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Ginza Restaurant (CLOSED)

  • $
  • Japanese
  • 19 E Ohio St, CHICAGO 60611 41.892373 -87.627247
  • (Btwn N State St & N Wabash Ave)
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  • (312) 222-0600
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Sashimi Salad

Sliced raw fish, vegetables and seaweed in house special sauce.

Crab      8.00
Octopus      6.50
Mixed     8.00
Eel      6.95
Vegetable      5.00
Edamame Boiled soybeans.    5.00
Gyoza Broiled dumplings.    5.00
Oyster Deep fried oyster.    6.50
Gomaae Boiled spinach with sesame sauce.    5.00
Sashimi Appetizer 7 Pieces of sliced raw fish.    9.95
Shiromi White fish in special sauce.    6.50
Fried Chicken      5.50
Shishamo  Broiled smell fish.    5.00
Tempura Appetizer  Shrimpa and vegetable tempura.    9.95
Yakitori Barbecued chicken on 3 skewers.    5.50
Soft Shell Crab  Deep fried soft shell crab.    8.50

Maki Sushi

Extra spicy $1.00 up, extra tobiko $2.00 up, inside out $1.00 up, hand roll $1.00 less.

Tuna Roll      5.50
Cucumber Roll      4.00
California Roll      6.50
Futo Maki  Eggs, spinach, ginger.    7.00
Eelo Roll      6.50
Sea Eel Roll      5.00
Saba Gari Roll  Mackerel & pickled ginger.    5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll      6.00
Negi Hama Roll  Yellowtail & scallion.    5.50
Sakekawa Roll Salmon skin.    6.00
Kanpyo Roll Flavored gourd.    4.00
Oshinko Roll Pickled vegetable.    4.00
Umeshiso Roll Plum paste.    4.50
Gobo Roll  Pickled burdock.    4.50
Natto Roll Fermenied soy beans.    4.50

Nigiri Sushi

1 Order is 2 pieces.

Tuna     7.00  9.00
Fatty Tuna      8.00  10.00
White Tuna      7.00
Yellowtail      7.00
Salmon      6.00
Mackerel      5.00
Bass      5.00
Red Snapper      7.00
Fluke      5.00
Eel      6.00
Sea Eel      5.00
Egg      4.00
Sea Urchin      8.00
Salmon Roe      7.00
Smelt Egg      5.00
Crab     6.00
Squid      5.00
Octopus      6.00
Surf Clam      5.00
Scallop      6.00
Shrimp     5.00
Sweet Shrimp      6.00

Sushi Bar

Served with miso soup.

Sushi Regular 7 Pieces of nigiri sushi (chef's choice ) and a tuna roll.    18.00
Sushi Deluxe 8 Pieces if nigiri sushi (chef's choice) and a tuna roll.    19.50
Chirashi Sushi  Assorted sliced raw fish on a bed of sushi rice.    18.50
Tekka Don Fresh sliced tuna on a bed of sushi rice.    19.50
Gold Don  Sliced squid, salmon roe and sea urchin on a bed of sushi rice.    20.50
Roll Set 1 Tuna roll, 1 yellow tail roll and 1 california roll.    15.50
Vegetarian Roll Set 1 Oshinko roll, 1 ume kappa roll and, 1 special roll.    13.00
Hand Roll Set 1 Spicy tuna roll, 1 yellowtail roll and, 1 california roll.    12.00
Sashimi Assorted sliced raw fish, served with bowl of rice.    18.50


Served with bowl of rice, miso soup and dinner salad.

Tempura Set Combination of tempura and sushi.    18.95
Tonkatsu  Deep fried pork cutlet with special sauce.    16.50
Chicken Teriyaki Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce.    14.50
Sliced Beef Teriyaki Thinly sliced beef with teriyaki sauce.    16.50
Broiled Fish Your choice with salmon, mackerel or sea pike.    16.00
Yamasaki Unajyu Broiled eel on the bed of rice.    16.50
Combination Box Sashimi sushi, tempura and teryaki of yoru choice chicken, beef or salmon.    21.95
Katsu Don Deep fried pork, and eggs.    9.95



Lunch Menu

Mon, fri 11:30-14:00.

Lunch Special Yoru choice of 1 from both categories a and b, served with a bowl of rice, soup and pickled vegetables.    8.95

Lunch A - Main Dish

Sliced Beef Teryaki Thinly sliced beef with teryaki sauce.  
Chicken Teryaki  Broiled chicken with teryaki sauce.  
Shrimp And Vegetable Tempura Deep fried shrimp and vegetable.  
Chicken Cutlet  Deep fried chicken cutlet.  
Deep Fried Squid    
Curry Japanese style curry.  
Broiled Fish Yoru choice with salmon, mackerel or sea pike.  

Lunch B - Side Dish

Fermented Soy Beans    
Boiled Spinach With sesame sauce.  
Dried Anchovy With raddish.  
Cold Bean Curd    
Fried Chicken    
Seaweed Salad    
Sashimi Salad    


Ginza Restaurant
19 E Ohio St
Btwn N State St & N Wabash Ave
(312) 222-0600
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