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Tomato flavors of gazpacho, motar skills 20.00
Oysters smoke, raw, coppertone 19.00
Salt Cod pickle, mayo, flora 17.00
Lobster bag of chips 28.00
Duck peking, egg, medieval 18.00
Foie Gras peanut, nougal, satisfaction 12.00
Fruit apricot, vanilla, tart 13.00
A La Carte

2 In 1 carbonated negroni, white lady, gin 18.00
Barrel-Aged Martini 2 year oak, 1 year glass, vermouth, gin 15.00
In The Rocks (Second Edition) benedictine, vermouth, cognac, rye 20.00
Tropic Thunder wild lime, hibiscus, pineapple, tequila 24.00
The Luau pineapple, matcha, chartreuse, gin 20.00
Pap Finn huckleberry, black tea, benedictine, bourbon 24.00
Ford's Model Tea Party bergamel, blood orange pu-erls, mandarin, gin 21.00
Five-Timers Club mole, pistachio, mango, orange, rum 20.00
Spiritual Advisor bijou, the tenerable, trappist, chartresse, v.e.p 28.00
90 Miles From Mexico grapefruit, maraschino, nelson sarin, reposado 17.00
Avenue passionfruit, grenadine, caloados, bourbon 20.00
Ti' Punch lime, spiced cane sirop, rhum 21.00
Prix Fixe

Dune Buggy watermelon, fresco, rum
Anything For Shrub raspberry, thyme, grappa
Yuzu dandelion, white pepper, charmomile, gin
Prix Fixe

Internal Imagery barola, mauria quina, rhum
Dusty Loafer - For Henry angustara, kala, tequila
Martinez coinbreau, marachino, sweet vermouth, rye guz
Lambrucha tea, ginger, lambic, bourbon
Prix Fixe

A Moment Of Silence angutura, apry, aveno, rye
Root Beer sassafras caramel, angostura, fennel, rum
Dcb corn, egg yolk, coconut, bourbon
School Lunch curry, peanut, chocolate rum
Collaboration Beer

Stalk You Like A Hurricane - Draught evil twin / against the grain / aviary burnt cornhusk porter, louisville, kentucky 12.00 6.00
Aviary One Thru Aviary One Ten - Bottle evil twin / aviary plantain, parker's heritage, laird's, elijah craig, laphraig, clynelish, casa noble, pierre ferrand, george t. stagg, cuvee - nardby, denmark (all 10) 150.00 (select 3) 50.00 (select 1) 19.00
The Forager - Bottle mikkeller / aviary truffle stout, lochristi-hiffte, belgium 24.00
Beer On Draught

Gose off color, troublesome chicago, illinois 10.00 5.00
Fruit Ale goose island, sofie paradisi chicago, illinois 12.00 6.00
Barley Wine uinta, cockeyed cooper salt lake city, utah 13.00 7.00
Quadrupel mikkeller, monk's elixir lochristi-hijfle, belgium 12.00 6.00
Imperial Stout de struise, cuvee delphine (2007) oostvleteren, belgium 16.00 8.00
Beer In Bottle

Pilsener evil twin, low life mt. pleasant, south carolina 12.00
Strong Ale hof ten dormall, no. 3 madiera 750ml, tildonk, belgium 20.00
Sour Ale mikkeller, fienky e chardonnay 375ml, lochristi-hijfle belgium 18.00
Lambic gueuzerie tilquin, quelsche 12.7oz robeeq-rognan, belgium 28.00
Saison jolly pumpkin, baudelaire io 750ml, dexler, michigan 26.00
Imperial IPA bellwoods, witchshark 16.9oz, toronto, canada 20.00
Imperial IPA pipeworks, unicorn's revenge 1pt 6oz, chicago, illinois 23.00
Barley Wine eldridge pope thomas hardy's ale (1998) 11.15oz, dorchester, england 60.00
Porter mikkeller, orange yuzu glad i said porter? lochrista-hijfle, belgium 17.00
Foreign Stout stillwater, folklore (2011) 750ml, westminster, maryland 24.00
Imperial Stout thornbridge, bracia 16.9oz, derbyshire, united kingdom 22.00
Sweet Stou pipeworks, hyper dog 1pt 6oz, chicago, illionis 25.00
Wines By The Glass

Champagne Henriot Blanc De Blancs 22.00
Charles Heidsieck Brut Rose 21.00
Truchard Roussane napa 2011 17.00
Grain & Granit rigme, 2010 17.00