Salad Platter a larger order of our traditional salad.   (serves 1-2) 7.50
Horiatiki - Village Salad. vine tomatoes, onions, cheese, cucumbers, greek olives and peppers.    4.95
Horiatiki - Village Salad. platters for 3 or more   pp 3.95
Paschalini Salata finely chopped romaine, dill, and scallions.    4.95
Paschalini Salata platters for 3 or more   pp 3.95
Texas Salad - Chef's Special Salad. chopped iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese and our house dressing.    5.75
Texas Salad - Chef's Special Salad. platters for 3 or more   pp 4.50
Domatosalata - Tomato Salad. vine tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and olives are in this traditional salad.    4.95
Domatosalata - Tomato Salad. platters for 3 or more   pp 3.95
Lahanosalata - Cabbage Salad finely chopped cabbage with carrots, and celery in garlic vinaigrette.    3.95
Horta - Boiled Greens blanched fresh dandelion greens served with lemons and our own olive oil.    3.75  5.95
Greek Potato Salad potato chunks flavored with onions, extra virgin olive oil, and garlic.    2.95  3.95
Chicken Salad our athenian salad is topped with slices of tender grilled chicken breast.    10.95
Gyros Salad our famous home made gyros served over our athenian salad    10.95

Create A Combo & Children's Menu

Choose Two Or More Of The Following 1/2 Orders To Make Your Own Combo! Children 10 And Under Can Choose Just One Entree. Served With Rice & Potatoes Or Baked Vegetables.

Vegetarian Mousaka baked eggplant casserole.    5.95
Mousaka baked eggplant and ground meat casserole.    5.95
Dolmades tender stuffed grape leaves.    5.95
Gyros homemade beef and lamb slices.    5.95
Loukaniko sausage flavored with orange rind.    5.95
Roast Leg Of Lamb slices of lean lamb.    7.95
Roast Loin Of Lamb baked loin of lamb.    8.95
Pastichio baked pasta casserole.    5.95
Keftedes beef and lamb meatballs.    5.75
Spinach Cheese Pie filo stuffed with spinach and feta.    4.95
Chicken Riganati (Dark) tender baked chicken.    5.95
Chicken Riganati (White) tender baked chicken.    6.25
Stuffed Tomatoes when available.    5.75
Stuffed Peppers when available.    5.75
Beef Stifado when available.    7.75

Traditional Favorites

Homemade Gyros slices of ground beef and lamb, seasoned with herbs and spices. served with pita bread.    11.50
Chicken Riganati chicken is baked with our extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and spices. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.   (1/2) 10.50 (1/4) 8.50
Chicken Riganati - White white   (1/2) 11.95 (1/4) 8.95
Mediterranean Chicken Breast tender boneless, skinless chicken breast is baked in extra virgin olive oil ,garlic, herbs served with rice.    11.95
Combination Plate roast leg of lamb, moussaka, dolmades, meatball, vegetables & potatoes.    13.95
Vegetarian Mousaka baked eggplant, zucchini and potato casserole topped with béchamel sauce    10.95
Mousaka traditional recipe of baked eggplant, ground meat and potato casserole topped with béchamel sauce.    11.95
Pastichio baked pasta, ground meat and cheese casserole topped with béchamel sauce..    11.95
Dolmades tender grape leaves stuffed with rice, ground meat and herbs served with an egg lemon sauce.    11.50
Vegetarian Plate an assortment of vegetable dishes.    9.95
Spanakotiropita layers of spinach and feta cheese baked in flaky filo dough.    10.95
Roast Leg Of Lamb colorado sliced lamb flavored with our au jus sauce. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    14.95
Roast Loin Of Lamb colorado loin lamb flavored with our au jus sauce. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    16.95
Kokkinisto colorado lamb braised in our special tomato sauce. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    14.95
Arni Fournou colorado baked lamb served with oven-browned potatoes.    14.95
Arni Aginarato colorado lamb with fresh artichokes hearts served in our egg-lemon sauce.    15.95
Arni With Spinach Rice colorado braised lamb served over our spinach rice.    14.95
Garides baked shrimp, feta and tomato sauce served over rice.    13.95
Keftedes beef and lamb meatballs stewed in our special tomato sauce. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    10.95
Spaghetti grecian-style pasta and cheese flavored with garlic and butter.    9.95
Spaghetti With Chicken Breast sliced chicken breast sauteed in our tomato-vegetable sauce served over greek pasta.    12.95
Rice And Yogurt our thick and rich homemade yogurt served over rice. yia yia's favorite!.    8.50


Fresher Greek Seafood Is Only 5,463 Miles Away. Make A Complete Dinner Out Of Any Entrée For An Additional $7.95. This Includes Soup, Salad, Dessert, And Coffee. Greek Coffee And Some Desserts Are An Additional $ 0.75 Each. Please Note: Sharing Of Entrees

Fresh Red Snapper the finest american red snapper, served with olive oil, lemon and oregano dressing. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables  
Fresh Greek Sea Bass this superb mediterranean fish is dressed with olive oil, lemon and oregano. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables  
Fresh Broiled Norwegian Salmon a flavorful filet delicately cooked and served with lemon-olive oil sauce. served with steamed vegetables    14.95
Fried Orange Roughy we fry the best new zealand filet and serve it with tartar sauce or seared garlic. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    15.75
Broiled Orange Roughy we only use the finest new zealand orange roughy. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    14.95
Lake Superior White Fish tail a flaky filet of the finest white fish is served with a lemon-olive oil sauce. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    14.95
Broiled Swordfish Shish Kabob fresh, tender swordfish chunks are first marinated and then broiled to perfection. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    18.95
Broiled Seafood Shish Kabob shrimp, salmon and catch of the day seafood chunks are combined to make a seafood delight. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    16.95
Shrimp Tourkolimano shrimp, crumbled feta & tomato sauce baked in a sizzle plate served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    14.95
Cold Octopus Salad tender octopus marinated in our imported olive oil. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    14.95
Broiled Octopus tender octopus in a greek marinade. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    13.95
Mediterranean Baby Octopus small, tender mediterranean baby octopus is prepared in the traditional greek island way. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables    14.95
Calamari tender fried squid served with our zesty cocktail sauce served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    12.95
Bakalao fried cod served crispy with our homemade garlic spread (skordalia)    12.95
Pan Fried Smelts crispy fried smelts sprinkled with oregano. served with rice & potatoes or baked vegetables.    11.95


Chicken Shish kabob tender chunks of marinated chicken breast skewered with vegetables    12.95
Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast marinated in olive oil, herbs, and spices    11.95
1/2 Broiled Spring Chicken please allow 35-45 minutes! for all white meat    11.95
1/2 Broiled Spring Chicken please add an additional    2.00


Beef Tenderloin Shish kabob beef tenderloin pieces grilled to perfection    18.95
New York Sirloin Steak choice 12-ounce sirloin cooked to order    21.95
Hamburger fresh ground beef, cooked to order    8.95
Combination Beef Tenderloin And Chicken Shish kabob     16.95
Combination Lamb And Chicken Shish kabob     13.95


Lamb Chops we bring you the finest colorado lamb chops, period! each chop is a tender and juicy 6 oz. each.   (2pc) 32.95
Rack Of Lamb tender rack of lamb from colorado    42.95
Butterflied Lamb Chops five thin-sliced char-broiled greek style chops.   (6pc) 23.95
Lamb Shish kabob succulent grilled cubes of tender lamb    15.95
Lamb Riblets char-grilled    11.95


Center Cut Pork Chops two juicy chops grilled to perfection.   (14-16oz) 13.95
Souvlaki lean and tasty pork tenderloin shish kabob    12.95
Loukaniko greek sausage flavored with orange rind    11.95

Vegetables & Sides

We Select The Finest and Freshest Ingredients for Each of Our Superb Dishes.

Fresh Artichokes served in our homemade egg-lemon sauce  
Spanakorizo spinach and rice sautéed in tomato sauce    3.50
Briami mixed vegetables baked in olive oil    3.50
Fasolakia string beans in tomato sauce    3.95
Bamies baked okra in a light tomato sauce    3.50
Potatoes baked in olive oil, lemon, oregano    2.50
Rice Pilaf rice served with a dollop of tomato sauce    2.50
Small Spaghetti in our homemade tomato sauce    3.95


Choice Of

Taramosalata, Melitzanosalata, Scordalia   
Home Made Gyros   


Athenian Salad   


Choose Any Four.

Sliced Roast Leg Of Lamb   
Vegetarian Mousaka   
Chicken Riganati   
Spanakotiropita spinach pie  
Keftedes meatballs  

Side Dish

Rice Pilaf And Potato   
Baked Vegetables briami  

Dessert & Coffee



Greek Islands
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