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Golden Thai

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  • 1509 W Taylor St, Chicago 60607 41.869216 -87.664512
  • (At S Laflin St)
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  • (312) 733-0760
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Shu Mai steamed dumplings. steamed dumplings filled with shrimp, crab meat, potato starch and onions   (6) 3.95
Spring Rolls fresh cucumber, tofu, bean sprouts, and fried egg with tamarind sauce   (12) 4.95
Fried Tofu fried tofu served with crushed peanuts over spicy sweet & sour sauce    3.95
Vegetarian Egg Roll cabbage, carrots, glass noodles with sweet & sour sauce   (3) 3.95
Baby Egg Roll ground shrimp and chicken, glass noodles wrapped with spring roll skin served with sweet & sour sauce   (6) 4.95
Pot Sticker choice of pot sticker dumpling deep-fried until crisp and served with seasoning sauce. shrimp, spinach or vegetable   (6) 3.95
Crab Rangoon crispy wonton skin filled with cream cheese and crabmeat stick and onions.   (6) 3.95
Chicken Satay grilled spice chicken strip on skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad   (5) 5.95
Golden Thai Roll shrimp, crabmeat stick, chicken, lettuce, and noodles wrapped in rice paper served with spicy sweet and sour sauce and ground peanuts.   (2) 5.95
Curry Fish Cake fried ground fish with thai curry served with ground peanut in spicy cucumber salad.   (10) 5.95
Fried Wonton fried shrimp shu mai served with sweet soy sauce   (6) 3.95
Beef Paradise sliced beef and deep-fried to perfection and served with lettuce    5.95
Shrimp Roll fried shrimp wrapped in spring roll skin, deep-fried and served with spicy sweet & sour sauce   (6) 4.95
Shrimp Tempura fried shrimps, broccolis, carrots, mushrooms, white onions, and pea pods, dipped in tempura powder and served with sweet & sour sauce    6.95
Grilled Shrimp (Goong Ping) grilled shrimps in special sauce on skewers served with sweet and sour sauce.   (6) 5.95


B1. Wonton Soup shrimp wonton in seasoned broth in spinach, bean sprouts and egg noodles    5.95
B2. Cucumber Egg Drop Soup cucumber, egg, fried garlic in a clear broth    4.95
B3. Vegetable Soup carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, green onions, and broccoli in clear broth    4.95
B4. Rice Soup ground chicken with jasmine rice in a clear broth topped with fried garlic    4.95
B5. Tofu Soup soft tofu, vegetables and glass noodles in clear broth    4.95
B6. Tom Kar Soup chicken, mushrooms, galena, hot chili paste, and herbs in coconut milk soup    4.95
B7. Tom Yum Soup chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chili paste in thai lemon grass soup    5.95


C1. Thai Cucumber Salad cucumber and lettuce with a mild sweet and sour vinegar dressing    3.95
C2. Seaweed Salad seaweed, lettuce, cucumber with sweet dressing    4.95
C3. Golden Thai Salad lettuce, cucumber, egg, tomato, carrots, onions, and fried tofu served with peanut dressing    5.95
C4. Papaya Salad papaya, tomato, shrimp with ground peanut in spicy sweet & sour sauce    6.95
C5. Nam Sod ground chicken tossed with green onion, ginger, peanut, chili and lime juice    8.75
C6. Chicken Or Beef Salad grilled meat with green onion, red onion, chili peppers, roasted rice, and lime juice    8.75
C7. Yum Woon Sen glass noodle salad tossed with chicken, shrimp, red onions, and green onion in thai style dressing    9.95
C8 - Yum Talay (Spicy Seafood Salad) shrimp, mussel, squid and crabmeat sticks mixed with onions and green onions in spicy sauce    12.95

Stir Fried Noodles

D1. Pad Thai stir fried thin noodles, choice of meat, bean sprouts, eggs, green onions and tamarind sauce topped with ground peanuts and vegetables    8.75
D2. Crispy Pad See Ewe wide rice crispy noodles, choice of meat, broccoli and egg stir fried with our sweet soy sauce    8.75
D3. Pad See Ewe wide rice noodles, choice of meat, broccoli and egg stir fried with our sweet soy sauce    8.75
D4. Lad Nar stir-fried wide rice noodles, choice of meat, broccoli in delicious gravy    8.75
D5. Drunken Noodles stir-fried wide rice noodles, choice of meat, lettuce, carrots, onions, bell peppers, bean sprouts, tomatoes and basil leaves    8.75
D6. Pad Woon Sen stir fried glass noodles, choice of meat, pea pods, bean sprouts, carrots, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, and tomatoes    8.75
D7. Pan Fried Noodles wide rice noodles pan fried, choice of meat, egg, on a bed of fresh lettuce and topped with scallions    8.75
D8. Pad Bamee stir-fried soft egg noodles, choice of meat with vegetables, bean sprouts, and green onion    8.75
D9. Singapore Noodles stir-fried thin rice noodles with vegetable, shrimp, bbq pork and a touch of curry    9.95
D10. Golden Thai Noodles stir-fried shrimp, chicken, crabmeat stick, vegetables, bean sprouts, in crispy egg noodles    9.95

Fried Rice

H1. Fried Rice choice of meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, tomatoes, onions and eggs     8.75
H2. Combo Fried Rice chicken, beef and shrimp stir-fried with jasmine rice    9.95
H3. Basil Fried Rice choice of meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, bell peppers, onions and basil.    8.75
H4. Golden Thai Fried Rice shrimp and chicken stir-fried with jasmine rice, bell peppers, tomatoes, pineapple onions and fresh basil    9.95
H5. Indian Curry Fried Rice choice of meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, onions, tomatoes, egg and indian curry powder    8.75
H6. Chili Paste Fried Rice choice of meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and sweet chili paste, and egg.    8.75


I1. Green Curry choice of meat, bamboo shoots, fresh basil, coconut milk, bell peppers and hot peppers in spicy green curry    8.75
I2. Red Curry choice of meat, bamboo shoots, fresh basil, coconut milk, bell peppers and hot peppers in spicy red curry    8.75
I3. Yellow Curry (Mussamun) choice of meat, potatoes, onions, peanuts and coconut milk in homemade mussamun curry    8.75
I4. Panang Curry choice of meat sauteed with bell peppers, ground peanut, and curry paste in coconut milk    8.75
I5. Jungle Curry choice of meat, vegetables, eggplant, bamboo shoots, and cabbage cooked in a clear, spicy curry    8.75
I6. Roasted Duck Curry thai red curry with coconut milk, bell peppers, basil, hot pepper, pineapple and tomatoes    9.95


F1. Chicken/Beef Noodles sliced meat, bean sprouts, green onions, lettuce, and ground peanuts, served over rice noodles (dry/soup)    8.75
F2. Garlic Noodles stir-fried choice of meat, garlic, broccoli, mushroom and carrots over egg noodles    8.75
F3. Tom Yum Noodles rice noodles, choice of meat, crushed peanuts, mushrooms, green onions and tomatoes in our hot and sour soup    8.75
F4. BBQ Pork/Roasted Duck Noodles egg noodles topped with sliced bbq pork or roasted duck, garlic, green onions, lettuce and bean sprouts (dry/soup)    9.95
F5. Japanese Udon Noodles japanese noodles with crabmeat, shrimp, chicken, cabbage, mushroom    9.95
F6. Rama Noodles thin rice noodles and broccoli topped with grilled choice of meat and peanut sauce    8.75
F7. Wonton Noodles shrimp wonton in seasoned broth with bbq pork, lettuce, bean sprouts, egg noodles, and ground peanut (dry/soup)    8.75
F8. Curry Noodles egg noodles and chicken in curry sauce topped with red onions, green onions, and crispy egg noodles    8.75


G1. Mixed Vegetables stir-fired mixed vegetables with our delicious sauce  
G2. Basil Chicken Or Beef stir-fried meat with basil leaves, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers  
G3. Cashew Chicken Or Beef stir-fried meat, cashew nut, garlic, onions, pea pods, bell peppers, pineapple, tomatoes, and carrots  
G4. Ginger Chicken stir-fried chicken with ginger, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots and baby corn  
G5. Beef Or Chicken Broccoli stir-fried meat with broccoli in oyster sauce  
G6. Rama Chicken Or Tofu grilled chicken or tofu on broccoli with peanut sauce  
G7. Garlic Chicken stir-fired chicken with crush garlic, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots  
G8. Hot N' Spicy stir-fried choice of meat with bamboo shoot, mushrooms, hot peppers, bell peppers, onions in brown sauce  
G9. Lime Chicken steamed chicken with mushrooms, lemon grass, lime leaf galanga and coconut milk  
G10. Chicken Chili Paste stir-fried choice of meat with bell peppers, baby corn, onions, carrots, mushrooms, and sweet chili paste  
G11. Sweet & Sour stir-fried choice of meat, cucumber, onions, pineapple, green onions, and bell peppers with sweet & sour gravy  
G12. Pepper Steak stir-fried beef with mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, and green onions  
G13. Mongolian Beef (Spicy) stir-fried beef with white onion  
G14. BBQ Pork N' Rice bbq pork, steamed broccoli and carrots with delicious house sauce over jasmine rice    9.95
G15. Roasted Duck N' Rice roasted duck, steamed broccoli and carrots with delicious house sauce over jasmine rice    9.95

Golden Dishes

E1. Spicy Pad Ped shrimp, chicken, beef stir-fried with bamboo shoots, eggplants, and green peas in spicy red curry sauce    11.95
E2. Seafood Combinations stir-fried shrimp, squid, mussel, crabmeat stick, pea pods, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, onions, and pineapple with gravy    12.95
E3. Pad Ped Talay (Seafood) shrimp, squid, mussel, crabmeat stick, and green peas in a spicy red curry sauce with bamboo shoots and basil leaves    12.95
E4. Pad Ped Catfish pan-fried catfish fillets with bamboo shoots, basil leaves in a spicy red curry sauce    11.95
E5. Tiger Shrimp shrimps, mushrooms, baby corn, white onions, and green onions stir-fried in tom yum sauce    12.95
E6. Three Flavor Red Snapper whole red snapper deep fried and topped with chili and garlic in sweet & sour sauce  


Chicken beef, tofu    2.00
BBQ Pork roasted duck    3.00
Shrimp (4) mussel (4), squid, crabmeat stick    3.00
Steamed Jasmine Rice egg or rice noodles    2.00
Steamed Jasmine Rice     1.50
Brown Rice     2.50
Peanut Sauce     1.50
Steamed Vegetables     3.95
Steamed Broccoli     2.95
Egg    (1) 1.50


Sweet Sticky Rice & Mango seasoned    6.95
Thai Coconut Custard     3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream     3.50


Thai Iced Tea     2.75
Thai Iced Coffee     2.75
Hot Tea jasmine, green, or black    1.00
Unsweeten Ice Tea     2.00
Soft Drink coke, diet coke, sprite, pepsi, sunkist.    1.50


Golden Thai
1509 W Taylor St
At S Laflin St
(312) 733-0760
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